Well isn’t this a surprise? Two posts in two days. I figured that since the blog has my name on it I should probably show up. Plus, I have had so much sex in the last couple of days that it’s too good not to share. So I made a simple plan, go to the bar, work for an hour or two and then head over to Street Whores. That was the plan. If I could get between both then it would be a good day’s work. Unfortunately being me, sometimes life has other ideas. One of those ideas is usually putting me in demand. That’s what happened this time, not that I was surprised really, it does seem to happen whenever I go to the bar. A day in the life of a sex worker has no guarantees, but at our bar, one thing is guaranteed. Fun. 

A Day in the Life of a Sex Worker | The Beginning

I woke up earlier than normal, well at least earlier than I have been recently. So skipping out to the bar seemed like a really great idea. Now I know how my brain works, I would go there and see things that needed to be done and end up getting distracted, so I had to have a long talk with myself. 

This was going to be a ‘whoring only’ day for me. When I got to the bar Christina was there so we took a quick pass by over at Street Whores to see if there was any champagne left from the night before. When I left, the bucket was full to the brim. When we checked, there was none left. Some very drunk whores must have been stumbling through the streets. 

Anyway, I headed back to the bar and Christina went for lunch. Now I would work a shift for an hour and then swing by Street Whores and finish my day there. 

Then Rey came in and by the time the bar was busy. Gem was getting a little train of back-to-back customers going, Rach was getting bent over the fire outside and I was horny. Rey asked me to sit on his lap but I’m not much of a lap puppy, so I pounced on him and told him how much I was craving to make him cum. 

This got him really horny so he threw some money in my jar and we headed upstairs. My first customer of the day and boy did he fuck me hard. 

A Day in the Life of a Sex Worker | The Middle

After heading downstairs, Gem was with Dan at the bar. Soon after I got an IM from Gem saying that Dan wanted me. I felt terrible, but giving the customer what they want is what we specialize in. After teasing him for a while at the bar, he paid me for an hour of time. He lasted 20 seconds. I didn’t even get any pictures. 

Almost as soon as he left, Deci walked in. Before the helloes were over, he had money in my jar to get me naked and had me on the sofa with him. Just as I started to reach behind me and take his cock in my hand…

Region restart..


So he took me to his place. He was overly horny and he wasn’t going to wait. He slammed me against the wall, spreading my pussy open with his cock and thrusting into me. After a few minutes, he pulled me onto the floor with him and fucked me hard and fast. As he came I felt the biggest burst of cum I think I’ve ever felt fill me up. 

A Day in the Life of a Sex Worker | The End

The day was far from over. Rich is our new lodger apparently. I wake up in the morning and go to the bar, Rich is there. I go for lunch or dinner and come back, Rich is there. I go to bed at night, and guess what? Rich is there. 

So he was leaning against the pinball table amusing himself, and, despite being fucked so much that day I was still horny. So I used him for my own enjoyment.

He does tip us a lot and he did top up the drinks at both bars within 10 minutes. So a little fun here and there is always good to reward him. 

Then Nick showed up. I could tell that he was submissive instantly and, as soon as I mentioned that sometimes I wouldn’t let guys cum until I told them to, he was messaging me.

So, we took it up to the Red Room and I had my fun. 

Teasing him until he begged to cum. Then, not letting him and instead riding him until he made me cum. Once I was satisfied, that’s when he was permitted to unload. 

All in all, it was a great day at the bar for me, but my plan to get to Street Whores to work fell through. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. 

I Can Be Productive Too

Expect the unexpected, that’s probably some really wise words to live by when you show up at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. I expected to be able to split my day between both of our bars but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. 

I did, however, have one amazing day of fun. 

In between all of that, I did actually do some business side work and hired two new staff members. So it was both filled with hot sex and spliced with some productiveness. I guess I can call that a successful day. 

As always, you know where to find me. 

Come and visit us. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

A Day in the Life of a Sex Worker | The X-Sisters Sex Bar


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