Sex Work In Second Life | Mondays At The Sex Bar

Sex Work In Second Life | Mondays At The Sex Bar

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Mondays are like the devil of the week because nobody likes a Monday. Unless you work at a sex bar in Second Life, then every day is just as fun. Second Life can be very similar to real life in some ways. I have a job, I go there almost every day, I go shopping, I live in a house with Lumi. There are a lot of similarities but the good thing is that it really is such a fun-filled place and I can’t get enough. So as I was bent over that stool with the cum running down my leg, I realized just how lucky I have it. 

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Sex Work In Second Life | Early Mornings

I started my Monday morning like every other day, Taking a shower, getting dressed, making coffee and then climbing the small hill to the bar. You have no idea how convenient it is to live next door to where I work. It is a time saver on those mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed. 

The bar was unusually busy for a Monday morning, normally we don’t peak until later in the day but when I got there it was full of people. There were a lot of new visitors coming through and also familiar faces. Perl is one of those familiar faces. 

We spoke for a while, he asked how Lumi was and how I was and then I mentioned that I hadn’t seen him in a while. He nodded and said I was right and that we should go to his place. After he paid the standard rate plus the home service extra we headed to his house. 

At first, I couldn’t get in, so I just stood in the parcel next door for a few minutes while he fixed the security. Eventually, I got in and we spoke for a little while at the door.

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Sex Work In Second Life | Home Visitation

He traced his finger across the curve of my hip, his touch sent a little shiver down my spine. Leaning in, his lips brushed against my neck as he whispered, “You’re so beautiful.” 

Usually, I have a witty response to that comment, more so if it’s said to me when I’m not working. When someone tells me that I’m beautiful I normally reply with “I know, that’s why I paid for this body” or something similar. However, when it’s work-related I enjoy it. It’s a very hot rush knowing that someone wants me so bad that they want to pay for it.

He lifted me onto the bed, his hands roaming over my body as he kissed me deeply. His hands wandered to start stripping me, eventually, my breasts and pussy were exposed and only my boots were left. With that, he dove his tongue in between my folds and start lapping up my juices. 

He wanted more and he wasn’t slow to let me know. I could see the hungry look in his eyes and almost as soon as I saw it he pushed my legs up and slid his cock between my walls. He started off with slow thrusts, his member gliding in while my wet pussy sucked him in and coated him. Then he picked up the pace, harder and deeper thrusts until he came, emptying himself in me. 

It was a good start to the day. 

Sex Work In Second Life | Young, Drunk and Full of…

There was a lot of alcohol for a Monday, I’m pretty sure all of us were drunk by 4 pm. Which isn’t unusual, we’re mostly always drunk by 4 pm. It had been an amazing weekend and a lot of fun so I didn’t know if taking a day away from all of the beer and champagne at the bar might be a good idea. 

Who was I kidding? 

We drink constantly, that wasn’t going to change. Anyway, everyone else packed up and left and it was just me alone in the bar. After a while, Deci arrived and so I knew I was about to have some more fun. 

That’s exactly what we had, he bent me over the bar stool and fucked me so hard before leaving me a dripping mess. I managed to clamber my way up the elevator to the shower to clean off before heading back down to the bar. Monday was really shaping up to be a fun day. 

Some But Not All

That was some of Monday. I could go into more detail about just how much fun we had, how there was an X-Girl fucked in every room of the building. I could tell you all of that. 


There is no better substitute than experiencing it in person. So come and visit us, hang out with me, Fox, Chandra, Tahlia, Ebony, Christina and the rest of them. You will not leave unsatisfied that is a Dee promise! 

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See you there! 

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