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Busy at the hotel

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I can convince him, I’m pretty sure about it. I just don’t know how to do it yet. As I lay there with his cum dripping from my body, I told myself that I need to come up with a plan. The most important of the many questions I have for right now needs me to come up with an answer. There were two big Second Life questions that came into play during my shift at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel…

Second Life Questions

Morning Coffee And The First Of The Second Life Questions

I got to the hotel pretty early.

Playing around with the new bar I ended up cleaning the same glass for over an hour. I think I cleaned it so much that it actually reverted back to being sand.

After a short while, Sternchen arrived and then shortly after so did Dax.

You remember Dax right? I got him to sign up as a guest the other day.

Second Life Questions - Will I be Dax' first whore at the hotel?

This is where the first of my newfound Second Life questions comes into play.

Dax was flirting hard with me. Sternchen let me know in a message that it was ok if I took him upstairs because – “i think he is really horny on you XD”

It’s one of the things I love about the hotel. We all want to have our fun with the guys, but we don’t get mad if one of the other girls gets to them first.

Anyway, Dax didn’t have time to fuck so after a few more minutes of some seriously hard flirting he said his goodbyes and left.

I am still determined to be his first fuck at the hotel. So the first of my Second Life questions is… Will I have that story to tell over the weekend?

Christina The Dancing Whore

After giving a tour to another potential guest I arrived back at the bar.

Uwe and Uwe were both there. I wanted to make a joke about an Uwe-Some but I got distracted.

Bob was relaxing at the bar.

Caroline was upstairs getting fucked and the noises were really adding to the ambience.

It was pretty busy and Christina had discovered the dancing abilities of the bar.

Granted, she almost kicked me in the face but it was such a fun atmosphere.

I learned more about that bar in about three minutes just from watching Christina cycle through everything than I did trying it myself.

Second Life Questions | Jess Wants It All

Bob And The Second Of The Second Life Questions

You remember Bob right?

The last time I saw Bob was when we had our unexpected guest join us mid fuck in the Luxury Suite. We didn’t even make it past the sofa on that trip. Maybe this time would be different?

Making it past the sofa was a big question but it isn’t one of my Second Life questions for today.

As everyone else enjoyed the conversation, Bob and I had our own back-and-forth. His hand squeezed my thigh as we flirted.

Once Caroline made her way back down to the bar, the conversation turned to Bobs’ writing over on Second Life Adventures. He made the comment that he can be bribed to become a guest writer.

There it was.

My next of the Second Life questions.

How can I get Bob to guest write on Jess and her Gentlemen?

Second Life Questions - Can I convince Bob to guest write on the blog?

Challenge Accepted

Bob and I set ourselves a small challenge.

Let’s try and make it past the sofa this time.

We made our way up to the Luxury Suite and within seconds he had me thrown against the wall. Carrying me upstairs, every few steps stopping to press me against the wall again.

Throwing me onto the bed he started to slide his fingers deep inside my pussy and I was in ecstasy.

He fucked me hard. It was incredible, his large hands controlling my body while his cock controlled my climax.

Finally, he used my tits to massage his meat to completion, sending his hot sticky cum all over my chest and my face.

Second Life Questions | Jess Wants It All

My Two Second Life Questions

It was a day of questions that’s for sure.

Of the two Second Life questions that I ended up with, I realized that both are equally as important.

  1. Will Dax ever fuck me and will I be his first whore at the hotel?
  2. How can I get Bob to guest write on Jess And Her Gentlemen?

At least the answers will be available here whenever I get them. What do you think? Will the answer to both questions be yes?

The hotel really is a lot of fun. You should come and join us. Look I’ll even send you a free taxi ride.

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  1. PurpleFluffTrooper

    1. I read all your posts and if he doesnt make you his first then he just wasting his memberships
    2. Id love to read Bob. COME ON BOB WRITE

  2. BobMorane

    *Smiles* You know I read this blog too?

    I am sure you come up with an answer how to convince me to write a guest piece for you.

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