Jurassic Park in Second Life | Surviving The Adventure

Jurassic Park in Second Life | Surviving The Adventure

Last Updated on: 15th May 2023, 07:09 pm

How did I end up at Jurassic Park in Second Life? Well, a week ago, someone asked me, “What do you do on your days off?”. I found myself at a loss for words, because, in truth, I don’t have days off. My routine is always the same and begins with the morning sun – a quick shower, a change of clothes, and a walk up the hill to the bar. When the day’s adventures end, I find my way back home, crawl into bed and repeat the cycle the next day.

The fun of being a sex worker and bar manager in Second Life is so intoxicating that the concept of ‘me time’ often slips my mind. But that question got me thinking – perhaps it was time to break the cycle, to carve out a slice of time just for myself. So, I set myself a challenge: two days of exploration and relaxation, away from the buzz of the bar. Could I resist the allure of my routine? Or would the pull of work prove too strong? Let’s find out together…

A Shopping Spree and a Surprise Request

With the week’s earnings burning a hole in my pocket, the world of Second Life was my oyster. I could go crazy on a shopping spree, book a hotel, or buy a car and set off on a grid-wide adventure. The possibilities were endless, but the abundance of choices left me feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

So, I decided to start with what I knew best – shopping. I splurged at the latest Second Life events, adding a stockpile of new outfits to my already overflowing wardrobe. Just as I got home to unpack my haul, an IM notification grabbed my attention. A customer was requesting my presence at the bar. There I was, half-naked, staring at the message, caught in a tug-of-war between my commitment to a day off and the pull of my routine.

In the end, the lure of the bar won out. I hastily threw on some clothes and made my way over. The customer’s generous tip was enough to get me naked, but I was relieved from diving into actual work. Instead, Fox and I found ourselves spectators to Zath and Gem fucking on a bar stool. My day off teetered precariously on the edge of becoming a workday, but so far, I had managed to avoid the temptation.

Embarking on a Jurassic Park Adventure in Second Life

Movies have always had a special place in my heart, especially those that take me back to the carefree days of my childhood. Who can resist the allure of nostalgia, right? So, when I heard about Second Life’s version of Jurassic Park, I could barely contain my excitement. I immediately called up Brooke.

“Ever visited Jurassic Park?” I asked.

“No,” came her reply.

“Pack your bags. We’re going,” I let her know and hung up.

And just like that, we found ourselves in a damp, bone-littered cave, on the brink of adventure. I was all set, my attire – shorts, combat boots, and a plaid shirt – perfect for a day of dinosaur encounters. Brooke, however, was a different story.

“I need an outfit!” she yelled, quickly pulling up the marketplace. As she stood there, stark naked, piecing together an outfit, I couldn’t help but laugh. If she got banned for nudity, I was going on without her. Eventually, she managed to get herself sorted, and we made our way to the helicopter pad.

As the iconic Jurassic Park theme music played, a wave of nostalgia took over us. We exchanged excited glances, our childhood dreams about to come true. Sure, there was the risk of becoming dinosaur dinner, but hey, you only live once, right?

Jurassic Park in Second Life | Navigating the Dinosaur Chaos

When we got to the park, I had one mission – find the gift shop. Every place has one, right? So, off I sprinted, my eyes scanning the surroundings, completely oblivious to the impending encounter with the pile of dino poop. To my disappointment, there wasn’t even a gift shop in sight, leaving me with just my flashlight and the backpack I’d snagged at the helipad.

Undeterred, we hopped into a tour car and set off, passing the T-Rex paddock and venturing into the main park. Towering triceratops, brachiosaurus, and a myriad of other dinosaurs looming over us.

“Look at the size of that dildo!” I yelled out.

Brooke shot me a look before retorting, “That’s a brachiosaurus, you idiot!”

Well, that was embarrassing.

As she turned to walk away, she stumbled into a dino nest filled with eggs. I burst into laughter, only to be served a dose of karma as I stepped into yet another pile of dino poop. We continued moving until we came upon a small concrete building.

I made a beeline for the bathroom, only to be interrupted by a breathless Brooke.

“Raptor… there’s a Raptor,” she gasped.

And just like that, she had led it right to me!

We sprinted for our lives. I tried to open a door that exploded and sent me flying across the room and then, just when we thought we’d found the exit, we were met with a sight that sent chills down our spines…

The Escape and the Unexpected Discovery

There we were, standing on a bridge overlooking the park, amidst utter chaos. The dinosaurs had gotten loose, and we found ourselves staring into the eyes of a monstrous, flesh-eating, jagged-toothed, scaly beast that bore an uncanny resemblance to an ex-boyfriend.

A shared glance with Brooke was all it took. “RUN!” we screamed in unison.

We bolted, navigating through the park with one goal in mind – survival.

Of course, if we happened to stumble upon a gift shop along the way, I was more than willing to risk a few extra minutes in the face of death for a shopping spree.

Rounding a corner, we came face to face with the T-Rex. Brooke, in a panic, darted into a wooden outdoor toilet cubicle. I watched, incredulous. Had she not seen the movie? As expected, the T-Rex burst through the cubicle, leaving Brooke exposed and petrified.

With the T-Rex hot on our heels, we sprinted towards the helicopter, which was now coming into view. With a final burst of energy, we leapt into the helicopter just as it took off.

We had survived.


As the pilot took us to safety, we stepped out, our bodies trembling with adrenaline. And then, I saw it. A sight so magnificent, so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

We had made it…

We were at the gift shop!! Jurassic Park in Second Life had come through finally!

A Glimpse

We had done it. We had survived Jurassic Park, and more importantly, we had loaded up on all the goodies the gift shop had to offer. But as we turned to leave, something else caught our eye.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…

Our eyes met, and a shared grin spread across our faces. Without a second thought, we hopped onto the teleporter, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Of course, there was the small matter of finding a golden ticket. But that’s a tale for tomorrow.

And as for how I ended up in the back of a van in this position? Well, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out that too.

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