There are some very interesting concepts in Second Life, some of them are fun and others not so much. One of the exciting things about working at Candy’s hotel was the Secret Hideaway. People would buy a mask, RLV enable and go there. You could then have anonymous sex with someone. No names, no identity, no idea who it was. Not working at the hotel anymore meant that I hadn’t been there in a while but then Fox introduced me to somewhere new. Another place to experience anonymous sex in Second Life. The Blind Date Nightclub. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | Work Work Work

I had a relatively good start to the day. Our cop friend from Street Whores the day before showed up at the bar. As my luck would have he appeared while I was holding a shotgun in my hand. So, trying to get myself out of trouble I asked what it would take to forget he even saw it.

While he was pondering his options, I managed to sneak his wallet out of his pocket and snag myself a good handful of Linden’s.

So, when he said that a blow job would get me off of the hook, I was already paid. He came in my mouth hard and then left, none the wiser that the blow job he thought he just got for free, he actually paid for. Sex Workers never give things away for free. 

Then Max arrived, he had tried to lay claim to the phrase ‘Flattery gets you everywhere’ and so we had made arrangements to have a thorough meeting and decide which of us had ownership. However, when he arrived and I sat on his lap on the sofa, all he could say was;

“Hi Jess’ Boobs.. I’ll sign over everything right now”

So, we headed through to the copier room to make copies of the legal documents. That of course meant he was going to fuck me, which is exactly what he did. Just as his cock started to swell, ready to cum he dropped to his knees and lapped at my pussy. Then, once I had climaxed he bent me over and fucked me until he burst, filling me with cum. 

At least I now get to get royalties if he says that phrase again. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | New Adventure Plans

I have a tendency to get so into what I’m doing and become so driven that sometimes I forget to enjoy the other things in life. So as we were all talking at the bar, I brought up my new plan. 

I wanted to hire a male escort and be on the other side of it. To experience what it’s like to hire an escort instead of being one. Fox explained that she had met one before, and, as I sort of expected, it wasn’t that great. 

The curiosity was still there though so I took a look through escort groups and the search function. However, male escorts seem to be rare. So, I pushed it to the back of my mind for another day and while it’s still something that I absolutely will try at some point, today was not that day. 

About an hour later, Fox asked if I had ever been to the Blind Date Club. I hadn’t and truthfully I didn’t even know what it was. 

She explained that it was a similar idea to the hideaway. You go there, make it known that you’re looking for a connection and then have anonymous sex in the hookup room. 

Now, this is something that I could find some fun in. Even if it was breaking my “never have sex for free” rule. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | To The Club

She gave me the landmark and I hopped over to check it out. I didn’t plan to stay long this time, I only wanted to see it. I was getting sleepy and I needed a nap. So after looking around, I headed back to the bar for a while. 

There’s something exciting about the thought of it. The arbitrary ‘one-night stand’ feeling but no risk of a phone call or running into them again and remembering who they are. No strings, no attachment, no duty, just sex. 

There was an undeniable allure in the prospect of indulging in a heated sex session with a stranger, free from the constraints of traditional relationships or sex work. It’s a chance to shed the weight of societal expectations and norms, allowing me to explore the depths of my own fantasies without judgment or inhibition. Not that I care for much of either of those. 

Engaging in anonymous sex has a strong effect on my brain. The novelty and unpredictability every time stimulate a release of dopamine, the chemical element of pleasure and reward. It’s almost as if my brain becomes a playground of excitement.

As I sat on the bar, those sensations tingling in my brain, I realized that I didn’t want to wait until after a nap. I was ready to go now and Fox was coming too. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | Entering The Dark Room

It’s a very familiar process, one that I am very used to. You get the mask, put it on and the RLV teleports you to a hidden location. The difference with this is that the mask is free, so the pool is slightly larger. There’s also a machine where you can input what you want to look for. Mf, Threesomes, Gang Bangs

I got excited at the prospect of a Gang Bang but Fox said that she had tried it before and the guys just didn’t show up. I guess the other options were better for now. 

So we both put on our masks and three seconds later were whipped away to the ‘Dark Room’ as they call it.

