My Night Off

Jess and her Gentlemen

Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 02:50 pm

It’s a rare occasion that I take a night off from work. Really I should do it more often, the issue is that clients can be a little impatient when they’re horny.

I cooked myself some dinner in my new kitchen and sat by the pool, wondering how I was going to spend my evening. There are a plethora of places to visit and while I read through all my offline messages, I thought about my plans.

Planning the night off
Relaxing by my pool trying to make a plan.

The Plan

“I know, I’ll start in familiar territory and then go from there.” I thought to myself. Getting myself dressed into something a little more casual than normal, I hopped into my taxi. Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel not only has amazing furniture and rooms, it also has a beautiful bar area. My plan was to have a couple of drinks at the bar, keep whatever girl was working company for a little and then head out to a club.

When my taxi arrived it seemed oddly more peaceful than normal. The thing is, I never really visit the hotel in the evening, my shifts tend to be in the morning so it was a surprise to me. Soon I arrived at reception and looked around, none of the girls were here. I must have arrived at the point in time of shift switch overs I thought.

From there I headed through to the bar and grabbed myself a drink before taking a seat. I work here, I can serve myself right?

The Guest

After a few sips from my glass and reading through some more messages I heard the door open. Looking up from my seat I noticed one of our guests walking into the bar. I had attended to this particular guest earlier in the day.

Without even saying a word he pulled me over to his bar stool and wrapped his arms around me, tilting my head to the side to kiss my neck. I contemplated for a moment letting him know that I was actually not on shift. Before the words could even leave my mouth he had me slammed up against the bar and ripped my skirt off, starting to lash his tongue over my pussy.

“Well.. so much for my night off.” I quickly logged into my tip jar, although trying to do that while trembling was tough.

My Night Off
Without a word he tore my skirt off and slammed me against the bar

Not Really a Night Off

His muffled sounds let me know that he was enjoying himself, I arched my back against the bar and let him have his fun. Before long he had picked me up and held me in the air, ramming me against the bar. He fucked me against the front of the bar, against the back of the bar, on the stool, in the middle of the floor… everywhere.

“oh its nice you are here Jess”

It seemed that he had really enjoyed our morning session and was very happy when he noticed me at the bar that evening. I couldn’t resist either, this was hot.

My Night Off
This good little slut can never resist

Winding Down

He came hard and anyone walking into that bar afterwards would have thought that I had just been in an explosion in a cream factory. After another generous tip he gave me a hug and told me that he was going to go to bed for the night.

I ran across to the shower behind reception cleaned myself up before heading back to the bar and finishing my drink. I was exhausted, my relaxing night had turned into a night of hot action in the hotel bar.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to a club, I headed back home and relaxed on the sofa for a bit. That’s the joy of working where I work, it’s always something fun and exciting.. even on my nights off apparently.

My Night Off
The after mess

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