Night Time Adventures In Second Life

Jess and her Gentlemen

Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 01:43 am

It was one of those random Second Life Night Time Adventures. I’m not going to say that it was comfortable but it was definitely pleasurable. Laying there with his cum all over my upper body, it was the best way to end the day.

I’m Going On An Adventure

My sleep is sort of all over the place right now so normally while I would spend my entire morning and afternoon working at Candy’s, I’m unable to keep a regular period of being awake at those times.

Instead, I found myself resting for a large portion of the day and getting all ready to work at night. Unfortunately for me, the hotel isn’t really busy at night.

I sat around for about an hour, let our guests know that I was available but alas, nobody came.

It happens, most guys visit in the mornings and are too drained at night I guess.

After a few drinks I decided to head out and see what I could find.

Night Time Sim Hopping

One of the good things about randomly sim hopping is that it gives me the opportunity to meet new people. No matter who I meet, I always mention that I work at Candy’s and about 90% of the time it leads on to a conversation about it.

I wanted to check out some of the spots I had yet to venture to from Caroline’s ‘Best Sex Places’ blog. I had actually checked out most of them… of course I have right?

Anyway, the one that I hadn’t spent any time in was the Public Restrooms. Maybe this was a good place to start my night time adventures.

Public sex doesn’t really turn me on. I don’t really know what it is, I don’t mind it but it’s not ever my first choice. However, I wanted to see what fun activities I could get up to.

Maybe Not In Public Then?

When I arrived, I was approached by around 4 or 5 guys straight away. I hadn’t even taken my first step before the *ping ping* alerts started.

One of them actually caught my eye.

Starting My Night Time Adventures
Arriving At The Public Restrooms

We spoke for a little bit.

He seemed nice. Horny and nice.

That’s always a winning combination for me.

It turned out that he wasn’t too into public sex but he didn’t really know any other places to hang out.

Being the good little slut I am, I offered him to take a taxi back to my place.

Night Time Adventures In Second Life

Office Of The Slut

I showed him around my house and we headed up to the office.

Once we were there, I took a seat on the sofa and he stood there. I told him that he could take a seat and he asked if I meant on the chair or on the sofa next to me.

At this point I sort of felt that this was going to be one of those wasted night time adventures.

I like my guys to be assertive, especially when I’m not working and just having some fun.

Night Time Adventures In Second Life

Eventually he sat next to me.

Within a few minutes our clothes were off and I had my lips firmly around his cock.

We ended up having a pretty lengthy session.

It was fun.

It wasn’t mindblowingly good.

Night Time Adventures In Second Life

After he came, I grabbed a shower and said goodbyes as I ushered him off.

I wasn’t fully satisfied. I’m a cock hungry whore, I needed something more.

Next Of The Night Time Adventures

I started to search through the regions. Jumping between a few different ones.

Most of them were either full of other girls or filled with people who didn’t speak.


I found one.

It was full of horny guys. My night time adventures had just picked up.

This was my winning ticket.

“Hmm, damn girl”

Night Time Adventures In Second Life

Poolside Fun

Lincoln turned me on just from looking at him.

He told me about the pool upstairs and I followed him.

Before long we were naked on the towel next to the water and he was devouring my body.

The concrete next to the pool was not the most comfortable but I didn’t care, his cock was all I needed.

He was so intent on making me cum.

After some hot fucking we both came and he came a second time on my tits.

When we were finished we took a quick shower and I headed back to the hotel.

The Last Of My Night Time Adventures

Join Me On Some Night Time Adventures?

Sometimes going on a little sim hopping expedition is a good way to kill some time.

You won’t need to catch me sim hopping though on my night time adventures. Every day you can catch me at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Come and visit.

You can buy a voucher for 150L which gives you a massage and a taste of what we can offer. Don’t miss out.

You can take this taxi and I’ll see you there.

Oh!! The hotel just had a new bar installed. I definitely need one of you to help me test that out!

Night Time Adventures In Second Life

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  1. BobMorane

    I am not sure thats what Frank Sinatra sang about, but meeting strangers in the night and having some messy fun seems like a good way to spend your evening.

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