Sex Worker and Power

Jess and her Gentlemen

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One of the joys of being a sex worker in Second Life is the chance to meet and come across so many different types of people. I have had clients who were dom’s, I’ve had clients who were subs, I’ve had clients who just wanted to cuddle and talk. At one point I even had a client who was a dog when I arrived at his place, I of course refused service until he transformed back. Being a sex worker is adventurous.

Recently I’ve picked up a new regular client, he normally books me out for three to four hours at a time. At first I thought it was going to be a standard old gig but it turned out not to be. For privacy reasons I’m going to avoid naming him or using any pictures, instead I’ll show pictures of some other adventures.

Like this one…

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Sex Worker Fun

The Rules

I have a few rules as a sex worker.

  • No age play
  • No animal play
  • No bodily fluids that isn’t cum or spit

Those rules are unbreakable. No matter how convincing anyone tries to be, I will never break them. Anything else however, I’m open to it. My job is to let you live out your fantasy and make it memorable.

My new client approached me on the street one night, just as I was getting ready to take a taxi home and watch some music videos before sleep. I hadn’t long woken up from a nap and it seemed fairly quiet so my plan was just to take the night off and relax.

“Good evening Jess, I trust all is hale and hearty?”

Alright, maybe I’m not going home yet or at least not home alone.

He offered me a coffee after I told him that my brain was post-nap foggy and we chatted for a little bit. Suddenly he knelt down and dusted off the tip of my boot. I asked him if he had any exciting plans and he told me that he was looking to live out his fantasy. Ok. Easy enough, the man is quite clearly a foot man. That’s a relatively simple gig.

Then he told me something that caught me off guard.

Sex Worker and Power

The Fantasy

“part of my fetish is also being squashed by a woman as sensual as you. by laying in your driveway and you run over me”

Hold on, let’s just back track a little I thought to myself.. run over him? Like, with a car? Ok, I mean it’s a bit out there but it’s Second Life, anything can happen I guess.

“It’s a little bit extreme but we can make it work safely” was my reply to him. A little bit anxious because this was way out of my comfort zone but sure, let’s do it.

We took a taxi to his house. He pre-warned me that he does like to take his time with things and I was more than happy with that. I sometimes feel like just an hour or 30 minute session doesn’t let the real dirty creative juices flow. Our first session that night lasted three hours.

He detailed the back story. I was an Ice Queen office executive and he was the young intern on his first day. He arrived at the office and I berated him slightly for being late. He lay under my feet and things sort of went from there. Eventually we headed back to my house, he was living at a halfway house so I offered him a place to stay. On arrival at home, the gate to the drive wouldn’t open. He got out of the car and realised that the pressure slab wasn’t working properly. He lay down on it to keep the gate open and I would drive over him. Describing what my feet were doing against the pedals.

So I did what he asked. We lived out his fantasy for those three hours and strangely it was incredible. The creative mind really had my excitement levels high.

The Power

I expected that to be it. His fantasy fulfilled and I would maybe see him in passing every now and then. However since then he has booked me out four times. Each session getting longer. I mean, I can’t complain because it’s great for my Linden Balance. His fantasy is so much for me too, I get to play this really powerful woman. It’s domme but not the way I’ve always saw it.

Being a sex worker on Second Life is ever changing, never the same. As much as there is only so many ways to say “wrapped her soft red lips around his throbbing cock”, it’s exciting. I love my time with every single one of my clients. I hope maybe some day I’ll get to see you too.

Sex Worker and Power

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