Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job | Sex Bar Exhibitionism

Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job | Sex Bar Exhibitionism

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:35 pm

Working in my Second Life job is like riding a roller coaster – some days follow a predictable track, while others spin off into surprises. Picture this: Gem, decided to mix things up by changing bed themes. I head up to intervene, thinking it’s just another day of the Gem Bots’ wild antics. But little did I know that Gem’s bed escapade would take a twist. Then there was the return of the deadman. Of course, as soon as this prodigal figure returned, we wasted no time in making up for the months of sex lost. Second Life isn’t a leisurely stroll; it’s a whirlwind. One moment you’re coasting through the familiar and the next, you’re hurtling into the unknown. But you want to know what I’m talking about, right?

The Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job

The Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job | A Public Sex Haven

One of the aspects I love about the bar is the public exhibitionism. Back in the days at Candy’s, the occasional spark of this exhibitionism would ignite, though most hotel guests understandably preferred the cosy privacy of their rooms. I mean, they did check into a hotel for a reason, right? Our first bar location had a similar trend – glimpses of exhibitionism, but a rare occurrence. But oh boy, did the tables turn when we set up at our second spot in Packsaddle and now our third location.

It’s like a switch was flipped – suddenly, the draw of fucking in the bar outshone the thought of the private rooms. There was a palpable shift in the air; the rooms have taken a backseat to the rush of being watched. I’ve found myself wondering the why behind the change, though don’t get me wrong, I’m far from complaining. For someone like me who loves being watched, this shift has been amazing.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because there are so many different sex spots that can be used. That was partly my intention when I designed it, I wanted something for everything. Whatever the reason is, I’m a very satisfied sex worker.

The Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job | The Horny Gem Bot

“I’m going up to check out the Cumming Soon bed” Gem told me as she skipped out of the bar. I love my Gem Bot but some days it’s like someone tripped her wire to be overly animated. A few minutes later and I got a text on my phone “Wait, lemme see if it can change themes”

Hold on, WHOA.

Usually, I wouldn’t mind so much but the Cumming Soon texture change is lengthy. There are so many pages to scroll through and each individual part needs changed rather than just an all-over theme. So I had to put a stop to that and lock the ability for anyone other than the owner to change the theme. I cammed up fast and sat on the bed. The menu popped open, and like a security maestro, I added an extra layer of safeguarding.

I decided to show off the bed’s physics by dropping to my knees, giving Gem a firsthand demonstration. I was only playing around but then out of the blue, Gem pulled out a strap – oh boy.

“Your boobs cover the whole strapon… We need a BIGGER strapon” she told me. Oh no, I really was just playing around now what am I getting into? 

The next thing I knew she had me on top of her and things got wild.

As she started to throw dirty talk at me I looked at her and asked “Bitch are you rubbing?”

“Well now I am”

The strappy was easing into my pussy as I started to ride it. 

The Roller Coaster of My Second Life Job | The Prodigal Bitch

A while back, I wrote about us throwing a funeral for Greg. We were missing him like crazy and Lumi had the idea. We figured if Greg saw the whole farewell funeral thing, he’d maybe come back to us.

That plan didn’t really pan out.

We were almost ready to throw in the towel, it started to feel like it was a lost cause. But then, out of the blue, something clicked in my head. I got an email with a gift notification and it had a message attached. And there it was, a golden chance. 

So, I went shopping on the marketplace, trying to find something that Greg would like. I settled on some retro decor, hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, and added a note saying we missed him. Then, all we had to do was wait.

Fast forward about 24 hours, and ding! A text popped up – “Hi Jess”. The plan actually worked! After six months “Greg The Bitch” was back. Maybe now that he’s back I should take that off of his tombstone…

Nope, I think it can stay. 

So, of course, we had a lot of catching up to do…

In a furniture store, in an office, at the bar, at the Street Whores bar, in my holiday home. We have had so much sex this week. 

The Good Stuff

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff, our amazing bar and the wild ride that is Second Life. It’s like a never-ending roller-coaster, and I always want you to join in on the fun.

That whole Greg thing from the torture to the funeral to his return? The whole sex with a staff member thing because I wanted to secure the bed? All of that public sex? That’s just a taste of what goes down in our corner of Second Life. It is constant surprises, crazy twists, and making amazing memories.

The X-Sisters Sex Bar is where real hot magic happens. If it’s not your favourite hangout spot, then it should be.

Come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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  1. Daria Kovalenko

    Congratulations on turning my life into a fucking circus! I mean, who needs personal boundaries, right? That shop of mine is practically your playground now. Chandra, the fucking picture of unbridled joy, is practically tap dancing on my nerves, and here you are, giving customers a live floor show – all in MY FUCKING STORE! Brava!

    • Greg

      Its a very nice store Daria. I love that you allow people to really take the beds for a test drive, although I guess that adds logistical considerations around laundry…you definitely want to have someone change those sheets.

      • Chandra Kusari

        As Daria’s business partner I want to add, if you fuck on it you have to buy it. 😀

        • Jess

          Ahaha jokes on you, I already bought it on release day xP

    • Chandra Kusari

      Tap dancing on your nerves? Come on 😀

      Whut did I do?

      I mean you can’t still be mad abouts that boy I boinked in your attic … the one you know off. 😀

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Soooo sex with coworkers is legal now?

    Aaaaaaand share the Greg! You are very greedy roomie. 😀

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