Exploring Second Life Kinks | Red Room Experience with Dee and Gem

Exploring Second Life Kinks | Red Room Experience with Dee and Gem

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If you’ve ever visited the X-Sisters Sex Bar then you know that we have some of the best staff on the grid. Not only do we have strict hiring requirements to make sure that everyone has a quality mesh look and up-to-date HUDs, but we also have an eclectic group of personalities. Take Gem for example, she is very sweet and a little bit goofy but in the absolute best way. Looking at her would have you believe that she is the farthest thing from sadistic. However, looks can be deceiving and while she mostly is not sadistic, what we managed to get up to together left one of our customers a little broken. Together we ended up exploring new Second Life kinks and oh boy…

Exploring New Second Life Kinks | A New Customer

Our customer had visited the bar the night before, while I was with another customer, Melisa had given him our notecard and told him a little bit about the place. He joined the group but after that, he didn’t really say much and then left. On one hand, he had joined the group so there was a chance that he would be back. On the other, the silence and then vanishing was a bit of a concern.

The next day me and Gem were sitting at the bar playing with alarm clocks when he returned. After joining us at the table he let us know that he was submissive and asked if it would be a problem. Gem, the resident profile stalker, pointed out that my profile indicated “the opposite of submissive”. So he seemed happy with that.

When Mel joined us at the table she asked who he thought he would like to hire. His response was “Whoever likes to take command”, Mel just looked at me and said, “That will be Dee then”. Uhm, I guess. I suppose being a manager has gotten me into a habit of having to take command at times.

I should note that while I am definitely not submissive, I tend to more often than not stay away from the D/s lifestyle. Usually because in SL there is a misconception of what it actually is.

Gem IM’d me saying “Have fun” so I told her that I was hoping we both took him upstairs to the Red Room. Number one, me and Gem have never shared a customer before and number two, Gem is submissive so I knew that I could use her to use him and add something extra to the whole thing.

A moment later, Gem’s jar rang out with payment. It was time to go to the Red Room.

Exploring New Second Life Kinks | To The Red Room

The Red Room is the bar’s BDSM room for anyone who isn’t familiar with it. There are crosses, benches and a whole host of fun toys that you can play with. My sisters and I have a very standard process for anyone new that we take up there. It usually follows the same pattern and is always better with two people.

Thus, Gem was the perfect addition.

Once we got to the room, I changed into something a little sexier and ordered our customer to strip out of his clothes, fold them and place them tidily behind Gem. There were a few basic rules that I took him over such as always addressing both Gem and I as “Ma’am”, that it was my room and he would do as told and most of the usual things.

Gem was then told to place chains around his wrists and tie him to the cross. As I gave his balls a couple of slaps I looked at my new Red Room partner and knew that we were going to make a great team. With our customer’s attention I asked him “Do you enjoy submitting to beautiful women?” to which he fearfully replied, “Yes Ma’am, I do”.

He was off to a good start.

I slid a finger into Gem’s pussy, curling it and coating it in her juices before smearing it down his nose “And you’re going to make us happy?” I asked him before telling Gem to remove her skirt. While she was removing that, I let our pet know what would be happening. He acknowledged with a “Yes ma’am” before Gem pressed her thighs against his head and forced him to eat her pussy.

You see it was a simple premise, the basic entry level to the Red Room.

“You are going to make Gem cum. Afterwards, you are going to make me cum. If you succeed, if you please us then I may permit Gem to make you cum.”

Exploring New Second Life Kinks

Exploring New Second Life Kinks | Sadistic Gem

Gem was having far too much fun, I could see her crushing his head between her thighs as she made him dive into her kitty. So I took hold of his cock, presented it to her and told her “Lick it once Gem, let him see what he’s not getting”. Her face turned into a wicked grin, I had never seen my friend look this sinister. Clenching her legs tighter she ran her tongue over his cock, taking one long lick.

Tying the X-Sisters Sex Bar standard rope around his balls, I tightened the grip around them. His moans were muffled by the faceful of Gem that he was currently experiencing. “Tongue fuck her better” I ordered him. Before long, my new Red Room partner was cumming, her hand against the back of his head as she pushed it vehemently into her cunt.

