The Reality of Being a Sex Worker in Second Life | Quiet Days

The Reality of Being a Sex Worker in Second Life | Quiet Days

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:43 pm

The reality of being a sex worker in Second Life is that it isn’t always an endless barrage of sex. As much as it may appear to be on these pages. There is also a lot of downtime in between, waiting for customers and trying to pass the time. Sometimes that downtime includes having some drinks and watching your colleagues have sex. Other times it’s a staff member coming to you with a shocking revelation that makes you want to both hug them and kill them at the same time. I didn’t kill Gem, but I did think about it.

The Reality of Being a Sex Worker in Second Life

The Reality of Being a Sex Worker in Second Life | A Slow Start

It was a strangely quiet day for us, not completely empty but it was a lot slower than usual. Reggie showed up right on schedule and this time I gave him task to fuck Christina. 

So Rach and I grabbed a drink and enjoyed the show. After he left and Rach had gone, Tim arrived. We had spent some good time together a few days before out at the massage room on the beach, so I was hopeful for another round. 

It didn’t take him long to slide into my IMs and tell me how much he wanted me. Usually with Tim, there’s some back-and-forth flirting before he decides to pay the rate and head somewhere. This time was different, he told me that he wanted me and paid instantly, he must have been horny. 

So, we made our way upstairs to my new favourite bed, the Rawage bed. 

I started off by teasing him slowly, both of us letting our clothes fall to the side. Then, I took him into my mouth and started lavishing his cock with licks and kisses. Softly at first, then harder and more frenetic.

I could hear his moans build and then he cried out that he didn’t know if he could hold it. So, I climbed on top of him and rode his cock, our bodies entwining as I sucked him into my pussy. Changing positions a few times before I felt the burst of hot cream flood me.

The Reality of Being a Sex Worker in Second Life | Oh Boy!

I had at least managed to get one customer on a quieter day. But the downtime was becoming slightly harder to manage each time. As the day went on, there seemed to be less and less staff around. 

Even over at Street Whores, the streets were virtually empty. Taking a trip to Hooker Hotel to pay the rent at our outlet there, I noticed that it was just as quiet. It was a very quiet day all over. 

Christina, Gem and Chandra were all over at the Street Whores bar, so I made my way there. When the police showed up it was panic stations. We weren’t exactly innocent over there, kidnapping customers and stealing their wallets and virginity. So I tried to distract the cop, eventually pulling him close and sliding my hand into his pants. 

That sent him into a panic and he did what most guys in Second Life do when they have no money or are too shy. He vanished. 

When it was just me and Gem left she started to talk to me. 

When someone’s words include “Don’t kill me” in some form, then you know that it’s going to be something big. But, I was not expecting to hear the words that I did. 

She looked at me, with her face a combination of both nerves and excitement and in the way that only Gem could she let it spill “I’m pregnant”.


I’ve been in that position but for Gem to be in it, I instantly felt like I wanted to both kill her and take care of her. I guess we’ll see how this plays out. 

A Trip To The Beach

Fortunately for me, even quiet days tend to give me at least a few customers to keep me satisfied enough. So when the bar at Street Whores started getting a bit busier I was hopeful. 

Then a customer came in and Gem hopped onto his lap but he didn’t seem too interested in her. He was busy in my IMs telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. I was talking back and forth with Gem telling her just to go for it and get his attention, in between telling her that I would kill her later. 

After a while, he ran off, no hire for either of us. So Gem and I headed back to the main bar when I got a message from the guy that had left us both at the other bar. 

“Can you make me cum?”

There was a touch of guilt about Gem so I spoke to her briefly and she told me “Go!” so off I went. He paid for home delivery but instead took me to a small beach sim. Pulling me onto the Darkfold liner in the pool he wanted to make me cum first.

After our time was up he said that he would see me again very soon. 

Another satisfied customer. 

Now What?

A relatively quiet day and now a pregnant staff member. Not exactly how I saw my Thursday going. As it was Black Lingerie Thursday I figured that the biggest thing that would happen would be Christina forgetting her lingerie again. Which, she did. 

Now I have to make sure that Gem is prepared for what comes next. I’ve already banned her from beer and champagne but I’m certain that she’s been sneaking some anyway. That’s something that we need to keep an eye on. 

Well, at least tomorrow can’t be any more shocking than today. Can it?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure. You can catch us in two locations these days. So, take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

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