Second Life Chronicles | X-files of Pleasure & Intrigue

Second Life Chronicles | X-files of Pleasure & Intrigue

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2024, 03:11 pm

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared an update. Aria has been keeping you in the loop with all things Street Whores, but what about me? Well, I’ve been dealing with being sick (again) and it knocked me out for a few days. After that, I spent some quality time relaxing, watching movies and diving deep into an Anne Frank rabbit hole for two days. I love history but that was a bit unexpected. But enough about the past, let’s bring things back to the present. I’ve been keeping busy, getting fucked by some old regulars and meeting some new ones. Plus, I’ve got a few exciting updates to share.

Second Life Chronicles | X-files of Pleasure & Intrigue

My Unexpected Break | From Paperwork to Pleasure

I was hiding up in my office like I usually do when I’m busy. It was a Monday so I was dealing with the fun side of business yawn paperwork. Hours, activity levels, income and expenditure. All the stuff you never expect to deal with when you first step into a virtual world, but hey I run a big business so I need to keep on top of it somehow. Anyway, while I was up there I got a text from Sae. You might have seen him pop up on this blog a few times in the past.

He was telling me how I’d love his new tag that he was wearing. Ok, my curiosity was piqued and he was down in the bar with a few of the X-Girls, so I popped down there. I won’t lie, I did indeed like his tag. It read “Jess’ Pussy Licker”.

He started telling me how he just wanted to serve me and please me and asked how I could do that. So I told him the simplest way, pay my tip jar, take me to the Cuming Soon room and fuck me. He duly obliged of course. Eating my pussy first until I smeared my hot juices all over him before me finally bouncing hard on his cock until I squirted all over him and he filled my pussy with hot cum.

Whew, that was a nice break from the paperwork.

A Month in the Life | From Chaos to Creation

Ever had one of those days when you’re running around like mad, trying to get everything done? Well, imagine that for an entire month. That’s been my life recently. But guess what? We still made sure this month’s magazine wasn’t just finished – it was awesome. And yes, I managed to pull it off with only six hours delay. Talk about cutting it close, right?

Okay, so everything was nearly perfect until I realized I’d dropped the ball on something big: picking the X-Girl of the Month. Oops. Major oops. But, hey, no problem when you have someone like Bea by your side. She jumped right in, did a super-fast interview, and found the perfect pics in no time.

She was also in charge of taking care of the cover and some other photos we needed for this month. But that was all planned in advance at least. Anyway, Bea to the rescue! It’s pretty much her issue this month when you think about it.

This issue’s got some really cool stuff. There’s a piece by Chandra on how to style yourself like an X-Girl. A pretty informative piece if you can filter through the “thankies” “whuuuuut”‘s and “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell”s.

Then, there’s my article. It’s all about the new things happening with our Street Whores location. Trust me, it’s interesting to see behind the scenes. And, of course, we’ve got Livia lighting up the centrefold this month. She’s part of the Street Whores team and really owns the page.

So, yeah, this issue is pretty special. Not just because we made it against the odds, but because it’s packed with great reads and eye-catching photos. Want to see for yourself? Just hit this link.

Guiding Barley: From Novice to a Taste of Jess

Let me introduce you to Barley. He’s still new around the bar, finding his footing, exploring his submissive side – an important journey he’s undertaking. I’ve been his guide over the past few days. Slow and steady, that’s the key. Dive in too fast, and you’ll end up back at the beach. Get a grip on yourself, your likes and dislikes, understand your instincts – it’s what makes or breaks any D/s scenario.

I made it clear to him – I’m much less forgiving compared to the others at the bar. So, I suggested he hires the others first. See what they’re about, get a taste of different flavours before he comes to me. I’m not gentle, I won’t take it easy, and I won’t make exceptions. He took my words to heart.

When the day came, he thought he was ready. He’d spent some time with Stacia, Eden, Fox and a few others. Afterwards coming to talk to me and absorbed my advice like a sponge. It was time to test his progress.

I have a few non-negotiable rules in a session. To start, they present themselves for inspection. Only the highest standards are acceptable. Breaks are granted on my call, not on their whim. They must define the line between discomfort and inconvenience – anything close to a limit needs to be vocalized, and minor issues must be tolerated silently. Eye contact is only when I ask for it. Otherwise, the floor is where your focus is. And as for cuming, forget about it unless I permit it.

To sum up Barleys first session – he did very well. He paid me for an hour and usually I would go to my playroom but I was feeling the need to enjoy the comfort of the VIP suite. He had a mix of pain and pleasure, just like I promised. A few hours later he was still riding the high, something he made me very much aware of. Only time will tell how he handles his next session. But one thing’s for sure, he won’t be forgetting his first taste of me anytime soon.

Fun, Fire Safety, and Wallet-snatching

Well, there you have it a little taste of what I’ve been up to recently. With terrific managers on board, I’m confident about leaving the bar in their care. But, here’s a little secret – things can go south. When I came up to my office to write this post, I left them with three simple commands:

1 – Have fun
2 – Please don’t burn my bar down
3 – Steal Rich’s wallet

Wondering how they managed? The picture below will give you all the answers. In the meantime, come say hi and join the fun. Simply click on this link. See you in a bit!


  1. Fox Harker

    You know that you can’t tell them something like that. Within about three minutes of Jess leaving for her office the topic of conversation was, “How should we not burn down the bar? Matches? Toaster? Flame thrower?” Within another 5 minutes the couch was on fire and the girls bravely rescued Rich’s wallet. After a bit, some of them tried to rescue Rich and a few tried to put it out. Me, I took a picture, titled it, “That didn’t take long!” and sent it to Jess. Some days you just want to watch the world burn. – Foxy

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Aaaaand the best thing … I wasn’t around anywhere near the fire to take the blame for it.

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