Aria’s Odyssey | Tales of Passion, Power, and Pursuit in Second Life

Aria’s Odyssey | Tales of Passion, Power, and Pursuit in Second Life

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2024, 09:08 am

Hey there, readers! It’s Aria, swooping in as the leading lady for the “Jess Visits” series. Jess needed a breather, and guess who got the nod? Yep, me! Being given the job was a mind-fuck – Jess jumped deep into my brain and screamed, “ARIA, GO TO MOTEL 66 AND HAVE SEX.” Well, who am I to turn down such a spicy mission?

First things first, I needed a jaw-dropping outfit. I mean, you can’t go on a mega-important mission without looking like a total knockout, right? Armed with a notepad and pen, I was all set for whatever awaited me at Mother Road. And listen, I caught wind of Daria’s take on Second Life motels. Love her, but she’s got a bit of bite to everything. I’m here to flip the script and show that not everything’s draped in bitterness and that Mother Road actually is a good spot to find sex. Lets jump into the next episode in the “Best Places to Find Sex in Second Life” series, shining a spotlight on the one and only Mother Road Motel 66.

Into the Heart of Mother Road | A Sim Rundown

Let’s kick things off with a mandatory sim rundown. Mother Road has been a favourite for anyone who’s ever set foot there, and here’s a little nugget you might not know – it’s the very place where Jess lost her Second Life virginity. Yeah, I know, mind-blowing! Imagine, thousands of men ago, Jess went on a wild adventure involving an alien, a face-hugging incident, and a spontaneous invitation that led to that first orgasm.

The sim itself is a stunner, boasting an environment that immerses you in realism. While the motel has undergone a few changes over time – bye-bye three-room building, hello expansion! – the core beauty of the build remains unchanged. Simplicity that feels incredibly special.

Mother Road is undeniably a place for sex but is also a visual feast. It is one of the most picturesque sims I’ve ever set foot in, and trust me, I’ve been around. Group members usually get regular updates from fellow residents who flock there for the perfect snapshot. Links to Flickr posts showcasing their captures are common.

Aria’s Encounters Unveiled | Sim Starters and Sweet Departures

Now, onto the spicy part – the messages flooded in before I could even finish rezzing. No kidding, the first IM hit me like a lightning bolt. This guy, genuinely nice and surprisingly thorough, actually bothered to read my profile. A rare find, considering many skip that part and then act surprised when you point them to the obvious. Nice as he was, our vibes didn’t quite align. Sure, there was potential for sex, but I’m not one to dive in headfirst on a mission like this. So, we parted ways.

Now, the next one had my virtual blood boiling – the infamous “Nice avi” line. Seriously, folks? When you have both the virtual and real worlds to pull from, you go for the most generic compliment? I’m walking around with a loaded gun on my thigh, earrings that say “Bitch,” and we’re in one of the most scenic sims on the grid. Imagination, please! Let’s retire the mind-numbing “Nice avi” line. Where does it lead? A robotic “Thank you,” a smile, and poof, end of conversation.

Guess how this conversation played out?

[09:26] Him: sexy avatar
[09:26] Me (ariavale): Ty
[09:27] Him: smiles

Raise your game.

Aria’s Escape Plan | Street Whores and a High-Fuelled Decision

As predicted, the conversation hit the classic smiles and then the dreaded dead zone. Jess has a whole blog post dedicated to this “Nice avi” phenomenon, and trust me, it’s a mood killer. Fuelled by the urge to punch him in the face, I found myself back at Street Whores. The perks of co-owning a drug store with Mel meant a plethora of products needed testing – my legit reason for being there. So, with a few bricks in hand, I settled into a chair.

Then came the ultimate escape – I was high as fuck. The distant sounds of action from the bar across the road were mere background noise in my cosmic journey.

In my altered state, a brilliant revelation struck: “Aria, that’s a pretty car outside, but you need an upgrade.”

And so, the quest for a new set of wheels began. I loved my current sporty yellow ride, but it lacked a crucial feature – a radio (don’t ask me about car names, I’m clueless). With Mel, the car and bike aficionado, around at the perfect time, I shot her a message. Time for some car shopping! We set our course for Billionaire Motors, ready to explore some new rides and find the perfect one to match my high-flying vibes.

The Vigilante Pursuit | When Consequences Catch Up

With the “Best Sex Places” entry wrapped up – if Jess wants it, she can handle it herself – Mel and I went on a car-shopping spree. Let me tell you, we ogled at A LOT of cars. Mel was drooling, I was drooling. Without her sensible nudges, we might have bankrupted ourselves – Billionaire Motors is not exactly budget-friendly, but damn, their cars are irresistibly sexy.

Amidst the sleek options, Mel showed me the Bugatti Noir, and I fell head over heels. Shockingly, I even learned a few car names – go me! But here’s the twist: I did something I never let anyone do – I let Mel make the final decision. My criteria were simple: it had to be sexy, have a radio, and emit that drug dealer vibe. After much deliberation, Mel picked a Mercedes AMG that screamed hotness.

She got a new car for herself too, and we headed back to Street Whores. I was blasting my music, she was admiring her new wheels when, out of nowhere, some guy appeared. Ignoring our friendly hellos, he attempted to steal our motorbikes parked outside the bar. Seriously, dude? That was the last straw. Realizing he couldn’t snatch our bikes, he tried to bolt, but Mel and I had these super-fast, sexy new cars. We chased him down, and when confronted, Mel gave him two options – face a bullet or get run over.

He chose the second option but then vanished, unable to face the consequences. Bitch.

Mel and Arias Street Savvy | Business Deals and Risqué Revelations

Back at the drug and gun store, we parked our sleek cars and kicked back for a breather. Another guy rolled in, but this one brought a friendlier vibe. He only stopped by for an ad board at the place he works. Now, Mel and I, ever the opportunists, seized the moment. Mel, telling him that we run the streets, offered him our unique services. I then told him that we had it all – “Pussy, drugs, alcohol, guns.”

With minimal persuasion, he decided to take both Mel and me upstairs in the bar for some hot sex. Now, here’s the dilemma: do we remove the gun holsters or leave them on? After all, we peddle narcotics and weaponry, and why not advertise it? Sure, the FBI might crash our party, we might end up in prison, and we might lose everything, but hey, marketing is key.

So, we kept them on. Both of us went all out, showing him what we’re made of, and he lapped up every moment. He fucked Mel, then me, then Mel again . It was wild, it was fun, but what drove me crazier was the image of my sexy car waiting outside. Priorities, right?

Do yourself a favour – come and visit us either at our Main Bar by clicking here or our Street Whores bar by clicking here.


  1. Chandra Kusari

    You are getting Gloomy wrong. She is loads of fun in a Woe Me, reading morbid poetry on graveyard’s way. But yeah Mother Road is not her scene: Too much light and not enuff graveyards.

    OMG that place wakes a few memories. I need to check it out again. The car look AWESUM!!! Take me for a ride sumtimes.

  2. Bob Morane

    Oh, the good old-fashioned nice avi approach. Always a classic, rarely successful. he should have tried “Nice gun” instead.

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