Wild Weekends in Second Life | Sex and Entertainment

Wild Weekends in Second Life | Sex and Entertainment

Last Updated on: 13th May 2023, 08:16 pm

Have I ever told you that Friday is one of my favourite days of the week? If I haven’t then I’m telling you now. Not because it’s the end of the work week, but because weekends in Second Life are normally when I have the most fun. The start of this weekend didn’t disappoint either. We are hyped up at the bar for the start of the Red Light Specials next weekend so everyone was getting prepared for that. Gem and Fox especially, it was shaping up to be another one of those wild weekends in Second Life. 

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Wild Weekends in Second Life | Fox Gets Ready

Things at the bar are going really well. In the last three weeks, we’ve sold over 100k in champagne and about half of that in beer too. The champagne is our top seller, well technically the X-Girls are our top seller.  Since the Red Light Special was announced too there has been a lot of excitement and buzz in the bar.

We’re all excited, the idea of being on offer and having men race to get to you is a turn-on. Fox in particular is super excited and she keeps coming up with ideas and wanting to test out the specials that she has signed up for. 

Recently I and some of the other X-Girls such as Mel have worked out something. Zath is very fond of having sex on top of the bar so of course when Fox asked him if he wanted to help her prepare for one of her specials he wasted no time in jumping at the chance. 

Note: He did waste time, he missed the message at first and didn’t get around to it for about another hour but writers have creative freedom right?

Anyway, Fox was ready with her ‘WH RE’ tattoo across her ass spelling out whore. Zath got himself onto the bar and they went at it hard. I had to go through to the office quickly and I could hear their skin slapping and Fox moaning from through there. 

Wild Weekends in Second Life | Gem Is Bat Hungry

The day was far from being done though. There is real hype for the Red Light Special, and truthfully I think the X-Girls are using it as a reason to get even sluttier this week. Not that they really need one. 

You probably remember Inspy from a few months ago. Inspy is our baseball bat at the bar. He’s an X-Sisters Bat, which you can buy in the store at the bar. This one however has been customized with animations that lets us ride him. For a few days back in March Fox and I would take shifts. 

Both of us would ride Inspy for hours on end. He got a few people worked up enough to fuck us which is how he got the name “Inspy” which is short for inspiration. 

Anyway, Gem and Fox decided that they needed more preparation to get ready for the Red Light Special. Their choice? To take turns on Inspy. 

Wild Weekends in Second Life | End Of Marriage?

When Lumi came around we sat at the bar with Melisa and caught up on the day’s events. Melisa is a lot of fun to be around, later on in the day one of our new trainees called us both ‘old’. That did not go down too well. Both of us whispering to each other and plotting our revenge. We will see how that transpires. 

Regardless of that, while the three of us were relaxing at the bar Deci arrived. He really loves getting us naked so within minutes the champagne bucket was full and we were all naked. 

There was a small moment of panic for me. You see, while Lumi knows that I’m no longer a virgin. She has never been there when I’ve had sex. Was this going to be the moment that the entire veil was dropped? I tell her that I don’t take customers much and so there’s a part of her that has that belief that it’s just her and I. So if we were about to get pulled into a foursome that could be a disaster for me.

Thankfully some time passed and she went to bed. With Mel next to us I sat on Deci’s lap and reminded him that our job was to make him happy. 

Without even blinking he lifted me up, thrust his cock into me and started fucking me “This makes me happy”.

Mel got overly excited and started playing with her pussy, telling him to make me cum. The bar was getting hot and he kept fucking me harder and faster before finally unloading and emptying himself into me.

A Good Start

That’s what I call a good start to the weekend and it’s only going to get wilder. Who knows what Saturday and Sunday hold in store. As always you can follow a lot of our bar adventures over on our Flickr.


This is the wildest idea..

Come and experience it for yourself? There are many places in Second Life that are a lot of fun but there are none quite like the X-Sisters Sex Bar. You can even get your own limo by just clicking here. 

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