It’s always good to see one of my favourite guests. Even when it’s an unexpected visit and outside the normal times. A home delivery service is one of the most fun things to do at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Essentially it’s where we provide the service of delivering sex to a location of the guests’ choosing.

Delivering Sex On Demand

Finishing up yesterday’s post I got dressed and headed out to the hotel.

After I gave the bar a quick wipe down I heard the door creak open and I glanced up.

There was a little bit of excitement that washed over me. If you’ve been reading you’ll know that there are a few regulars who I get to spend time with.

There are also a few people who read this blog that I get to spend time with. If my job for the day was to be delivering sex to one of those guests then that was a big plus.

One of those is someone you may be familiar with from a few of my posts. Notably, my escort marathon post where I fucked seven guys back to back.

While delivering sex to a location of a guest’s choosing is always an option, it’s a sporadic occurrence as most of them get so horny in the bar that they don’t want to wait for a taxi.

Kevin had arrived at Candy’s and he was keen to make some new memories for the blog.

Delivering Sex Jess Style
Kevin had arrived, ready for a home delivery service.

A Trip To The Office

Kevin seemed into taking a trip back to my office. It’s somewhere he’s never been and so I was more than happy to invite him over.

I quickly hopped in my taxi and got changed into something a little bit sexier and sent a taxi for him. If I was going to be delivering sex to one of my favourite guests then I was going to look good doing it.

I gave him a tour around the office and he seemed excited to see where the magic happens, where I’m writing this very post from.

He admired the photographs on my wall. I like to keep some of my best memories up there for people to look at. I also like to keep them there for inspiration when I’m writing.

Sensing his admiration I told him that I was hoping to get a new one for us to put on the wall and followed up by asking him if he would accompany me to the back room.

Delivering Sex Jess Style

Delivering Sex Jess Style

It really didn’t take long for us to be naked on the bed. His large body filled the space as I started to stroke his cock before getting to my knees and wrapping my mouth around it.

His balls were full, I could tell that it had been a while since he last came.. “even more for me” I thought. Bending over on all fours I reached down and guided his cock inside me. I was intent on delivering sex the only way I know how.. like a good little whore.

Kevin is a large man but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he knows what he’s doing. After some intense fucking he brought me to a shattering climax before he came hard.

Delivering Sex Jess Style
Delivering Sex – Jess Style

The Guestbook

After he left I grabbed a quick shower, cleaning up the large load of cum he had left.

Then I repositioned the guest book to the entrance of my office.

I was bored and looking through the marketplace when I came across it. To be honest, I don’t know why I decided to buy it or what I would do with it, I just decided to buy it.

I guess that’s what happens when your career as a whore is relatively successful.

There is so much disposable income that I just spend it on the most random things.

Anyway, my office is always open for visits so why not stop by and sign my guestbook? Who knows, maybe you’ll run into me.

Maybe you’ll walk in on me delivering sex to one of our guests as home delivery.

You can see all the ways to find me in-world by going to this page.

Or you can take this taxi directly to the office.

Come and sign my new guestbook
My New Guestbook

The New Photo!

I almost forgot.

I did indeed get a new photo with Kevin for my wall.

Looks pretty hot right?

Who else would you like to see on the wall? Let me know in the comments.

New Addition To The Art Gallery
New Addition To The Collection
Delivering Sex | Jess The Second Life Office Whore


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