Second Life Magazine | Launching X-Girl Monthly

Second Life Magazine | Launching X-Girl Monthly

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:28 pm

Whenever we hire someone at the bar there are a few key points to look for. One is their look, we pride ourselves on having the hottest escorts on the grid. That’s not just something we say either. The X-Girls are diverse in their looks and every one of them excudes hotness in every way. It’s not just the looks though, it’s engagement, ability to emote and whether or not they fit in to the X-Girl lifestyle. X-Girls need to know that at any moment drugs or weapons can come out, barflies understand that too. While this blog showcases part of what the X-Girls do, I can only really write on my experiences. So, I decided to launch a new Second Life magazine – X-Girl Monthly. 

Second Life Magazine

Second Life Magazine | The Beginnings of a Plan

The idea came to me after I put out the X-Girl Display book. That was released at the same time as we opened Biggies Gallery, a place that showcased every X-Girl visually. Biggie is the bar’s official photographer and his pictures capture most X-Girls in natural states. Whether it’s sitting on the bar or dancing, drinking X-Sisters Beer or just lounging around. It is, for lack of a better word, art. 

So when we launched that book and put it on the marketplace the idea for the magazine came to mind. I spoke with Chandra about it and she agreed to write for it. Of course, any X-Girl can write every month. All they have to do is let me know and I’ll give them a topic or a direction. 

Now that we were in September it was time to move forward. 

Second Life Magazine

Second Life Magazine | Distractions

Creating magazines in Second Life can be a challenge. But it combines creativity with virtual publishing. First, you have to consider the logistics involved. Selecting a suitable location within Second Life where your magazine’s content can be created and organized. For me, I chose the middle of the bar floor on a quiet night. For anyone else, it should probably be a dedicated office or studio space.

There are challenges, one of the primary hurdles is content generation. Writing articles, taking high-quality photographs, and securing contributors can be time-consuming. Additionally, formatting and layout design is a nightmare unless you have a template or are really good with the software.

Distribution logistics come next. How would we make the magazine accessible to the Second Life community? Would it involve setting up distribution points within the grid, or even sharing it here on the blog? Keep in mind that when promoting a magazine within Second Life it is essential to attract readership.

Finally, don’t get distracted. Unlike me who had Gem, while building the finished print, quipping in my ear about her lack of cock for the day. So, I jokingly put on my strapon and for some reason, Gem decided to hit my tip jar with the standard 30-minute rate. Oh well, if I’m getting paid then she’s getting fucked I guess. 

Oh, Gem is our Quick Fire X-Girl of the Month in our first issue too.

Second Life Magazine | Distribution

Anyway, the magazine was finally printed. The physical copy was ready and it was time to release it to the public. The choices of distribution were straightforward. One, I would put it on the Marketplace and pay for featured spots on the homepage and on the checkout page. This would give some increased visibility and with a price tag of a whopping 0L, I was sure that there would be a good number of them picked up. The only downside to the marketplace version is not having the subscription option. So readers will have to manually purchase a copy for 0L every month.

For the second distribution option, I would put subscriber kiosks around the grind. One in the main bar, one in our Street Whores bar, one in Hooker Hotel and one in the AFK Morgue. I managed to convince Chandra to put one in PleasureScape too, I say ‘convince’ but I was ready with my shotgun if she said no. These kiosks add you to a subscriber list for the magazine, which means every month when a new issue is released you get it straight to your inventory without having to worry about picking it up. 

Now the goal is to find more distributors and sims to house our kiosks. This will bring a lot more attention to the X-Girls and hopefully bring more barflies their way. We also have spots for advertising in each monthly issue. This month we have Caroline Takedas Lovense Community advert. The perk of this magazine? You can click links on the pages and open them directly in your browser. 

You can pick up the marketplace version by clicking here. 

What To Expect

Every month will be different. This month we have Chandra as the Cover Girl, Fox as the centrefold and Gem as the X-Girl of the Month. We’ll have articles, photoshoots, puff pieces. Everything you would expect to find in a magazine, as time goes on hopefully we’ll have more contributors too. This month I added Tim’s short piece about being a Barfly, I like the idea of people seeing the bar from that perspective. So, who knows, maybe we’ll manage to convince some more Barflies to submit some short stories to publish. 

One of the good things was being able to transfer our subscriber list into the new system. We have always had a subscriber board in the bar, mainly kept in the store. This has a good number of subscribers who have visited once and taken the free gift, or subscribed when they’ve purchased something at the store. So being able to move that over instantly gave us a good foundation of subscribers for our new Second Life magazine. 

Zathras is starting a weekly DJ set in the newly built nightclub above the bar. It starts on September 16th, so the timing of the magazine was perfect to put a full-page advert right in the middle of everything. Zathras is an amazing DJ and I am so excited to finally have him nailed down to a regular slot. Every Saturday in the X-Sisters Nightclub. The magazine will allow us to broaden our reach slightly in-world.

The plan for next month’s issue is already underway and we’re excited!

So, pick up your copy fast and get reading!

So, as always come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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  1. Greg

    Love the magazine Jess! Chandra’s interview was great, its always interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes. Also the photos were phenomenal! This is why I love your bar so much, patrons get to interact in a meaningful way with the girls as compared to a lot of places that feel very transactional. Very excited to see more of these!

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Was funs to contribute.
    How was I supposed to write my interview when you and Gemmie were fucking arounds?

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