Using AI in Second Life? | The Gem Bot Sex Bot Experience

Using AI in Second Life? | The Gem Bot Sex Bot Experience

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It has been a crazy week at the bar. Not only did we completely renovate the layout, we also brought in the Prize Wheel. While some guys did indeed win some fun prizes, others weren’t quite so lucky and had to get us drunk instead. No complaints from anyone though, that usually means that something fun is about to happen. I, as always, was dealing with the effects of what is known among a few at the bar as the “Jess Effect”. Guys often find excitement in getting with the owner of a business, combine that with someone who they deem as having some sort of celebrity status and it only raises the intensity. That can be a mixed bag, on one hand, it’s exciting in a way and on the other hand it does tend to take some of the focus away from the other X-Girls. So, how do we combat that? I think I had an idea that involves a staff member and the use of AI in Second Life.

Caleb 130

Using AI in Second Life | The Bounce Partnership

I have a wealth of tips and tricks that I employ, utilizing what we refer to as the “hook.” Lumi and I quickly discovered a long time ago that men desire a sense of belonging, a feeling of being part of something exciting. That realization pushed us to embark on our X-Sisters path.

The X-Sisters, the pairing of Lumi and me, flourished as we effortlessly clicked together. We put together concise narratives, bouncing ideas off each other on the spot.

The process itself is straightforward. While one of us analyses the customers’ profile, the other captures their attention. From there, we find a starting point to build upon. With our dynamics, we build a story, each interaction building upon the last.

It can be as simple as uttering, “It’s getting warm in here, sis,” while gradually shedding layers of clothing, leading to a statement like, “We’ve discovered the source of the heat,” as we eventually throw ourselves onto the customer.

Alternatively, we might engage in playful feuds with each other, all centred around the customer. Everything we do serves a purpose. Working in unison, we create an experience that revolves around and includes the customer, focusing their attention on us. They feel like they’re really part of it. 

Lately, Lumi’s presence has been somewhat limited due to real-life commitments. So, I decided to work with one of our star X-Girls, Gem. Gem possesses amazing skills, and I had a hunch that by sharing some of my knowledge and showing her what truly works for us, she could excel in her own right.

And she did. 

Using AI in Second Life

Using AI in Second Life | Creating A New Hook

You may recall the recent story involving Max and me, where we had a heated argument over the rights to “Flattery gets you everywhere.”

Well, Max made another appearance, and this time, I spotted a perfect opportunity to have some fun with Gem.

Earlier in the day, Gem and I engaged in a discussion about Artificial Intelligence and its potential for sentience. AI has gained significant popularity lately, with the emergence of OpenAI, Google Bard, Bing, and various other contenders in the race including Meta.

These advanced language models, often referred to as large language models (LLMs), prove to be incredibly valuable tools. They can generate realistic human-like text, assist in language translation, provide answers to complex questions, aid in content creation, and even generate creative stories and ideas.

So, when Max arrived, my mind started working quickly. I seized the chance to introduce him to the latest special attraction at the bar:

The Gem Bot.

Using AI in Second Life

Using AI in Second Life | The Gem Bot

“Gem, what is the weather like today?” I asked her, initiating our performance. Gem flawlessly played her part, showcasing her AI abilities.

One of the understandings Lumi and I share is that we seamlessly go along with each other’s ideas. It’s by just going along with what the other one says that something truly magical emerges. Having Gem fill that part was perfect. “According to my memory bank, we have… the weather is warm.”

When you have such a seamless rapport with someone, there are no limits to what you can achieve together. “It took a lot of training, but now we utilize her talent for crafting our emotes. Gem, give me a blow job emote.”

I wanted to guide him towards a sexual direction, steering away from the purely entertaining aspect. There’s always a risk that if you wait too long, their minds shift solely to the entertainment factor, potentially deviating from the original plan. And in this instance, she responded with “/me looks into his eyes as she lowers herself down and wraps her lips around his cockhead, licking his shaft to his base, devouring his cock sensually.”

He was impressed, grinning and saying that it felt almost like the real thing. After a discussion about ironing out any kinks and addressing the tendency for humans to dehumanize one another, it was time to progress to the next stage.

With the instruction for the Gem Bot to sit on Max’s lap, I was about to hand over control to him.

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position to get any pics of what happened afterwards, so here’s a hot pic of mine and Chandras’ threesome from this week)

Using AI in Second Life

The Experimental Testing

We quick humorous display where I said I was going to take off the top layer of security. This was to allow him access but to add a fun layer to it Gem removed her top, he seemed hesitant to let me fix it but that was the plan. That little exposure from Gem, that 20 seconds was enough to really confirm that he was going to hire her. 

“She has multiple modes too. Flirtatious, sultry, bubbly, dirty, sensual, seductive, wild. All really good ones. All you have to do is say “Gem be….” and choose the mode. Try it” I let him know, feigning the process to which Gem would react. He took a few moments to think about it before telling her “Gem, be brooding and thoughtful.”. She leaned back against him and looked concerned as she asked him for his thoughts. 

So far he was impressed, engaged and part of a story. 

It was time to finalize the deal “Now Max, we actually do offer a personalized trial with our Gem bot. It’s held in one of our sealed-off experimental rooms, given the newness of technology we do offer it at a low cost of 1000L per 30 minutes. That lets you pull apart, study the internals and push the bot to its full ability.”

He glanced at the Gem Bot and whispered “Act like you are uncontrollably attracted to me and you just have to get me back to a room… I feel so dirty.”. Without missing a beat Gem stood up, turned around and started to tease his cock through his pants. “Ohh Max, the stiffness of your cock is driving me so wild and crazy for you…”

I don’t know if I have ever seen the jar on the wall take a payment so quickly.

He was sold. 

Snapshot 1180

Not Just Normal Escorts

Since then we have run the AI routine again. Gem excels with it and the guys love it. So much so that she has also managed to make thousands from beer and champagne sales and selling chest strokers. They don’t just leave afterwards either which some guys tend to do. They come back to the bar to give me feedback on the bot, buy us drinks and hang out for a while. 

That’s where the X-Sisters Sex Bar differs. We might specialize in escorts but we are not the type that just wants you to come in, give us money and have sex with us. We want it to be fun, engaging and memorable for everyone. 

So maybe we didn’t really use AI in Second Life. But, we build stories, we craft memories and we enjoy every minute of it. We get paid for sex but we make sure that it is worth every second and that you want more and more. Our X-Girls are better than AI in Second Life, they’re the real thing. Designed to drive you wild and take you to the edge of heaven. You can go to any escort sim, any club or any bar, nothing matches the X-Girl experience. 

It’s why we hire them. 

Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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