Given that the purpose of this place is anonymity, I won’t be sharing too many pictures of what happened inside that room. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | Unsuccessful

As I stepped further into the room, the atmosphere was silent but through it there was a possibility, promising a few minutes of hot excitement. The allure of anonymous sex completely gripped my imagination, fueling my anticipation and filling me with a sense of absolute lust. 

The nightclub area itself had been busy, and while they are both very separate things, I had hoped that we wouldn’t be waiting too long.  

Fox settled down onto the large round Lalou pouffe in the room while I grabbed a glass of champagne. A few minutes had passed and no guys had decided to show up. So the champagne would at least pass the time.  Unfortunately, nobody arrived and so I headed home and decided to rest for a couple of hours. 

When I woke up, I slipped into some lingerie and decided to try again. This time the call was answered. 

As I stood there, I had a rush of excitement. Then he arrived. I have no idea who he was, what his name was or anything about him.

When he spoke, the excitement surged through my body. This was exciting. Then he took my hand and lead the way to the large round bed in one of the back rooms.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

I propped myself on the large bed, designed for one girl and multiple guys. A gang bang bed. I couldn’t risk getting excited at that. If more than one guy showed up then heaven but if not then I was still going to savour this time.

I arched back on the bed and started to perform. Teasing myself through my panties before easing them off. He stood in front of me, unzipping himself and starting to please himself.

The anonymity only adding a heightened sense of excitement. Before long he climbed onto the bed with me and thrust himself into my mouth. I brought my A-Game, giving him my most sensual blow job before his cum began to glaze my lips.

Then, laying back on the bed he climbed on top of me. I could see his eyes through the mask and they met mine. This was an excitement like I hadn’t felt in a long time. He eased himself in and began rocking his hips back and forth.

His body meeting mine and my body meeting his. The sweat trailed across our skins as he began to move like a jackhammer.

Then something strange happened. He wrapped his hand around my neck and tried to choke me, this is not something I allow. I am the farthest thing from submissive and even if I wasn’t, I hate being choked. So I grabbed his hand and threw it off. 

His reaction was to grab my bra and rip it and then for whatever reason, decided to punch me in the mouth. 

So I pushed him off, got up and left. I guess not everything can live up to expectations. 


I was mad, not actually I was more than mad. For whatever reason he decided that just because he was a guy he had the absolute right to go through and bypass boundaries and limits. 

The choking I could have moved past, it was still fun until that point and I would have put it down to just trying his luck to see where he could get to. The punch however was something completely beyond limits. I actually felt a pure unadulterated anger surge through me at that point. 

Everything in the room is said in local chat and the mask uses RLV to cover names. Had I not forgotten to remove my INM system beforehand, then I would really have been none the wiser. But, when he came in my mouth I got his name. 

I tend to stay away from the idea of naming and shaming, and I will again. Even if I have rewritten this line four times, with and without his name. 

Usually, I would have pulled out a knife or a gun or something explosive. He was lucky that I still hadn’t fully woken up properly and so leaving was the best thing that I could do at that point.

The idea of the Blind Date Nightclub is amazing, it truly is the same idea as Caroline’s Secret Hideaway. The only difference is that you can set up your preferences and the bot sends a message to the group letting people know that you’re waiting. Unfortunately, my experience was not so amazing and so I doubt that I’ll return. 

But, in a world where almost every day brings me something new and exciting, I guess I can live with one bad experience. 

Anonymous Sex In Second Life | The Blind Date Nightclub


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  • July 3, 2023 at 2:37 am

    WTF?!? Nah go back there and cut his dick off!

    • July 3, 2023 at 7:51 pm

      I am totes with you there!

      When I read this I was sooooo angry! … Still am!

      That guy needs a HARD lesson.

      I wants a knee to groin action.

  • July 3, 2023 at 3:34 am

    Reading this makes me really angry.

    I am speechless at how some idiot thinks he has the right to do everything he wants with a woman’s body an if she signals him no, just hit her.

    If there is any way you can report him to Lindenlabs please do so. Guys like him deserve everything that’s comming their way.

  • August 23, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    Anonymous Sex In Second Life | The Blind Date Nightclub | Your Favourite Second Life Sex Worker

    This is a great blog post! I’ve been wanting to try out some anonymous sex in Second Life for a while now,


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