A Shift At The X-Sisters Bar In Second Life | Welcoming New Customers


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I don’t often get the chance to work a full shift at the bar and usually, my visits are because something needs to be added, fixed or moved. Dee has taken over the need for me to be there as much and she and Lumi keep the place running smoothly along with our other bar manager Rach. I can’t let them always have all the fun though so I had to catch up and make sure that I was getting equal time there. Doing a shift at the X-Sisters Sex Bar is always fun and now that things are almost running themselves it meant that I could just be a whore instead of an owner.

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar | Rolled Bills And Guns

I threw on my Getter Panties from Foxton and headed out to the bar, as soon as I heard that this is what the rest of the girls wanted to make as part of a staff uniform I couldn’t say no.

Rolled-up bills and a pistol, that has X-Sisters written all over it.

One of the things that I am most proud of about the X-Sisters Sex Bar is the staff, everyone really seems to work so well together and come up with some great ideas with the Mister X competition being one of them.

We were discussing the competition at the bar, trying to work out who we thought our first Mister X would be when Mr Chin arrived. A very very new resident Mr Chin was one day old on the grid and had visited the night before when Fox was at the bar and had already joined the group. Usually, there is a split chance that a new resident will become a customer, and many of them travel the grid looking for free sex.

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar | A Personal Guide

I welcome everyone, whether they are one day old on the grid and running around in a prim body with a freenis or whether they are 17 years on the grid and fully meshed. That’s what we do and that’s how we designed the bar, a place for fun for everyone.

I asked Mr Chin if he had been shown around the place, we have a big building and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a basic knowledge of the layout.

It turned out that he hadn’t been shown around so given a choice of guide from all of us at the bar he picked me.

I took him around the building, making sure that he had on his group tag before we ventured upstairs. We recently installed a new security system up there, turrets that shoot on sight if you’re not wearing the tag.

After showing him around he had to run off to deal with some things but I had a good feeling that he would come back soon.

Snapshot 2139
Showing Mr Chin around the X-Sisters Sex Bar

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar | The Team Together Again

I headed back to the bar and was showing off my bat with the railroad spikes through it, Christina and I spoke for a while about life and the usual whore talk. After people started to head out for dinner it was just the two of us left once Brooke made her way out.

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

Mr Chin returned and joined us both, Christina was horny and I could tell instantly that she had turned on the full performance.

Running her foot up his leg and teasing him a little, the conversation switched to how good of a threesome team me and Christina are. That’s not even a lie either, we do make a really good team.

It didn’t take long before the three of us made our way to one of the rooms upstairs. Both me and Christina giving each other some wicked grins before wasting no time in running our tongues up and down his cock and balls.

I started to bounce on his cock, the sound of our bodies colliding echoing through the room while he delved his tongue into Christina’s pussy.

Of course, I wanted to make sure that our new customer had an experience to remember, so, after he filled me up with his cum I lowered down onto his face. Smearing my juices and his cum all over him while Christina sucked on his cock.

A Shift At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

Final Thoughts

It was so much fun getting to do a shift at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, I decided that I’m going to go back to work almost full time now. Which means a return to Candy’s is also on the cards.

Mr Chin definitely seemed to enjoy himself and returned later in the day for another threesome, this time with Rach and Dee. I think he is on his way to becoming our first Mister X at this rate.

The X-Sisters Sex Bar isn’t just a place for sex, it’s a place for fun and making the most of your time. Outside of the Mister X competition, we have weekly mud wrestling events, the darts challenge, Dees “book” club and so much more.

You should definitely absolutely positively come and join us. Come and fuck me, I love the thought of making you cum.

Click here for your free taxi.

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  1. BobMorane

    I am glad to see you back and about.

    Good to know the new place runs good. I always enjoy myself when I swing by. Which I ned to do soon. I haven’t seen the new bar yet.

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