The Second Life Summer Slump can be challenging, but fortunately, things have started to improve for us at the bar, particularly in terms of customer turnout. However, a few of our staff members are absent due to vacations or real life. Which, only really means one thing, more sex for the rest of us and believe me, there has been a lot of sex. Chandra has been actively promoting our ‘Maid Service’ event, and it’s proving to be quite popular. The available slots are filling up rapidly. So, get that booking in fast because I don’t think there will be any space left in the coming days. When those Second Life Summer Vibes hit, you have to grab them and make the most of every fun opportunity. That’s nothing new really, it’s always what we do here though right?

Second Life Summer Vibes

Second Life Summer Vibes | The Prodigal Pervert

When Biggie first came to the bar he was a few days old, we sort of adopted him and took him in and taught him the ways of Second Life. Recently we hadn’t seen much of him and he was missed around the bar. So when he came to visit it was like a reunion. He was the first one to fill up our new ‘Daddy Barrel’ which is a barrel of X-Sisters Beer for those who like to spend big and see us drunk. There are only two options on it, 30 bottles and 60 bottles. On top of that, he kept filling the champagne any time that it was empty, so a state of drunkness was inevitable. 

After Rach and Christina had staggered home drunk I decided that it was time to put on a show. So, I started twerking in front of Biggie’s face. At first, I was just playing around thinking that he would find some amusement in it while he was sorting out some new pictures. Strangely, twerking while a giant photograph of my sister loomed over me like war propaganda felt like a natural flow. What caught me off guard was the sudden sensation of Biggie’s tongue prodding at my pussy. 

I couldn’t help but let out a startled moan. With a mischievous grin as I turned to face him.”Mr Snow, you really are a bad boy” I told him.

Before I could gather my thoughts, a familiar sound rang out—a signal that my jar had been paid. Instantly, Biggie scooped me up lowered me onto his cock, and as our fun heated, we tumbled together onto the floor, him fucking me hard on the ground. 

Second Life Summer Vibes | The Quick Fix

Something that I really like is when a regular client shows up after a while. When they aren’t online for a few months, you start to worry that maybe they have left Second Life. Someone once told me “Regulars are never regulars” and there is an element of truth in that I guess. So when they show up and reach out to me within a minute of logging in it’s always a good ego boost. 

I was dancing on the bar while everyone else was drinking and partying when my IM went off. The alcohol coursing through my veins added a pleasant buzz. But, I remained sober enough to read and comprehend the message that appeared. With curiosity, I opened the message and began to read the words: “I need you right now, I don’t care how much it costs.”

A mischievous grin formed on my face. Knowing his preferences well, I swiftly changed into a pair of tight sweatpants, knowing that they were his favourite. After all, a happy client is always a priority for me. “I’m ready,” I replied to the message. Simultaneously, I let the others around me know that I would be taking a short break.

He was right; he did need me. As he handed me a substantial amount of Lindens, I discreetly tucked them into my jacket pocket. Sensing his unmistakable hunger, I joined him on the sofa while undressing and slipping into a pair of shorts. After feasting on his cock for a few minutes he quickly pulled me onto his lap, his fingers sliding my shorts to the side as he fucked me hard. 

The Return of the Toy

Rich, my AFK sex toy hadn’t been around in a few weeks. When he got back he reached out to me and managed to catch me when I was awake. He had heard rumours about new rules at the bar, so I quickly clarified that we hadn’t implemented any new rules but had simply reiterated the existing ones. He wasted no time in heading over to see me and took a seat on one of the stools.

As he arrived, he generously threw a substantial amount of Lindens into my jar, just as he always did. With a playful comment, I mentioned that there was no point in me getting naked because he couldn’t see it. Except he could see it… he wasn’t using his phone this time.


As I climbed onto his lap he dug his fingers into my as while telling me that he was going to try and fuck me. I grinned at him and whispered back that he didn’t need to try, he could do it. Within minutes, he was on his knees with my thighs against his head as he used his tongue against my pussy. I gripped and scratched at his head before he bent me over the stool, spreading me open and spearing me on his cock.

When Tim arrived he started to IM me, taking a seat next to us as he started to stroke his cock. Fuck this was hotter than I expected. 

Eventually, I felt Rich’s cock explode, flooding my pussy with cum. While we recovered he threw another large sum of Lindens into my jar. “I want to take you upstairs and fuck you again” After a pause I asked him “Then why can I still feel the leather stool on my ass?”

We quickly headed up to one of our private skyboxes for round two. This time there was no build-up, he threw me onto the bed and started lapping at my pussy. Having some of the roughest sex I’ve ever had in my life, he used my pussy hard.

Wrapping Things Up

This week will be spent preparing for our Maid Service event. All of the X-Girls are figuring out their hottest outfit and that’s the chatter around the bar. We did get some sad news that Gem is having some computer problems. Thankfully, she managed to log in for a few minutes to talk to me and let me know.

As a result, our beloved Gem Bot is currently offline, but we remain hopeful that her absence will be temporary, and that she’ll soon grace us with her presence again.

In the meantime, Chandra has taken charge of setting up the events room to host a series of events. The first event on the agenda is her keychain party, keep an eye on group messages and these pages for more details.

As always, there are countless stories that unfold within the world of Second Life, but recounting each one would be a time-consuming endeavour for you and me. Yet, even during the quieter summer months when many people take vacations or bask in the sun, Second Life continues to provide us with unexpected adventures. The Second Life Summer Vibes really are just heating up.

As always Come and see for yourself. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

Second Life Summer Vibes
Second Life Summer Vibes | Dive into Summer Sex


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