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Being a Second Life sex worker has its ups and downs. I guess it’s the same as any job?

I’ve been fortunate to have some relative success in the field but not everyone is the same. Some girls stand for hours each day and can walk away with no customers and nothing to show for their time.

Other girls get lucky and find one spoiler daddy to fulfil their material desires.

Others work hard, earn well and have a lot of fun doing it.

I put myself into the last category.

Second Life Sex Worker preparing for her shift
Preparing the bar for another shift at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel

The Girls

I reached out to a few other Second Life sex workers to get their opinions. A few of them wanted anonymity so I decided to just collate the feedback and deliver it as a parcel rather than individual segments.

Mainly because it’s late and it seemed like too much effort to separate.

Of the six girls, I spoke to, only one of them was a relative newcomer. She had only been doing sex work for around three weeks.

Her experiences weren’t expansive as expected but she still had enough experience as a Second Life sex worker to give some good feedback.

Second Life Sex Worker | The Uncovered Truth
If being a Second Life Sex Worker ever dries up maybe I’ll be an investigative journalist.

The Pros Of Being A Second Life Sex Worker

“The easy-to-please customers”

There has been some minor research from what I’ve read that shows that a high percentage of guys that use a Second Life sex worker do so because they don’t have the time to make the connection romantically to other people. These guys are most likely to know what they want, and how they want it and don’t bother with all the drama surrounding sex. All of the girls I spoke to loved these types of customers.

“The Lindens”

I guess this one was an easy guess. One of the girls said to me “the money can be good but it’s not the (sic) only reason I do it”

It costs a lot of money to be a successful Second Life sex worker. You need to constantly invest in your appearance and if you want to get out there then you also have to invest in marketing.

“The Fun!”

This is an obvious one…

I said this before in my “How To Be An Escort In Second Life” blog.

Having fun is by far the best reason to be a Second Life sex worker. If you have fun doing it then it will be the best journey you ever took.

One Second Life Sex Worker To Another
One Sex Worker To Another – Hanging out with Saint at the hotel

The Cons Of Being A Second Life Sex Worker

“The competition”

Quite simply they’re right. No matter what sim you go to, the ratio of females to males is extremely high. Second Life whores who work on the street have so much competition. Not only do you have to stand out in looks but you have to be quick at making first contact and making the guy want you.

“The clingers”

I’ve had experience with this one. The guys who fuck you once and think that they own you. The ones that don’t respect your time and when you are with another client become aggressive and abusive. These are the guys that truly believe that fucking a whore makes them theirs. It’s frustrating but it’s a part of the job that you just have to get used to. It took me some time to adjust but it’s the nature of the job.

Second Life Sex Worker | The Uncovered Truth

The Con That Surprised Me

“Lack of good venues”

I’m going to be honest. When I heard this feedback from a couple of the girls it sort of threw me. I’ve always thought that there were multiple excellent venues for girls. I know that most clubs have an extensive application process but after asking them for some more information I found some extra details.

Many clubs/venues require that you work a minimum amount of hours each week. This can be as low as 5 or as high as 15 in some places. For an independent Second Life sex worker who has other responsibilities, that can be a lot of time to potentially waste.

There are also requirements at a majority of venues for you to purchase an ad board. Personally, I use ad board all the time but I suppose that if you’re being forced to pay 150-300L a week for an adboard at a place where you “work” then it seems counterintuitive.

I found out that one of the girls lost money on her first week working at one of these venues. By the time she paid her ad board, worked her minimum hours and after the club took their percentage of tips from her she walked out with a loss of around 200L. 200L doesn’t seem that much to me but a loss is still a loss, right?

All the girls agreed that venues need a share of the tips to stay in business. The issue they all agreed with was that it seems like most places rely on taking from their employees more than their patrons.

My Opinion On The Main Con

I see the reason for it. It depends on the girl because I am a big believer that you get out what you put in, especially as a Second Life sex worker.

When I work, I work hard. Making connections with everyone that walks through the door no matter who they are and giving them an experience that makes them want to come back.

Second Life Sex Worker | The Uncovered Truth

My Fortune

At the start of this post I put myself in the “work hard, earn well and have a lot of fun doing it” category. I stand by that categorisation.

I got very lucky the day I walked into the hotel and met Candy.

Not just because she was someone I looked up to and admired, but because it put me on a path that changed my life.

A few weeks ago I posted the interview with Carter. A guest at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

It was very clear in that interview that he loved his visits to the hotel. Not just because of the sex, although it’s a pleasure fucking him. He loves it because of the atmosphere, because of the experiences and because it’s a different environment.

The same goes for the whores that work there. I don’t work a shift there where I don’t love the atmosphere, the guests, the colleagues and the experiences. I write about it enough here.

Second Life Sex Worker at work
Bob sent me some pictures of our trip to the Luxury Suite

Second Life Sex Worker Paradise

Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel has the most amazing guests and the most amazing girls. I’m not just saying that because I work there, I’m saying it because it’s true.

When I returned from my break, I noticed that there were now over 30 trainees on the roster. That’s a crazy amount of whores for any guy. It’s a never-ending menu of slutty delicacies just waiting to be fucked for free (tips appreciated). That doesn’t count the full Sex Waitresses such as myself.

So if you are a Second Life sex worker looking for a place to work that is the absolute best place you can find then my recommendation is to reach out to Candy or Caroline and put forward an application.

If you are a guy looking for the best sexual experience that Second Life has to offer or if you just want to fuck me like the good little slut I am then take this taxi and I’ll see you there!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Sasha!

If you haven’t already taken a look then Sasha started writing here about her Second Life challenges. I had a very interesting meeting with her today! So many great exciting ideas came from it!

Oh, you want to know what they are?

Find out soon…

Second Life Sex Worker | The Uncovered Truth
Business Meeting with Sasha.

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