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Last Updated on: 12th June 2024, 06:15 am

Let’s Get This Party Started

It is I! Your resident Second Life explorer!! Today we attempt Italy!!

The challenge is now fully underway and you can read all about it at the original posting. There is a couple of concerning facts that I didn’t take into consideration.


Second Life is full of virtual places but many countries have different cultures that need adhered to. For example in Saudi Arabia a women needs to dress modestly. I don’t think my hot pants and crop top are going to go down well there. I’ve came across my first hurdle as a Second Life explorer.

Big sad.

My problem is I’m broke so I need to find a way to afford some new clothes.

I’ll spend some more time researching these countries and come up with a plan. I have a lot of other places I can go to first anyway!

I spoke with Jess a couple of days ago and she gave me some really good advice. Maybe she can help come up with ideas to solve my money issues.

Second Life Explorer | Challenge Part One

Second Life Explorer | First Stop

Italy is full of amazing cities to explore! Rome, it’s capital city is the number one choice on most people’s lists to visit. It has Florence and its beautiful art. Then there’s Milan and its shopping and of course who can forget Venice the floating city.

I wonder what I can find as a Second Life explorer taking on this challenge for Italy.

First place I came across was a very low traffic spot called Porto Nuovo. It’s apparently a small fishing port and it was so quiet.

Sasha the Second Life explorer

If you read the original post then you know that I have to spend at least thirty minutes in each place for it to count towards my challenge.

I tried, I really did but the place was empty of people and there was nothing to do. It was a beautiful little place and would make for some really nice romantic photo opportunities for couples but I had to leave.

Italy was so far a failure for this excited Second Life explorer.

Time To Try Again

I went back to the drawing board. There had to be somewhere for Italy that that wasn’t overly popular but had people. Was beautiful to look at and made it easy to stay for thirty minutes.

Milano Italia – No, empty.

Forse una caffetteria – Again, empty

I was getting desperate. Then I saw Italian Lesbian Island. Oh no. I really don’t want to take this risk.

I quickly got in the taxi and headed there..

Empty, thank you God! I really wasn’t doing great at being a Second Life explorer.


A Saving Grace

Rocca Sorrentina. I liked how it sounded on my tongue. Rrrrocaaaa Sorrentiiinaaa.

This place was a relatively good sized region and had low traffic. The building work was beautiful and there was someone else there. She arrived a few seconds after I did.

Now I just had to find a way to spend thirty minutes and it was a completion. I didn’t feel like a failed Second Life explorer anymore!

Second Life Explorer | Challenge Part One

I found the Information and Orientation room and made my way inside.

When I got inside the room I noticed that they were giving out free 18th century outfits. Free clothes? Yes please!!

I quickly changed into the robe that was provided and I looked so strange, I don’t think I could have survived in the 18th century having to dress like this.

Sasha the Second Life explorer in Italy

After getting dressed I took the long journey from the information point to the town and docks and wow! What a sight.

This place is beautiful.

I didn’t need to worry about spending thirty minutes here. With so much ease I could have spent the entire day here.

I walked around for what felt like ten minutes but when I looked at the timer, I had been here for almost an hour.

Sasha the Second Life explorer in Italy

Second Life Explorer | One Down

That was it, I had checked off the first country on my list! You have no idea how excited that made me, how good it feels to have found somewhere after a few false starts.

Italy in Second Life is beautiful, just as beautiful as it is in RL.

Next I just need to solve my money issues so I can buy some conservative clothing that isn’t 18th century. Once I have that, then I’m certain I can complete this challenge with no problems at all!

Where To Next?

Where should I try and find next? I’m thinking somewhere like Brazil or Egypt.

Let me know in the comments below!

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