Life of a Second Life Bar Owner | Sex and Black Lingerie

Life of a Second Life Bar Owner | Sex and Black Lingerie

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:58 am

Just like the other day I was determined to split my day between both of our bars. Reading my last post you’re probably thinking “No chance Jess” and trust me I had the same thought but I was determined. The fun thing about having two bars is not only that there is more sex going around, but there’s more chance for some crazy adventures. A day in the life of a Second Life bar owner and have ups and downs, it was a strange day staff wise and for most of the day, it was mostly me and Gem holding the fort down between both bars. No complaints from us though, that just meant more sex. 

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Day in the Life of a Second Life Bar Owner | BLT Time

Black Lingerie Thursday is indeed our most sacred tradition. Wear black lingerie and the cocks will flow freely in our direction. At least that’s the idea and it does seem to work. 

The day started off well, beginning at our main bar I took an early shift. Everyone was having a good morning so far so when Dan walked in I knew it was my turn. 

I gave my eyes a little flutter and asked him if he could help me move the bookshelf in the office. Of course, he eagerly jumped at the chance. 

Fox was busy getting fucked on the sofa in the bar which really only made me hornier. So I dragged Dan through to the office and started tearing at his clothes before we were fully in the room. 

There’s one thing that I love, it will get me every single time. That is being fucked against a wall or anything vertical. So when he picked me up and threw me against the bookshelf I was more than excited. Wrapping my legs around him I pulled him close, his cock forcing me open. 

The bookshelf shook as he fucked me hard, fast and deep. Eventually, he let go, his cock exploding as he filled me.

Day in the Life of a Second Life Bar Owner | Off to Street Whores

After the morning fun it was time to head over to our Street Whores bar. So, I grabbed Gem and we made our way over. 

If you remember our victim friend from the other day, you’ll remember how we stole his virginity and his wallet. So when I saw him again outside, I felt it only right to invite him in to do it again for an apology. 

He agreed, but only under the condition that we were friendly. Which, of course we absolutely going to be. Right?

As soon as he was in we locked the door, I threw the key to Gem who shoved them between her breasts. He topped up the champagne for us and I sat on him pinning him to the sofa. His eyes widened, saying that he thought we were going to be nice. His main worry seemed to be the people outside, but me and Gem didn’t care. If anything we wanted to give them a show. 

Judging by their reactions too, they wanted it. Gem tore off his top and stole his wallet, a nice new leather one. I reached down and pulled his cock out. He was panicking and was already begging for us to let him go. I thought about it, for half a second, but it wasn’t going to happen. 

Instead, I pushed him down and started bouncing on his cock while Gem grabbed at his balls. The people outside were cheering, and the street whores were loving the show.

“Ohhhh Jess, what you do to me!”He was moaning and begging, a combination of pleasure and embarrassment. After making him cum I let Gem have her fun. 

She was just as wild as she had been the last time “FUCK MY BRAINS SENSELESS…AND DRAIN YOUR BALLS DRY DEEP INSIDE MY PUSSY” she yelled at him. He was drained by the time she finished. “I’M GONNA MILK YOU SO DRY TILL IT HURTS…”. For a second I considered getting her to calm down a little but she was having fun and he was in hell. Worth it.

Another Busy Day

After we had finished with him I made him lick his cum from my pussy. At that point he told me that he wanted to worship me every day, I was starting to think that we were giving him a split personality. One minute begging for freedom and the next worshipping us like goddesses. 

We took him through the back and as Annie and Zack walked in, I left Gem to torture him again for a while. 

It was turning into another really good day for us. Gem got her face drenched in cum by another customer at some point who later visited us at the main bar too. By the end of the day, the both of us were exhausted, and satisfied but as always still horny. 

The beer and champagne kept flowing and the cocks just kept coming. Having one busy bar was a blessing but having too just makes these greedy whores greedier. 

As always, you know where to find us. 

Come and visit us. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

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