Diving Into Excitement | Second Life Bar Adventures

Diving Into Excitement | Second Life Bar Adventures

Last Updated on: 24th June 2023, 08:46 pm

There’s no denying it – Second Life has a special place in my heart. From the community to the hours spent operating the bar. However, as life has the tendency to do, it forced me to take a short break from my home-away-from-home. Something that, admittedly, drove me a bit crazy. Missing out on all of those Second Life bar adventures really isn’t fun. 

In my case, health concerns demanded my full attention and pulled me from the world. But as they say, the show must go on, and so the bar continued to buzz without me. When I finally logged back on, within mere hours, it was as if I’d never left at all. The friendly faces, the atmosphere, and that sense of home were all waiting for me.

Second Life Bar Adventures

Falling in Love with Second Life Bar Adventures All Over Again

In Second Life, it’s not just places or experiences that get you, it’s the people that we friend along the way. One of those is Gem. She has such an effervescent personality and her humour and enthusiasm have become such a big part of my days. Much like Chandra, just a single sentence from her has the power to turn any day around.

Gem’s playful and carefree attitude is a breath of fresh air. Though her obsession with pigs led me to nickname her “Geminoink”. Which, by the way, has apparently not calmed down in the time that I was gone. Despite the many personalities that fill the landscape, there are only a select few with who we “click,” effortlessly with. 

So as we sat at the bar talking, it was nice to see that she was still as crazy as ever. She is also the only person in the world to own the X-Sisters Strap-On. A prototype that was never finished or released so she likes to wave that around. 

Second Life Bar Adventures

Unexpected Competitions | Second Life Bar Adventures

After a day of the usual chatter and shenanigans at the bar, Zath and Fox took their leave to go for a nap. That left me and Gem and soon we were joined by Rich. 

Now, I have met Rich in passing but we’ve never really interacted. He’s cute and most of the staff talk highly of him. That’s always a good sign to me, if customers keep the staff happy then the staff keep the customers happy. It’s a very simple cycle that works really well. 

Anyway, Rich is a very generous tipper and within a few minutes he had both Gem and I naked. As he sat on the couch Gem was giving him her playful chit-chat. I looked at her and told her “Bitch, if you don’t pounce on him then I will”. 

I don’t know what ran through her head at that moment, but all I know is that she made a grave error. She turned to me, a very serious look in her eye and challenged me. She actually laid down a challenge. “Let’s see who gets there first then!”

Let me just add that she never specified any rules. She did not state that we had to walk not fly, that we had to actually get over to the sofa before using the age-old ‘sit’ function from across the room. So I used the sit function and got there instantly. I won bitch. 

A Fun Evening at Our Second Life Bar

Rich and I started to undress, my hands running across his body while he teased my nipples. This turned on Gem who sat on the other sofa and started playing with her kitty. The atmosphere in the bar was heating up. 

He wanted me, later telling me that he wanted me as soon as he saw me. His urge to taste my pussy was strong, I could sense it as she picked me up and lowered me down on his face. I was already excited at this point and started grinding, my trail of juices gliding across his nose and mouth. 

Gems moans from the other sofa only added excitement to the air, but that’s a standard thing at the bar. It is impossible to just sit back and watch other people have fun without getting horny. We’ve all been there, I especially get carried away. 

As he dove his tongue around my swollen clit, I could hear myself getting louder. My back curved delicately while I rode his face, his tongue licking and lapping me up. Eventually, it got too much and I hit climax, cumming hard and bucking against his face. 


Come Join the Party

And so,  it’s time to join in on the excitement! it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for sex, alcohol or just a place to spend time and hang out. We have you covered! 

I’m back and while on a little less regular schedule for now I’m still there most days! Of course, Gem, Fox, Chandra, Rach and the rest of them are all there. We also have some amazing new hires that you will absolutely need to come and visit too! 

So what are you waiting for? Take this taxi!

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