Diving into a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim | Daria in Second Life

Diving into a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim | Daria in Second Life

Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 12:37 am

Ah, my digital daredevils, I am back. Do you recall that apartment I snagged a few months ago? Well, the time came for a rent renewal and yours truly had some thinking to do. Sure, the sim had a certain charm, but let’s be real – the excitement factor was dwindling. As always, I was on a mission to uncover some CNC action, and with the rent deadline looming, a bold decision had to be made. So grab your virtual popcorn, dear readers – allow me to regale you with the tale of how I fearlessly uprooted my pixelated life, and plunged headfirst into living in a virtual rape roleplay sim in Second Life.

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Embracing the Unknown | Living in a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim in Second Life’s Dark Alley and Paradise City

Well, my cyber comrades, let me tell you about how life evolved in the sim that I was in. It became a virtual ghost town for two whole excruciating months. I held out hope that I wouldn’t be the lone tenant in my apartment complex forever but that hope fizzled out. Oddly enough, my landlord Cursed shuffled everyone into the neighbouring building – and people got no say in it. eye roll The only consolation? Dirt-cheap rent, but I digress.

Ta-ta, old apartment, my patience was up. Now, your girl Daria here isn’t too big on roleplay, ya know? Sure, I can toss out a hot sex emote here and there, but crafting a full-blown persona with intricate details like “/me sips some tea” or “/me performs a highly choreographed movement sequence before sitting” just ain’t my jam.

But oh, my dirty debauchers…

It’s a universal truth that unsatisfied kinks can wreak havoc on your soul. I had found happiness from my animesh boyfriend Wolf and the furniture store was doing well. Yet still, I found myself teetering on the edge of desperation. That nagging, relentless itch still lingered, craving a little attention.

I finally came to a decision. I was hell-bent on exploring the world of proper roleplay sims, the ones immersed in dark roleplay and CNC fun. I wanted to dive into the heart of it and see what it was all about – you know, breathe in the chaos.

And thus, my digital deviants, that’s how I landed at the dens of debauchery called Dark Alley and Paradise City.

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Settling into the Chaos | My First Taste of Living in a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim in Second Life

Oh, my digital delinquents, let me give you the lowdown on my new digs. I scored a first-floor apartment on the main street of Dark Alley- yup, right across from the college and just down the road from a sex shop. Now, conventional wisdom would suggest no one’s going to pull any shenanigans that close to academia, right? RIGHT?

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it – my new pad is the definition of a dump. A cramped room with only a bed, table, and kitchen – the harsh reality of self-imposed squalor. Would I sleep at night knowing an intruder might burst through my door? We’d see.

Adrenaline pumping, I unpacked my…yeah, just clothes, really. Bye-bye lavish lifestyle, hello gritty streets. First stop: Phoenix Lounge. I settled down at the bar for a drink when my phone buzzed:

“hi is this Daria I got your number from my best friend I was hoping you was still doing out calls”

Um, excuse me?

Let’s be clear, I’m no escort. No judgment here – that’d be a pretty wild situation, considering my blogging home. But this dude had it all wrong. I considered it for a brief moment before letting him down gently. Back to my drink at last!

Dodging Danger and Dining in Disarray | Living in a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim

Listen up, my virtual voyeurs, the club was far from busy. Just a dancer and a bunch of loud dudes puffing away outside. Nighttime approached, so I slurped down the last of my drink and ditched the place. Mid-stride, I remembered – in all the moving home excitement – I hadn’t bothered to feed myself. So off to the diner, I went.

You won’t believe the shit show that awaited me. Grimy walls, grungy counters, stained tables – but hey, they had wine and cake. Not one to pass up life’s simple pleasures, I grabbed a slice and a glass and settled in to observe the chaos. Those rowdy boys outside the club were still hollering, clearly drunk. Good thing I scrammed, right?

Ah, I can hear your questions now. “Dariaaa, if you’re so into CNC, why dodge the group of guys who could be your virtual rape dream team?” Simple, my cyber connoisseurs: the real excitement lies in trying to evade capture while potentially getting caught. Rolling over instantly? Nah, that’s just sex – and far less exhilarating.

A Night of Unexpected Encounters | Unleashing my Desires in my New Town

Well, my titillated tribe, part of venturing into roleplay meant I didn’t want to confine myself to a single sim. Thus, I decided to divide my time between Dark Alley and Paradise City – two peas in a twisted pod. While Dark Alley would be my ‘home neighborhood,’ Paradise City would serve as my go-to spot for “work” and “nights out.”

So, on day two, I ventured to Paradise City, job hunting on my mind. After filling out some applications, I made a pit stop at the diner. There he was—a well-dressed, dapper dude, all alone. He struck up a conversation, we chatted over coffee, and I mentioned my shiny new apartment in Dark Alley. Eventually, I said my goodbyes and took off for home.

Nice guy and all, but he didn’t scream CNC potential. I exited the diner and opted to take a shortcut through an alley. Finally, I reached Dark Alley, where shadows reigned supreme and the streets lay eerily deserted. As I approached my apartment, I felt a forceful hand grab my head, slamming me against a dumpster as my skirt was yanked up.

It was the guy from the diner, who had followed me home. The bomb had finally dropped. Trouble had found me.

Boundaries Pushed and Fantasies Realized | Living in a Virtual Rape Roleplay Sim Gets Intense

My digital delinquents, what the diner dude did next will make your jaws drop. He tossed me to the ground and shoved his cock in my mouth. Normally, I’m a fan of creamy treats, but this was next level. His hands pushed harder against my head, forcing it deeper. Escape wasn’t an option, and even if I tried, he’d see exactly where I’d run to. It’s not like I could break free anyway – his grip was unyielding.

Then, he leaned on the dumpster, pulling me closer, and had the audacity to explore my pussy with his tongue. I was caught between a surge of excitement and an overwhelming urge to flee, but he held steadfast. He was using me for his own twisted pleasure – and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

Then he ripped off my top, leaving me bare for all to witness. Two passersby sauntered past, completely unmoved by my turmoil. Were they just cold-hearted weirdos who didn’t care? But then, the diner guy tore off my skirt and pushed me face-first against the dumpster, choking, slapping, and yanking my hair. The twisted satisfaction of my CNC desires was unfolding only a mere two days into my thrilling new life. I had indeed chosen my path wisely.

Experiencing a whirlwind of sensations – fear, excitement, dread, and ecstasy – I stumbled upon a surprise orgasm, unable to contain my scream. I’m sure it echoed far and wide, possibly reaching the apathetic ears of those two earlier bystanders. Although their lack of intervention annoyed me, I couldn’t deny that part of me was reveling in the experience. But hey, that’s what I signed up for, right?

Of Surprises and Sensations

So, my ever-curious comrades, buckle up – the wild ride through Dark Alley is far from over. The blog you’ve come to love for the best tales, with sarcasm and wit sprinkled on top, promises to deliver even more juicy details of my exploits in this dark corner of Second Life.

Are you a newbie to the unapologetic world of Daria’s adventures? Then treat yourself to a delightful romp through my previous posts.

As we set off on this fucked up escapade together, we’ll wallow in the twists and turns of Second Life, embrace our deepest desires and experience fantasies coming to life. Know my trusty terrors, I’ve got more surprises up my sleeve. Stick around, and let’s plunge headlong into the pandemonium called living in a virtual rape roleplay sim.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Heeyas my gloomy friend,

    glad you stopped hanging at graveyards and wallowing about the cruelty of life and got yourself sum action.

    How strange that action may be. Every kink gets satisfied in SL.

    You know I will call you roleplayer from now on.


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