Wallets, Wheelchairs, and Woozy Cocktails | A Second Life Saga

Wallets, Wheelchairs, and Woozy Cocktails | A Second Life Saga

Last Updated on: 7th March 2024, 10:10 am

There’s something about the right tune that can ignite a spark within. It’s like finding energy you never knew you had. For me, that current obsession is Muse’s rendition of ‘Feeling Good.’ It’s hard to believe it’s been over two decades since its release. But, it holds a timeless appeal and gives me a sense of renewal and empowerment. It’s actually what I’m listening to right now as I write. Anyway, enough about my music habits. Time to get to the fun stuff – sex, kidnapping, scripting and new franchises.

Expanding Horizons with X-Sisters

In the world of X-Sisters, change is the only constant. With every week comes a fresh adventure, something new that sparks excitement. It’s a constant journey of evolution and opportunity, and frankly, it’s great. Recently, an offer landed on my desk. A chance to extend the reach of X-Sisters by taking over the bar at Hedon House and establishing another branch of the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

At first thought, the idea didn’t excite me. My plate’s already more than full, and there’s a limit to what one can juggle. The appeal from their end, however, was crystal clear. X-Sisters brings attention, it’s a magnet for eyes and interest. Why wouldn’t a business crave the buzz and draw we could bring to their space?

An example of this comes from the thank you note I got from Gutter Trash Alley’s owner. The presence of X-Sisters on their sim notably boosted both traffic and rentals.

Yet, despite the tempting prospect, expanding wasn’t a priority. The workload was already hefty, and spreading too thin wasn’t an option. But what about a franchise? A partnership where they could have the benefits of the X-Sisters brand, minus the extensive setup. They would manage the operations, while still maintaining that X-Sisters aura —with our drinks, tip jars, and that ever-so-lucky ashtray all under the guidance and standards set by the X-Girls.

A Fresh Chapter for Hedon House

The idea was a hit. A franchise model offered the best of both worlds. They gained the brand name, visibility, and essence of the X-Sisters experience, all while steering their own ship. The partnership was sealed with minimal setup costs, a share in the tips and profits. We committed to equipping their staff with the necessary training to uphold the X-Girl standards.

The Greg Chronicles | A Tale of Teasing, Tricks, and Trusty Frying Pans

Ah, poor Greg, or should I say, not-so-poor Greg? smiles Let’s just say he’s not exactly innocent. So, I have this tried-and-tested, super-efficient cocktail recipe. They drink it, they pass out, and I get to play with puppets. Fun, right? Well, Greg was all too eager to gulp down something promising X-ray vision – obviously, it wasn’t going to deliver. But hey, after the idiot forked over thousands of Lindens to try it, he was out like a light.

Easy-peasy, I maneuvered him over to the sofa and gave Christina and Fox the green light to have their way with him. And oh boy, did they. He started to wake up mid-session with Christina using his cock, so I had to resort to my trusty frying pan to keep him in dreamland. A nice plethora of smacks around the head with it, I was at least having fun. Once Christina had her fun, it was Fox’s turn. Little red used his cock like a jackhammer to get as many orgasms as she possibly could.

As for me? Well, I wasn’t about to let him have the satisfaction of fucking me. Instead, I made him take me to the VIP lapdance suite, where I teased him mercilessly for an hour before sending him on his way. What a fun afternoon.

Tackling Second Life Data Head-On with X-Sisters

Ebony introduced a game-changer for me when it comes to scripting: the linkset data in Second Life. This tool essentially lets us store crucial data on our in-world objects themselves, a great tool for organization and access. Alongside this, there’s the Key-Value-Pair database, another nice feature for scripters who need to store small amounts of data in a single string. KVP stores directly to the Second Life servers via an experience. Both options are invaluable, albeit with their own sets of challenges.

As X-Sisters continues to grow, immediate access to our operational data has sort of become critical to functioning. Consider needing a performance report from one of our spots, such as the Street Whores beer tap. Previously, this would mean a manual check-in at the location — far from efficient.

My aim was to overhaul our reporting, make it comprehensive and accessible without unnecessary legwork. I had already started automated updates to Discord, which was a step in the right direction, but it barely scratched the surface.

To truly change up our approach, I ventured into learning PHP – a decision that was met with its fair share of frustration and ‘FUCK’s but ultimately, success. Now we have a full website dashboard that allows managers to see live data from all of the drinks and recycling objects. This allowed me to set up a direct feed of all reports to Discord: foot traffic, sales metrics, group chats, and intriguingly, inquiries addressed to our support bots. It turns out, those bots engage more than we anticipated.

Streamlining this data reporting has set the stage for our drinks system to finally go on general sale, a project one year in the making. Now I just have to make the final tweaks to it and finally the X-Sisters Drinks System will be released for sale on the marketplace.

Unforgettable Start to the Day

You know those mornings where the moment your feet touch the floor, you’re stepping into the unknown? Well, today was one for the books. I could usually either wander down to the bar to a scene straight out of last night’s shenanigans, usually starring Fox and Zath at the centre of some outrageous aftermath. Or, find myself in the middle of an unexpected orgy that—you guessed it—often stars the same duo. But today? Today was different and memorably so.

Throwing on our fresh-off-the-press “Eat, Sleep, Fuck an X-Girl, Repeat” top, I headed downstairs, only to be met with a sight that’ll stick with me forever.

Christina had just arrived, but it was the couch that grabbed my attention. There sat Mel alongside… wait for it… a minotaur. You heard right. Together, they were having some insanely wild sex, a sight so intense it was impossible to look away. The sounds, the energy, the OMG’s it was all-consuming for a purveyor of sex like me.

When I joked about Mel feeling it later, all she could manage was a dazed nod. The minotaur eventually left having shot his bucketload of cum all over her and the sofa, leaving Mel practically unable to move. Good thing I had a wheelchair handy. Some quick aid, a dose of painkillers, and a round of X-Sisters Beer (because, believe it or not, it works wonders) had her up and at ’em in no time.

Another notch on the books for “Boss of the year”.

There’s never a dull moment at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Come say hi and join the fun. Simply click on this link. See you in a bit!


  1. Bea

    I missed a MINOTAUR?! Daaaaaamn it. Lucky Mel!

    • Chandra Kusari

      *Giggles* Why was I having just the same thought?

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