A long time ago, in a parcel not so far away, the X-Sisters Sex Bar was hosting the most epic Star Whores event of the year. DJ Zath and DJ Rach were on the decks, blasting out hours of music that had everyone dancing.

As the night progressed, I lived dangerously, taking risks and pushing the limits, while the X-Girls shimmied and shook, their moves as daring as their name.

This was an event to remember, a celebration of all things Star Whores. So gather around, grab a drink, and let me take you on a journey through the stars to the X-Sisters Sex Bar, where anything is possible.

This is the tale of Second Life’s epic Star Whores event at the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Second Life’s Epic Star Whores Event | Dancefloor Teasing

With my Darth Vader outfit through together I headed on over to the bar. The party was just getting started and people were filtering in. It was a good turnout, a lot of familiar faces and even Brooke decided to show up for the first time in around two months.

If there is one thing that we know how to do at the bar, it is throwing a party.

Zathras was lighting the place up with music, our X-Girls were dancing away and the customers were teetering in. One was Dan.

Dan slipped me a few Lindens and we started chatting before I subtly pulled him closer and slipped my hand into his pants. He was hard and horny and it was starting to become a tradition that we had fun at these events. He leaned in and told me that he wanted to fuck me, he didn’t want to cum on the dancefloor. I had other ideas.

I started stroking his cock quicker, feeling him twitch against my hand. With a smirk I whispered, not so quietly, to him “Cum for me, cum on the dancefloor”. He couldn’t hold it at that point and he did, he came in his pants with everyone dancing around him.

Second Life’s Epic Star Whores Event | The Store Room

I licked his cum from my hand and grabbed his wrist before leading him away from the dancefloor. Taking him through to the office we entered the store room. I would say we sneaked in, but it’s my bar and I just go where I want.

Stripping out of my outfit I hurriedly loosened his pants, using his shoulders to hoist myself up and wrap my legs around him. He turned and slammed me into the shelves, my hands clawing at his back. He wanted it and so did I, after the dancefloor I was really horny.

I guided his cock to my slippery pussy and felt him thrust forward, gliding past my folds and between my walls. I let out a loud moan and tightened my legs around him. Knowing the event was in the room next door turned me more, whether or not they could hear me moan over the music I didn’t know. The thought that they could though? That was a turn-on.

The harder he fucked me the louder I moaned. Our bodies were soaked in sweat, his back red with my claw marks. Tightening my legs around him more I could feel his cock swell before he filled my pussy. Fuck this was hot.

After he emptied himself in me we both stood and leaned against the shelves to catch our breaths. I heard one of the X-Girls through in the event room say that she had just been refilled with coffee. So I just smugly shouted through that I had just been refilled too. The tradition of fucking Dan at our events is starting to become a staple.

The Roundup

It was an amazing event, as always. Chandra got fucked in the office by Zath, and then again on the bar. But the highlight for a lot of people was the return of Fox.

After being gone for months because of technical issues, she’s finally back! I’m so sure that a lot of our customers missed her, I know that we all did. So now you get to see her, spend some time with and have some amazing fun!

Brooke showing up too was so good. One of my best friends for the longest time. All things considered, I think Star Whores might just be my favourite event so far.

Don’t miss out on the next one, or even miss out on our X-Girls! Come and join us! Take this taxi.

Second Life’s Epic Star Whores Event | Dancing, Hookups and More


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