Gem backed away, satisfied with her orgasm and we turned him the right way up on the cross. His cock was twitching and so I took it against my palm, stroking softly.

“You remember the order of play? You make Gem cum, then me. But I want you to make me cum with your cock… but you can’t cum until we let you” I reminded him. His eyes widened and his shakey moans let out an “Oh Ma’am..please”. I slid my fingers into my pussy, letting the thick juices completely drench them. Then, tracing my fingers along his lips and mixing my juices with Gems I turned to her.

“If she sees you lick those lips or if she even thinks that you’re enjoying fucking me, she’s going to crush your balls harder,” I told him whilst giving Gem a devilish smile.

“Please Ma’am, please I beg you”

Exploring New Second Life Kinks

Exploring New Second Life Kinks | Good Boy

At that point I backed onto him, sucking his already aching cock into my hungry pussy and starting slamming against him. Bucking and grinding, clenching and slipping. I was going to enjoy every moment of this and I was going to make him suffer while I did.

His cries were of begging, he was pleading to cum. I turned my head towards him and hissed “Beg me more”.

Gem lit up at that point and, if I didn’t believe that it was the lighting from the room, I could swear her eyes flashed red.

“You heard her, beg” she viciously pulled on the rope.

His cock was sliding in and out of my tight slippery pussy, the exposed tip riding between my walls as I pushed back on him. “Please, please, please Ma’am. I beg you, I plead with you. Please I’ll do anything you say. Please, please let me cum” he begged. Gem dug her hands into my tits and I came hard, crying out as I came on his cock. I pulled myself away from him and pushed Gem in front of him, holding her hair I angled her directly in front of his member.

“Now cum” I ordered him.

Gem licked and kissed his cock while he shot his thick ropes over her. He had kept us happy, now he could have his release.

The Gemtervention

Gem is a regular visitor of Nilles, if you don’t know what that is then it is advertised as a Virtual Rape Sim. Although that concept is debated among people. You can read more about it here.

One thing that they apparently have at Nilles is a pigpen. This basically means that girls go there, tie themselves up as a pig and become free use. Often used and left covered in cum. Recently at the bar me and Gem were talking about it and I contemplated going to test it out, it really isn’t my thing but I like to try anything once.

I, since then, have not tried it out and I don’t know if I will.

Gem however does go to Nilles often and so while we were all standing around in the bar she appeared. I had just finished making the Star Whores banner for the event and so when she asked why we were all standing around, Mel told her that we were waiting for her. With the template for the banner still open, I quickly made one for a Gemtervention and thus the Gemtervention began.

Friends With A Piggy?

Taking charge, I explained that we were concerned about Gem’s increasing infatuation with being a pig. Each of us had prepared heartfelt messages to express our worries and help guide her back to her true self. Well truthfully, nobody had prepared anything and Tahlia, Mel and Chandra had no idea about Gem’s piginess, but it worked.

Chandra stepped forward and began the series of speeches. She spoke about the importance of self-expression but warned against getting lost in the Pigpen. Finally, she assured Gem that she didn’t need to be our bacon in the morning to be appreciated by us, her sisters in sin.

Tahlia, our newest hire, went next. Despite her limited interactions with Gem, she gave her best effort. Tahlia mentioned that certain aspects of Gem’s piggy persona might be considered normal, even endearing, but she implored Gem to act human again. I was in tears from laughter.

Mel spoke about discovering a pig snout and a piggy tail bum plug under Gem’s pillow. She said that she wished that Gem had come to us sooner before her love for pigs had escalated to the point that it was at. She also emphasized our support, telling Gem that we were there to help her through it all.

Finally, it was my turn to speak. Gem is my friend and my new Red Room partner so I was taking this very seriously. I told her about my concerns about her piggy passion but let her know that we weren’t asking her to change who she was. At some point, Ieven oinked a couple of times and offered her a piggyback ride.

I think the message got through.

Join Us

That’s what the X-Sisters Sex Bar is. It’s an amazing place with amazing people and amazing friendships. It’s also filled with amazing sex. There was so much that happened on this day outside of what I’ve already written here.

So, I will deliver part two tomorrow, if the Star Whores event doesn’t give me too many exciting things to write about first.

Come and join us. You really won’t regret it.

Take this taxi.

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