When we first opened the bar, it was never really anticipated that we would do anything other than abuse Greg on a daily basis. However, from the get-go things moved a lot quicker than we anticipated. When we first moved to a bigger parcel, we were intent that it was the final place. For the most part, we were extremely happy with it but as business grew so did our prim usage. The need for more space was prevalent but little did we know that things would open up so much further than we expected. Was it time for a business expansion?

Business Expansion | Multi-Venue Sex Bar in Second Life

Business Expansion | Logical Decisions

Having land in Second Life is both a blessing and a curse. When you have multiple lands scattered all over the place, you need to remember the days that tier is due. This is fine, but the more land that you have the more scattered the payment dates are and you feel like you spend most of your time bouncing between payment terminals. 

So, when our region started becoming slightly unstable thanks to a GTFO garage across the road, it was time to make decisions. 

We have the AdBoard sim, the Village that we have some staff living at, the main bar sim and Sasha has her store and on top of that, we still have a small number of outlets scattered across the grid. 

Me and Lumi sat down and started looking at numbers, our income is more than fine but what if we merged everything into one larger space? We could move the bar, the village, Sasha’s texture store and the X-Girl Display all into one space. We wouldn’t only save money but we would have more space and more prims.

It seemed like the logical thing to do right?

Business Expansion | Multi-Venue Sex Bar in Second Life

Business Expansion | New Home

So that’s what we did. We moved to a quarter sim, which not only provides much less lag than mainland ground level but gives us more prims than we could ever need. 

I moved the bar pretty much exactly how it was, some good manipulation of the select all features. Although at times, selecting 50 things at once and then realizing that one of them belonged to Dee was driving me crazy. When that happened I had to start looking through ownership and finding what wouldn’t let me pick things up. 

Once the bar was moved across it was time to move everything else in. 

Lumi was overly excited that we were next to water. “We can get a boat” was basically the only thing that she said. Of course, being the ever loving sister that I am, I built her a boat dock and obviously docked a boat that we can all have sex on the deck of. 

The village was set up with a sign leading down a forest pathway to ‘Whore Village’. Chandra and Gem both live there, so I had to give them the news that they were being relocated. The benefit of this was that we could separate the land into smaller parcels so now every resident of Whore Village can get their own privacy. 

A lot of new additions were added too, a beach, a massage room on the beach and a large rocky swimming pool gives us so many more options to entertain with. 

Finally, we moved the graves of Nathan the Fish and Greg. Gem ran over as soon as she saw them and just sat there, welcoming them to their new home. 

Business Expansion | A Second Location

It wasn’t only moving to a bigger sim that took us by surprise. Street Whores has recently come under new management with Annie taking over. Annie, for those that don’t know, is the original scripter for Fivers beer system. The system that inspired us to make our own. 

So we’ve been in contact for a few months, she showed me her new system a while ago and we talk every so often. 

When she took over Street Whores, I knew it would be a really good thing for the sim. Street Whores had some amazing atmosphere inside of it but it also had zombies. Which are essentially people who AFK or Bot to work the streets. Since Annie took over, that really doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. 

I sent her a passing message about the possibility of opening a second bar there. It was more of a ‘imagine’ situation, there were never any solid plans in place to open a second bar but it was a nice idea. 

Less than a minute after sending that message I got a reply “I was actually going to speak to you”

I guess we were about to start making a solid plan. 

Business Expansion | Multi-Venue Sex Bar in Second Life

Now What?

Our second bar is now there on Street Whores and while it’s not yet fully operational some of the girls will swing by every now and again. Once we fully get it fully operational then it will be an amazing place to catch your favourite X-Girls. 

Chandra and Dee have already had their first visitor there, but I’ll let them tell you about that. 

As for us, we’re not slowing down. As business grows so will we. Now I know the question on your mind. 

“Where do we find these new places?”

It’s simple. 

Take this taxi for our new main location. 

Take this taxi to Street Whores

Business Expansion | Multi-Venue Sex Bar in Second Life


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