My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar | Zathras and the Bat Shows


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This is technically part two of a story that is super exciting. After the visit to TANGO not NOTTOO the night before, I returned to the bar the next day to work my usual shift. My day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar was about to get a lot more fun. After Zathras, Biggie and Lumi arrived I couldn’t resist the urge to play with the bat once again. Zathras, who was sitting directly in front of me, watched the show for over an hour and even left me a generous tip. He said he would return to fuck me and that Fox would probably be there to watch.

I felt a rush of excitement and I couldn’t help but wonder what other surprises the X-Sisters Sex Bar had in store for me that night.

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar | Zathras and the Bat Show

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar | Batgirls

When Fox arrived at the bar I had been riding the bat for three hours and I was struggling. I had came over it so many times that it was a slippery wet mess. Fox could clearly see that my legs wouldn’t take much more and so kindly offered to take over bat duty. It wasn’t really any surprise when Zathras walked through the door a couple of moments later and took his seat in front of the bat.

While he watched Fox riding slowly up and down on the bat he turned to me with a wicked look on his face before speaking:

“So, Dee, what would you say to you and me giving Foxy something hot to watch while she rides the bat?”

I thought that he would never ask, you see the previous night as you will have read I went to see Zathras DJ, there is something about a musician or DJ that really makes me horny. Truthfully I wanted him to fuck me the previous night but that didn’t come to fruition so this was my chance to get it out of my system.

“I think it would be only fair to keep her focused on something, I know how hard it is to hold it together riding that thing.”

I knew I couldn’t seem overly keen, my foray into sex work has taught me many things including making them want me but not giving them everything on a plate.

We decided to take up residence on the bar sofa which was a perfect spot to be directly in view of a bat riding Fox. After we undressed his hand pressed down against my shoulders pushing me to my knees and I took his cock between my lips. I was going to really enjoy this one. Not only was his partner watching us but the thought that mine, Lumi, could walk in and catch us at any point made me even more aroused.

Snapshot 2121

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar | A Bar Manager, A Man, A Bat and A Fox

I love an audience, and even if it is just one person, I get much more aroused knowing that someone is watching me. It’s all the more exciting when that person is the partner of the person that I’m having sex with. Turning my head to look at Fox riding the bat with Zathras’ cock still deep in my mouth I could feel the rush and growing excitement.

I can tell you honestly that if he hadn’t said to me that he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck me, I would have bounced up onto his cock anyway. I climbed, I lowered, I took and I rode. His hands steadied my body while I bounced on his thick cock, Fox moaned out loud as the bat continued to fuck her pussy, Zathras was getting close and so was I.

Only moments later I heard the moans growing strong from Fox and so I turned my head to watch as she came around the bat, her pussy drenching it along with the bar top. This in turn sent me over the edge and I threw my head back and came hard around Zathras’ cock. This led even further to Zathras going over the edge and filling my pussy with his thick white paint.

It was an exhilarating experience to say the very least.

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

A New Uniform

After we cleaned ourselves off I noticed that the MyPhone13 was on sale at the weekend sales so I quickly ran out to pick that up. Arriving back at the bar I tore the box open and set it all up, new phone days are always exciting but strangely this time it felt like a secondary pleasure after the experience that I had just had.

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Soon after that, I got a text from Rach telling me that there was a pair of panties that all X-Girls should be in possession of. As we’re both managers we took the executive decision of making this happen and so, leaving Fox who was approaching the three-hour mark of riding the bat, and Zathras, I hurriedly ran out to meet with her and see what she was excited about.

If you know the X-Sisters then you will know of their affiliation with weaponry and their love of anything that is dangerous. The panties were absolutely the ones that all X-Girls should wear as part of their uniform. Take a look for yourself.

My Day at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

A pistol and a roll of bills. I think that it is fair to say that anyone familiar with the X-Sisters will agree that they won’t have any complaints if we get all of their staff in these.

The X-Sisters Sex Bar really does have everything you need to have an amazing time. Come check out our brand new uniform or watch the bat show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. And while you’re here, be sure to indulge in a glass of our premium X-Sisters Champagne. The directions to the bar are very simple too, all you have to do is CLICK RIGHT HERE!

Oh and please remember not to tell Lumi about any of this.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    HaHaHa you are such a slut Dead Girl.

    Love ya

  2. Zathras

    Like I said that day, find a way to fit a barrister into those panties too, and you’ll have “lawyers, guns, *and* money.”

    And I’m probably dating myself with that song reference, but fuck it. It’s a great song. 😉

    And thanks for a pretty damn memorable afternoon, Dee.

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