A Barflies Journey | A Typical Day At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

A Barflies Journey | A Typical Day At The X-Sisters Sex Bar

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:32 pm

Landing at X–Sisters. I was greeted by a few of the regulars as I walked up the entry stairs. I stopped to look around the room. Most activity was centered around the bar. A couple or two were in other corners of the room engaged in passionate pursuits. I stood and watched for a bit. Silently Acknowledging them. Feeling my cock stir at the displays.

A Barflies Journey | Arrival

I made my way to the bar and was greeted by a couple of ladies whose job it was to make the patrons feel welcome. I was familiar in very intimate ways with many of the ladies who were employees here. I had always been made to feel welcome by them and had built a rapport with many of them.

Topics of conversation were varied. Sometimes quite thought-provoking. Mainly though it was light banter and flirtation. Said flirtations oftentimes became pretty intense resulting in an air thick with passion-filled notions and actions.

I had recently been hired to see that the ladies were properly trained to maintain such a welcoming offer as the club provided. More specifically it was my job to have sex with every one of the ladies to ensure the patrons were greeted by the finest courtesans there were. The owner is quite a stickler when it comes to maintaining high quality.

The X-Girls

This morning Ebony, who always looked classy, was lounging on the bar top looking as seductive as ever. An air of elegance always surrounded her.

Christina sat on a stool at the end of the bar. Her usual confidence is on full display. Though she was capable of talking like a sailor she was also quite well-versed in several topics that stimulated me mentally. She always had a habit of adjusting her boobs to the point that you couldn’t stop looking at them.

Magda was trying her hand at darts so her game would improve and she wouldn’t be subjected to others’ wants.

Rachael was sitting closest to me being her usual gregarious self. Never shy she was caressing my chest and other bits Her dark skin and more than ample curves are a lovely contrast to my somewhat paler body.

Dizzy was dancing on the bar. Her ample curves on full display. I casually greeted and flirted with them all before my eyes landed on the boss.

Standing behind the bar was Jess. She exuded command and confidence so there was no question she was in charge. She kept a white tiger by the bar in case of any dispute. My eyes spent a long time examining her form before I was shaken out of the trance the ladies had put me in by her greeting me with a bright, “hello,” and a sultry look.

What proceeded
next between the ladies and I is best kept to your wildest imagination. Suffice it to say X-Sisters is, in my opinion, the best place to be.

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  1. Ebony Glendevon

    So, ok, I’m a lush, but I’m an *elegant* lush!

    • Chandra Kusari

      You totes can be. 😀

      Aaaaand nice reading ya Tim.

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