From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Three Faces of Jess in Second Life

Three Faces
Three Faces

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Having alternate Second Life accounts is a strange thing and creating new characters is both slightly challenging and fun. You get to shop for multiple people, how can anyone hate that? Since the day I rezzed on the grid I have created two more accounts, both of whom write on this blog and who have formed their own personalities and traits which is something I never expected this is how they went from adventurers to sex workers.

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Three Faces of Jess in Second Life
Why do you look so surprised sis?

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | The Other Sisters

When I first created Sasha she was going to be nothing more than an adventurer for this blog. The original plan was to do something different and go exploring the grid while writing about what was discovered. That didn’t quite go to plan and eventually, she ended up working at Brookes strip club and then Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Dee was a similar story, she was only ever intended to be a never really used character but instead designed to lie in the AFK morgue all the time until we built the business up. At some point along the way, she came to life and started working at the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

The story of Candy over on SLA always fascinated me and really it’s the reason that I got into sex work. Candy was never supposed to enter that world and was to move around the grid with means to survive from any other career path, then of course she became a sex worker and opened a sex hotel.

My intentions with both Sasha and Dee were never to purposely keep them away from that line of work, they were just supposed to have two very separate lives and purposes. One was to explore the vast world of Second Life and find places that I would never usually consider and the other was to be dead.

The newest addition to the “family” Dee

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Sasha

When I first had a conversation with Kane about Sasha he asked me a very good question.

“Do you find that people speak to her differently than they speak to you?”

It was something that I had never really considered prior to that. It was a thought-provoking question and the more that I thought about it, the more I realized that the answer was yes. I am just me, a mirror image of RL with added whore but Sasha was a much different personality.

I channelled a teenage version of me into her, one that spoke in almost text speech “hiiii how are u”. The idea was to make her this character who was still fascinated by the world with an almost child-like awe at everything. That developed into her becoming more of a comical character I guess.

With Sasha I started to then notice that people would speak to her as though she was the way I hoped that I portrayed her, stupid and bratty.

All of my closest friends knew about both Sasha and Dee and the defining moment for me knowing that I had successfully created an entirely different character was when Lumi told me this.

Lumi X (lumix3): weird I feel Dee as you but Sasha feels like someone else

Logging in on Sasha became a break for me. My Second Life is so busy that having the chance to log in and play someone as carefree and laid back as she is, became an escape. I could still do all of the fun things that I wanted to but without the pressures of being me.

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Three Faces of Jess in Second Life
Sasha: Adventurer Turned Whore

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Dee

I love Chandra, every time she speaks to Dee she never calls her Dee. It’s always “Dead Girl” and jokes about how she can smoke cigarettes with no breath.

Dee was only ever supposed to be an AFK account and nothing more, I created her when we opened the morgue and the sole intention was to leave her there. In January I decided to put Sasha in the morgue instead. The idea was that with Sasha at least there could be a build-up of story to it and so for a while, I just travelled the grid waiting until something happened that made sense.

Then the car explosion took place and it was the perfect set-up to move Sasha into the morgue for a while. After that Dee’s account sat untouched for a couple of weeks until we opened the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Originally Dee was brought to the bar to try and help with the traffic number a little bit. Traffic is a futile thing that many new business owners focus too much on, that’s something that we have learned quickly. Then the idea of having a Bar Manager rather than just me and Lumi always doing everything seemed like an interesting character so eventually, we hired her.

Lumi is my best friend and the person that I love most, one of the things that really makes us so close is our ability to never plan anything and just take it as it comes. We bounce off each other so perfectly and go along with whatever the other one says, we read each other so well. It is a perfect friendship, she even named her daughter “Sasha”.

Rach buying a dress and complaining she never had any reason to wear them led to Dee and Lumi getting engaged just so that there was a wedding for Rach. After that, the “Virgin Bar Manager” story happened so organically and has been so much fun.

Dee’s personality is almost identical to mine. The only difference is that she has a really sweet side and a very professional demeanour… until her clothes come off. I attribute almost all of that to her AO. I’m unsure as to why but for some reason the peacefulness of her AO makes me want to talk slower, calmer and more professional when I see it.

From Adventurers to Sex Workers | Three Faces of Jess in Second Life
A dead girl can smoke fine CHANDRA!!

What Next?

I once joked about making a character called “Lumi2” which I would make look exactly like Lumi and try and cause some extra chaos. Then I remembered who my sister was and that nothing I did would create any more chaos than she did.

Managing three accounts is difficult, truthfully I am surprised that I have managed to do it at all. I considered making another alt account with no real purpose other than to do things away from the world of sex work.

I changed my mind once I realized that the sex work world is where I have the most fun and where I meet the best people. Second Life sex is fun and it is something that in a way makes you feel alive. So for now, at least, three faces are more than enough for me.

I recently read a question on the internet that pondered if Second Life alts provide a new perspective for people, or do they simply replicate the same experiences as their main accounts?

From my experience, I think that it’s a mix of both. Both Sasha and Dee are sex workers just like me but I see things differently with each of them. Even my closest friends Lumi, Rach, Brooke, Chandra and the others, know that it’s me but they still treat every face as its own character. Sasha is most definitely a character, Dee is almost an extension. I guess it’s strange how that worked out.

What do you think, does having alternate accounts let you see and approach things differently? Or do you find that you’re just the same person no matter what account you’re logged into?

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  1. Brooke

    From the moment you brought Sasha to the club I knew this cunt couldn’t of been you, but then you hinted at it and then it all clicked for me, I have always loved the way you played her, the dumb bimbo high schooler with not a lick of knowledge, Sasha quickly became someone I held close and protected (wanted to kill at times) but that was part of the fun, as for Jess well you are Jess that is the real you, you don’t mess around on her you are straight to business, as for Dee, Dee was a character in herself, honestly I think if you are having fun on another character why should you be judged for it even if its doing the same work as the others, I love that you have opened up about this, you go bestie!

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