Second Life Untamed | Unveiling the Sex-Crazed Madness

Second Life Untamed | Unveiling the Sex-Crazed Madness

Last Updated on: 14th May 2023, 04:16 am

When I hinted at the promise of an exciting weekend, I could never have predicted just how wild it would actually turn out to be. The bar was crazy with activity, with new faces along with familiar ones joining in the fun, and there was definitely an unexpected level of intensity and messiness that took us all by surprise. And the best part? We still have Sunday to look forward to. Saturday was a day of amazing adventures. From threesomes to exhibitionist escapades, the day was a rollercoaster. But the real highlight? Being in a threesome with Gem and a new customer, who had me perched atop the bar for an intense two-hour session. The title ‘Second Life Untamed’ seems to describe the day perfectly. But don’t just take my word for it. Prepare yourself, because you’re about to get a taste of just how heated Saturday was…

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Second Life Untamed | A Typical Saturday Turned Extraordinary

Saturdays are usually a very fun day but knowing that we normally have enough staff at the bar in the morning I decided to start later in the day. When I got there, Fox was the only one left. We spoke for a while, just some managers talk, the way that managers do. 

I love working with Fox, not just because we’re both redheads but because she’s genuinely a lot of fun to work with. When Deci arrived he started throwing tips at us and getting us drunk. This of course meant that it was inevitable that we were going to get drunk and naked.

As predicted, within a few minutes we were naked and not long later we were drunk. Deci pulled me onto his lap and started whispering to me. While paying attention to him, I didn’t realize that the bar was growing busier as Zath, Mel and Christina started to filter in. 

Deci has a habit of just pulling me onto his cock or slamming me against something. I should expect it but I always forget for some reason. This time he lifted me up and pulled me onto his cock on top of the table. With Fox and Christina sitting there on the stools it was a rush. 

After he had finished with me he gave me a grin and whispered “Now I need to see to Fox” before pulling her over to him and starting to thrust into her on the stool. As this was all going on Zath and Mel were getting loud and messy on one of the stools at the bar. 

Saturday afternoon was turning into a fuckfest and it was a good start to my day. 

Second Life Untamed | Unpredictable Afternoon Escapades

I’ve said before that new customers are some of my favourites to have sex with. The reason is simple too, I get to be their first memory of the bar and if they keep coming back then I know that I’ve done my job properly. 

After the fuckfest had come to an end, we had a new visitor arrive at the bar called Magic. Knowing that Christina had been a bystander during the fun I hoped that she would give him the tour, which she did. Unfortunately, real life pulled her away after the tour was over so she left him in the hands of Gem and me. 

We were like hawks, stroking his chest and trying to see who he was going to fuck. Both of us knew full well that the end goal was to have him in a threesome. 

What we did not expect was that he would hire us both for an hour and then continue to pay additional 30 minutes while we were a tangled mess on the bar. Both of us were fucked for two hours, covered in his cum and drenched in sweat. He would take turns of whose pussy he was going to use. First mine, then Gems and then switching back and forth. 

By the time we were done all of us were exhausted and coming down from a high. He said his goodbyes, made a very large donation to the bar, left Tahlia a huge tip just for walking in on us and then left. 

Second Life Untamed | The Clean Down

I was exhausted, the bar had been nonstop all day. Fox had gone for a nap, Tahlia left for Mothers Day since she lives in the future, Gem went to bed and the bar quietened down. I gave the place a clean down, mopping up cum from the floors and wiping down the stools and bartop. 

We hadn’t stopped all day so things were definitely looking a little bit messier than usual. 

As I finished mopping the floor, I heard footsteps and looked up. Deci had returned for what was now becoming a nightly tradition. The nighttime fuck.

Pulling me onto the sofa after getting me naked he started lapping up my pussy, he wanted me to cum and I wasn’t going to disappoint. After his tongue furiously worked my clit I hit a climax, covering him in my juices. Then he looked at me and grinned before picking me up and lowering me down onto his cock. 

I bounced and rode, quicker with each movement. With his hand groping at my breasts he thrust upwards, his thick cock stretching me out. He wanted me to cum again, telling me that I was to cum hard and cum a lot for him. After a few more minutes I did, I couldn’t hold it and the orgasm washed over me. 

At that point he threw me across the sofa, laying his hand against me and bending me over. Thrust after thrust as my slippery pussy clawed and slid around his cock. With every thrust, he slammed his meat deeper into my kitty before I came for a third time, this time him cumming with me. 

We slumped onto the sofa, a sweat-tainted breathless mess. I had ended my shift at the bar in the best way possible, fucked again through multiple orgasms. 

Reflections and Anticipations

When I woke up in the morning I originally planned to take the day off and relax, maybe do some shopping and watch movies. I work almost every day at the bar so a day off is sometimes a good way to recharge. I am so glad that I didn’t take the day off. To top off the day I headed over to Tango to listen to Zath play his set. It was a perfect way to unwind. 

There was a lot of sex throughout the day but I only really get to tell the stories of what I can witness first-hand or be part of. Maybe we can convince some more X-Girls to write here and share their stories? Maybe a Second Life Untamed series is an idea, with an X-Girl for each post. What do you think?

What was a huge moment for us was reaching our next milestone at the bar. Our group has grown and we now have 100 bar flies!! 

Friday was wild, and Saturday was unstoppable. I wonder what Sunday has in store for us?

If you want to find out then you know where to find us. >Right Here<

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  1. Zathras

    Posted on behalf of Foxy

    The story, hot as it is, misses a few details that I wanted to add. After Deci got done bending me over the bar stool and taking me and while the rest of the staff was busy with taking Magic on a tour of the premises, Zath was excited enough that, even before I could get dressed again, and with my legs still shaking from Deci’s attention, he took me over to the couch. Once there, he pushed me down on my back, spread my legs, and started to finger-bang me. I panted and moaned loudly enough that I’m surprised that I wasn’t heard upstairs. When I came, he rolled me onto my back and licked my slick little kitty with his skilled tongue until I came again, and while I was still shaking and trying to catch my breath, he rolled me onto my hands and knees, drove into me hard from behind and fucked my still quivering pussy until he filled me with his hot cream. As you can imagine, I needed to head home for a nap after that, but all in all it was a good morning.

  2. Chandra Kusari

    T-O-T-E-S H-A-W-T!!!

    Glad you had so much fun and I totes get you needed a nap after that Foxy.

  3. BobMorane

    Sounds like a steamy afternoon in the bar.

    Looking forward for my next visit.

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