Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens

Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens

Last Updated on: 24th June 2023, 08:50 pm

Kicking off the Red Light Special was something that we were all excited about. When Fox came up with the idea, she based it on the Blue Light Special which was an American in-store discount where a blue light would flash. It was a great idea, a Second Life version but one where the discount is on sex. We left it up to the X-Girls to decide whether they wanted to participate, and those who did were tasked with coming up with their own special to put on sale. Knowing the creativity of our girls, we were confident that the deals would be nothing short of spectacular. As the moment to launch the special drew closer, the excitement was almost too much to bear. Little did we know just how wild that first special was going to get.

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Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens | Excitable

I haven’t spent much time at the bar this week, there are times when I like to go exploring or try new things. This week was one of those and you probably read about my trips to Jurassic Park and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

After those two trips, one thing lead to another and I ended up at Hogwarts, it was a Harry Potter roleplay sim. And when I say roleplay, I mean serious, immersive roleplay. You could be a student, a professor, a Ministry of Magic employee, or even a creature. We signed up, and for a few days, I was completely engrossed in my new life as a Slytherin. 

With all of the excitement, I ended up putting a sex Hogwarts outfit on my wishlist. It was 2000L and while that’s really not much in comparison with what I earn, I tend to debate large spends and keep them on my wishlist until I make a decision. It’s not appropriate for the sim but I knew that if I got it then it would definitely raise a few cocks at the bar. 

Then a visitor stopped by one day during the week, I was there and we got talking for a while. He loved the idea of the bar and how welcoming it was. Unfortunately, he had to leave to go to real life but before he did he left me a massive tip and then bought the outfit for me. He came back later in the day and signed up too.

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Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens | Kickoff

Friday finally arrived, and with it, the much-anticipated Red Light Special.

Fox was the first to step up, offering a special on a rather intimate encounter with her on the bar. For a reduced rate, Fox was offering the first customers to get there a chance to fuck her ass. Zath, never one to pass up an opportunity, eagerly took her up on the offer.

As they got down to business, the sounds of their moans and bodies colliding echoed through the bar, sparking a wave of insane horniness that swept over all of us. Before we knew it, Deci and I were tangled up on the sofa, and Sam and Mel were getting hot on a stool.

And then, the moment I’d been dreading for months arrived.

Lumi walked in.

My worst fears were realized. She knew I wasn’t a virgin anymore, but she’d never actually seen me in the act. The illusion that I only had sex with her was shattered. I knew it was coming and sure enough the IM arrived. 


But in that moment, I was far too caught up in Decis cock to care. He continued his rhythm, and Zath and Sam didn’t miss a beat with Fox and Mel.

The Red Light Special was off to a roaring start.

Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens | Saturday Fuckfest

The weekend was far from over. As Saturday came around, the excitement from the day before was still palpable in the bar. But then again, a certain level of anticipation is pretty much the norm around here.

Since I haven’t been spending as much time at the bar over the last week, when I get there I get extra excited for what’s going to happen. This might explain the recent scarcity of posts, well, that and a stubborn case of writer’s block that’s been plaguing me for days.

As we all gathered at the bar, Deci invited me to sit on his lap. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Now, I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before but Deci has a habit of catching me off guard and starting fucking me, it’s hot and I should expect it but I never do. 

This time was no different, he picked me up and started fucking me. His cock stretched out my pussy. I locked eyes with Fox. The intensity of her gaze, so close and so focused, sent a rush through me. When Deci offered her a turn after I came on his cock, I couldn’t help but grin as he reached for her.

Then, I heard Zath speak to me “How would you like to jump right onto another cock, Dee?”

Uhm, yes, please. 

So that’s exactly what I did. 

Second Life Red Light and Pig Pens | Fun Doesn’t Stop

With Fox and Deci on one side of the bar and Zath and I on the other. the atmosphere was electric and you could feel how hot it was just from walking in. 

Eventually, we all hit climax and slumped onto the stools breathless and drenched in a combination of sweat and cum. 

Gem had arrived and Deci had left. Fox was still horny, Zath was sti… actually, we were all still horny. So Zath pulled Fox onto the bar and they continued, in what was now becoming a regular occurrence, the daily bar fuckfest.

Watching them, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment, my hand wandering down my body to please my own pussy. Zath looked at me and said that we should all cum together. I however had different ideas. 

Gem hadn’t had her turn yet, and as a good boss, I believe in taking care of my staff. So, I quickly pulled her onto the floor, my tongue diving into her wet slit. 

I’m pretty sure that puts me in the running for ‘Boss of the Year’, don’t you think?”

The Pig Pen

Despite the day’s adventures, we weren’t quite done yet. If you recall the ‘Gemtervention‘ post, you’ll remember Gem’s unique penchant for playing the pig and getting doused in cum.

Ever one to try and make some fun, I decided to buy a pig pen for outside. It was meant as a joke, but Gem, ever the enthusiast, jumped right in. Standing above her, I toyed with my pussy showering her in my juices. The sight of this got Fox excited, and she wanted inn.

Fox strapped herself to the pen while Gem and I took our positions above her. As we pleasured ourselves, the sight was too much for Zath, and he decided to join us. Before long, Fox was soaked from head to toe in a cocktail of all of us.

It was a great end to the day.

Try It For Yourself

My adventures are just a small part of what goes on at the bar. With 24 X-Girls there is so much that goes on. Of course, don’t just take my word for it. 

Zath has asked to write here about a couple of his adventures at the bar. I’m trying to convince some others too. 

However, the best way to experience what happens at the bar is to visit in person. Come and join us, you really won’t regret it. 

Take this taxi and we’ll see you there. 

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