Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

Jess convinces Daego

Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 01:42 am

Fuck that’s hot. I turned my head and I just see his ass slamming down on her. Just because we’re hotel sluts doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to enjoy ourselves.

The Neighbour

I had just finished finishing yesterday’s blog and pulled myself away from the desk. Trying to decide what to wear was always a lengthy process. The sound from my office fire normally makes it relatively relaxing though.



I sighed, usually, a “hello” means one of two things. Either they are someone that wants to waste my time and just wank off while I tell them my rates or they’re a passerby that wants a quick free fuck.

It turns out this one was neither.

I’ve lived on my land now for quite a while but I’ve never met any of my neighbours. Daego was one of those neighbours and now after a few months, he was finally saying hi.

I told him I was going to work and so I jumped in my taxi and headed to Candy’s.

He seemed interested and so asked to come along to check it out and obviously get a look at our finest hotel sluts. I absolutely sent him a taxi to the hotel without a second thought.

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

He really wants to fuck me and I mean he REALLY wants to fuck me. Hoping he would sign up as a member I was excited to get my hands on him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t signed up yet but after he left he told me that he was very close to signing up just so he could fuck me there and then over the bar.

I don’t imagine it will be long before he’s wearing that Hotel Guest tag.

Sometimes hotel sluts get the best fun with the most unexpected of people.

Another Round With Carter

It had been a while since I had any fun with Carter. When he arrived he seemed very excited to see me. It didn’t take us long to make haste to the Luxury Suite.

I worked his cock like only the best little whore can and it didn’t take him too long to explode inside of me.

Afterwards, he told me that he had missed me. I could tell.

He made quite a mess and he has told me before that I’m one of his favourite hotel sluts.

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

Hotel Sluts ‘R’ Us?

I relaxed back at the bar when Christina reached out to me, asking if I would help with the masked events.

Stay tuned for a post on what those entail but needless to say I said yes. Lots of sex with multiple people whose identity remains secret? Sign me up!

While talking, a guest arrived at the bar, and not long after Christina decided to show up in person.

Our guest picked me up and took me over to the chair in the corner and without hesitation, I slid off my panties and started slowly teasing my clit for him.

After some teasing, he pulled me down and I slid my soft lips around the crown of his cock.

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

Over at the bar behind us, Christina had just welcomed another guest and it was almost instantaneously from him walking into her and having him naked.

As I fucked my guest I could hear the moans echoing behind me.

Those guests walked into two of the horniest, filthiest hotel sluts available and it was so hot.

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

The Arched Back Confusion

Not everything is sex. As much as it’s a huge part of the job, just the atmosphere and the personalities of everyone are a huge aspect of why working at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel is a pleasure.

Christina hopped up to the spa and took a quick bath after the messy session. Hotel sluts need to stay clean you know.

When she came back down she was so confused about why her back was suddenly a lot more arched. I was too busy dancing at the bar to really notice but she seemed really concerned.

Thankfully I think she’s ok. This is a really good thing because I don’t think either of us knows of any hospitals nearby.

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

Mr C

I’ve had a few messages since returning asking about Mr C, when the next instalment will be and what’s been going on.

Truthfully I’ve spoken with him once since I got back and it was a very short conversation of about two sentences.

Maybe he’s moved on? Maybe it will be the ever-repeating cycle of silence for a couple of weeks before he pops up again and then we fuck anywhere and everywhere. Who really knows.. but stay tuned for any updates.

The Hotel Sluts Home Delivery

As I had just finished typing this post up and scheduling it to go out, I headed to do a shift at the hotel. Not long after I arrived a familiar guest arrived too.

He was my first “Home Delivery” service since I got back. We headed to my office and he seemed really excited to visit.

I’ll give you all the juicy details soon.

Any idea who it is?

Hotel Sluts And The Cornucopia Of Madness

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  1. BobMorane

    Another good reason to join the Masked Events.

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