Extreme Measures | A Second Life Street Whores Story

Extreme Measures | A Second Life Street Whores Story

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In the world of whoring, things are never as plain-cut as you think. Sometimes we have to go to extreme measures to make a living, keep a roof over our heads and have enough money left over to look good. When I say extreme measures, I really mean extreme measures. Take one of our customers from our new location at Street Whores. When Chandra, Gem and I had him in that back room, I think he thought we were joking around. We weren’t.

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Extreme Measures | Second Lifes Best Bar?

Sasha was at Street Whores with Etelya manning the shop, I hadn’t really finished decorating it (and I still haven’t) so me and Gem headed over. 

After getting drunk on some champagne courtesy of Biggie, I heard the door open and in walked a guy called Bruce. 

He seemed nice, and talkative but shy. We’re whores, so I have no idea what he was expecting to happen walking in. He took a seat at the bar and Chandra was all over him. Of course she was, she’s always greedy for cock. 

He seemed a bit hesitant, talking about how he was only coming in for a drink and that he was keeping himself for someone special. I wasn’t too sure if I could let that happen. 

“Our code of honour forbids us to let guests leave undrained,” Chandra told him. 

His eyes widened, he really hadn’t expected that. This is surprising considering we are on Street Whores and we’re the X-Sisters Sex Bar. 

Extreme Measures | Three Whores, A Virgin and Second Life Sex

Chandra pounced onto his stool and pulled him to the ground, teasing him about how he wasn’t going to be a virgin much longer. He was really trying to resist, so he pushed her off and tried to run out the door. Unfortunately for him, there was a Jess-shaped door block in the way. 

So, we made him take a seat again. Ordered him to take off his shirt and truth be told he was hot. I scratched deep into his chest and told him that he was going to fuck Chandra. 

At that point he tried to run again, this time running through to the back door but the three of us managed to surround him and stop him. 

I had really had enough at this point, he wasn’t going to get away that easily. So I pulled out my shotgun and told him to sit on the sofa. 

With fear and panic in his eyes, he did just that. 

Extreme Measures | A Second Life Street Whores Story

Extreme Measures | Begging

Chandra got on the sofa with him, at this point, he didn’t have any real option but to do as he was told. Pulling down his pants she eased his cock out. 

“Tease him,” I told her. 

You see, Gem and Chandra are so outgoing and bouncy. They are the complete opposite of being able to take control of someone. I, on the other hand, have a lot of fun with it as you’ll have read on these pages. 

She started to run her tongue over the head of his cock while she reached down and picked his wallet from his pants, throwing us all the cost of our usual rates. 

With my shotgun in hand and Gem leaning against the wall watching, he was so shocked at what was going on. We told him to beg for Chandras’ pussy, but he refused. Instead…

He begged for me?

Wait what??

“Let it be Jess” he cried out. 

Three Whores Have Their Fun

This was a surprising turn of events. I looked at both Gem and Chandra and asked them if I heard him right. They both said that I did. 

I wasn’t going to make it that easy though, so I told Chandra to get him right to the edge and then maybe I would have some fun with him. At that point, he instantly changed his mind, pleading for us just to let him go but it was too late. 

We could tell that he was struggling to not cum, so Chandra hopped up and I pushed him back against the sofa and started riding him hard. His cock was big and fuck did it feel good. Then he begged to cum, telling me that he wanted it. So he did, filling my pussy. But we weren’t done yet. 

I jumped off and Chandra jumped on, her body bouncing and bouncing. He was pleading, he knew that his plan to wait for someone special was over, he had already came in my pussy. Then, I watched as his eyes started rolling and he came again. Chandra giggled and stood up. 

Before I could even let him know that it wasn’t over, Gem was on top of him. I’ve never seen her so aggressive.  “Fuck me and cum till your balls run dry!” she yelled out while riding him so hard and fast. He really couldn’t control himself and unloaded for a third time, this time filling Gem up with cum. 

The New Toy?

We were almost finished with him so he asked to leave. Gem had some other ideas though and told him that he could only leave if he topped up the champagne bucket. He did and we told him that he would come back and one day if he was a good boy we would let him have his freedom back. He nodded and left. 

It was a fun first day at Street Whores. Picking up on tells like that from a customer is super important, understanding their needs and wants is what makes the difference between a successful whore and a whore that waits all day and gets hired once. 

We have such a good team at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, when situations like that come up we know exactly how to make it work to make sure that the customer has an amazing experience.. and cums a lot. 

Street Whores on day one was a lot of fun. The main bar was fun too when I was there in the afternoon, but I’ll tell that story another day. 

Come and visit us. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

Extreme Measures | A Second Life Street Whores Story

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Rooomieee you totes got it wrong!

    I mean you were sooooooo drunk.

    You neva pulled a shotgun on him. You offered him a flower.

    *whispers* Neva admit a felony on a blog. You could get arrested for it.

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