Sex on a Boat in Second Life | Adventures at the Bar

Sex on a Boat in Second Life | Adventures at the Bar

Last Updated on: 24th June 2023, 08:39 pm

This story takes part across multiple locations because if you read Jess’ post yesterday then you’ll see that we recently expanded the bar. Most of you know by now that my days are never quite boring. I get fucked a lot, I get to wear cum a lot and I get to really just embrace my slutty side more than I ever imagined that I could. From threesomes to sex on a boat in Second Life, it is the never-ending gift of sex that keeps giving. But a boat can’t be that fun Dee… Oh, it can and here’s how.

Sex on a Boat in Second Life | Fiery Threesome

What’s the best way to start the day? If you’re thinking coffee or long walks or even a jog you would be wrong. 

The best way to start any day is a fiery redhead threesome. Sounds hot right? That’s because it is. 

Zathras, Fox and me. It’s a winning combination whenever one of us is involved. Yet strangely we had never had a threesome together. After I put out my appeal the other day asking for someone to take care of my bed drought, Zath was the one to step up to the plate. But it wasn’t just me he was taking to bed. Fox was going to join us. 


So the three of us headed upstairs. TO A BED!!! Finally!!

At first, we started teasing his cock, Fox wrapping her lips around it while I gave slow strokes. That seemed to really rile him up and he pulled me on top of him, thrusting upwards and started fucking me. Fox meanwhile lapped at my clit. Before I knew it I was cumming on his cock and then he came too. 

Then it was Fox’s turn. He flipped her over and slammed into her, while she buried her tongue back into my pussy. At one point, she came so hard that she came on my foot, then I came so hard that I squirted on Zaths face from, as he puts it, ‘A Fox length away’. 

It was a hot start to the day. 

Sex on a Boat in Second Life | The Masseuse

After the move to the new place, we were all excited about the possibilities. All of the new locations including a boat, I’ll get to the boat later. 

Gem was the first one to try out the massage room on the beach. It really is a beautiful and relaxing place to get fucked hard. 

After she came back round to the bar she was overly happy with herself. Then she slid into my IMs and asked if I wanted a massage. At first, I thought she was joking but she was very persistent. You see, I had been awake most of the night working on the new locations. So my sleep hadn’t been all that great. 

Gem wanted to try and relax me enough to fall asleep. 

So, I eventually agreed to a massage. After she stole Jess’ bike she rode us around to the beach. Of course, she did crash on the way and nearly killed us. Not much of a relaxing start. 

She did however give me an amazing massage that made me have to go and take a nice relaxing sleep. Whichever guys get her in that room, they are going to love every second of it. 

The Boat

I did mention that we had a new boat. Lumi has been wanting to have a parcel next to the water for months and now we finally have one. So Jess built her a boat dock complete with a sex boat which has some of the best animations for sex. The animations are ‘scenes’ instead of short animations. This in my opinion makes a massive difference.

Rey swung by late at night, by that time Chandra and I were already excessively horny. So when he took off his top, I pounced. A few seconds later he was talking to me privately about how he wanted to fuck me. I wanted it to. 

Sensing the chance to use the boat to its full potential, I suggested we head out there. He eagerly nodded his head, loving the sound of it. 

After sucking on his cock for a while he picked me up and started fucking me against the wheel. Is it a wheel? I don’t know, I’m not a boat person. 

He threw me around that boat, fucking me in every position that he could find. Eventually, he shoved his cock deep into my mouth and throat before unloading his hot cum. 

Of course, Rach, Chandra and Zath were all in the bar peering out the window and watching us. It was extra hot. 

Sex on a Boat in Second Life | The Late Night Party

Our beer and champagne are great sellers but on top of that, they come with rewards. One of those is that all staff go topless when someone buys 30 beers and the other is that buying 30 champagnes in one go gets a free live sex show. Not just a sex show, a live show from any two girls of your choice. 

Huckus arrived at the bar and asked to see the menu. Ok, he didn’t ask it’s printed on the wall but he loved the sound of it and so he bought some beer and got us all topless. 

After some back-and-forth talking he wanted to take on the darts challenge. The challenge is simple if a customer beats one of our X-Girls then we get fully naked and if they lose then they buy us beer. 

He had already bought some beer, so he suggested upping the stakes. So I made this deal with him. If he lost, he would buy us champagne instead and if he won, I would give him a free blow job on the rug. He seemed agreeable to that so he and Mel went head to head. 

Mel won, which meant no sloppy rug blowjob. But, he did buy 30 glasses of champagne which meant a free live sex show. So he picked Mel and Chandra. It was a fun night. 

A New Challenge

I am in love with this new location. So far it has been so much fun trying out all of the new spots and there’s still more to explore. 

Now I just need to find someone to fuck me in the new swimming pool. Any takers?

Then there’s Jess’ bike, that’s built for sex too. Oh and the secret hidden spot in the forest. Oh boy, so much potential!

Come and join us, take this taxi! 

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