Are you ready for new heights of X-Girl Fun? Then come to the Ultimate Swinging Experience – The Keychain Party.

We are hosting not one but two Keychain Parties for our esteemed guests.

Keychain Party?

But what is a Keychain party you might ask?

A Keychain Party is a swingers game hailing back to the 1970s. From each couple, a car key is collected in a bowl. Later each lady selects a key out of the bowl and has some fun with the owner of the key.

Of course, you don’t need to bring the keys to your car or any keys at all. We at the X Sisters Sex Bar are more progressive. You just need to enter your name into our bowl and the bowl mixes up the pairings. During our Keychain Party, we will mix it up several times for more swinging fun.

The Keychain Party: When and Where?

We will host both Keychain Party in our new, freshly decorated event room on Monday the 21st of August.

The first Keychain Party will begin at 0:01 am SLT and last till 2:00 am SLT

The second Keychain Party will begin at 6:00 am SLT and last till 8:00 am SLT

Tickets for the Keychain Party will be 2500L$. You can get your tickets at the X Sisters Bar.

Who Will Be There?

We have a delicious selection of X Girls to host the party. We will post a list here in the next few days.

Our party starting at midnight SLT will be hosted by:

  • Ebony Glendevon
  • Benafsha Merchant
  • Cassandra Mermaid
  • Natasha Amore

Our party starting at 6am SLT will be hosted by:

  • Chandra Kusari
  • Gemini Skies
  • Fox Harker
  • Nuur
Swinging with the X-Girls | A Second Life Keychain Party

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