The Gem Curse | A Second Life Exorcism

The Gem Curse | A Second Life Exorcism

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Some days at the X-Sister Bar can be quiet and peaceful. But not often. I walked into the bar a few days ago and noticed two large vending machines. They were hollow inside with a small circular cut out in the front glass pane, just below waist level. Jess called them Slut Vendors. She explained that a slut stands inside so patrons can use her however they wish. “Wow, too bad they’re both empty,” I joked as I sat down.

A moment later, a potential patron popped in and then left before saying anything. Jess cursed, and shot a glare at Gemini. “Ahhh, the Gem curse strikes again!” The other girls nodded in agreement. I gave Jess a confused look and asked, “What curse?” Jess explained that for some time, when Gem greets a new customer or gives a tour, the person TP’s away and is never seen again. This has become known amongst the staff as the “Gem Curse”.

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The Gem Curse | A Second Life Hero’s Journey

I chuckled a bit at hearing the explanation. It seemed like superstitious nonsense. Perhaps just the gossip of sex workers trying to kill the boredom between clients. “Maybe I can fuck the curse out of her”. Gem shrugged her shoulders, then jumped into one of the Slut Vendors and began gyrating her hips at me seductively while licking her lips. In that same moment I noticed Jess glaring at me and remembered I was still on Pants Arrest. “Don’t go getting any ideas Greg. You’re still in trouble for going to the Key Party.”

I sagged in my seat trying to cover the disappointment on my face. Jess was obviously going to continue to enjoy punishing me for my long absence. However, a few minutes later a mischievous gleam materialized in her eyes. I knew shenanigans were about to commence. “She needs an exorcism, this curse is hurting business,” Jess declared. “I tried hiring a priest, but he took one look and TP’d away.” I nodded seriously, “Sounds like you’re going to need a bigger priest.” Jess grinned at me, walked around from behind the bar and smiled. “You were always destined for great things Greg. It’s what me and Lumi prepared you for during all those months of trials. This is what you were born to do.” I looked at her uncertainly, “Are you sure Jess?”

Jess smiled at me and started giving me pep talk like I was some new hero meeting his mentor for the first time. “All the torture, disfigurement and other shenanigans was all part of your training. We just couldn’t tell you what it was about because it would put too much pressure on you. We actually hoped you would never need to go out into the field but with Gem here, I think it’s time you knew the truth.” At the end I was presented with the question I knew represented the beginning of my own Hero’s Journey. “Are you the Chosen One to break Gem Curse?”, she asked me in a serious and solemn tone. I stood up and nodded, ready to accept the path fate had laid at my feet. “I’m ready, what do you need me to do?”

Jess patted me on the ass like a football coach, “Get over there and fuck her brains…I mean fuck the curse out!” I nodded, but before I could step away, she grabbed me and without any hesitation at all said, “You’ll need to deposit $1000L into her tipjar to seal the curse once its out.” If this was a movie, I would be breaking the 4th wall to roll my eyes. I played along, “Of course that absolutely makes sense that the Lindens in her tip jar would help seal the evil energy in the vending machine.” Jess is talented in so many ways, sales-womanship is no exception.

The Gem Curse

The Gem Curse | A Second Life Exorcist Appears

“Excuse me a moment ladies, I need to go collect my tools.” I walked into the next room and quickly changed into a priest costume I purchased on the Marketplace a few moments before. (Barflies should always be ready to lean into shenanigans.) Fortunately, it fit well without any adjustments needed. When I re-entered the bar I was wearing a full priest robe and carrying a crucifix and Bible. Stopping in front of Gem’s slut vendor, I gave her a serious expression. “It is time to begin.”

Jess, Rachael and Tahlia cheered for me as I held up the cross to pray. “Bless this innocent child of the light, may she overcome the evil that has invaded her!” Gem shivered inside the slut vendor, “Your prayer has enraged the beast inside of me, I feel it clawing at my soul!” I knew what was about to happen would not be pleasant for her. “Gem, I need you to prepare yourself, you’re going to feel some pressure…” I opened the front of the robe and pulled out my erect member. “You see, I’ve brought all of my tools for this encounter.”

“RAWRRR I’M LORD OF THE BEAST! GO AWAY OR YOU SHALL BE BANISHED!” The sounds erupting from Gem were inhuman. The other girls began muttering prayers as they backed away from us. I stood my ground, gathering all of my strength for the battle at hand. “Tell me your name Beast!” I shouted at the poor girl bent over naked in the slut vendor. Her body trembled and shook. “Fuck, I feel the beast clamouring inside of me….AHHHH AHAHA DO YOU REALLY THINK THE SIGHT OF YOUR GIANT COCK TERRIFIES ME!?”

The Gem Curse

The Gem Curse | A Second Life Book Fisting

“Tell me your name demon!! I’ll fuck this meat puppet until it’s no longer suitable to house your evil presence!!” To emphasize my point, I reached my hand through the vendor opening and began fingering Gem’s pussy. Gem whimpered as she felt my fingers dig and probe her insides, angering the beast further. “GET UR FILTHY HANDS AWAY FROM ME HUMAN! OR YOU’LL REGRET IT!” she roared uncontrollably. I smirked at the demon, “TELL ME YOUR NAME FOUL SPAWN OF SATAN!!”

As I shouted, I took the Holy manual and shoved it inside her dripping tunnel. The sight of my book pistoning into Gem elicited some sider chatter. Tahlia quipped, “I think I found the ideal person for the donkey show Jess … if Gem can handle that bible .. a donkey isn’t going to touch the sides.” Meanwhile, Gem bucked and tried to pull away, but the slut vendor kept her firmly in place.

The beast roared at me. “FUCKKK, WHY ISN’T THE CURSE WORKING ON YOU, FOUL HUMAN?” I gave the demon my smuggest grin, “You have no power over a Priest of the Light! BEGONE!!” I then removed the book from Gems pussy and inserted my most powerful tool, my cock, into the dripping vessel of the demon.

The Gem Curse

The Gem Curse | A Second Life Organ Recital

In the background, Jess had set up a full-blown pipe organ to blast holy music at the beast to further weaken him. “ARGHHHH, WHAT IS THIS…AWFUL MUSIC!?” the beast groaned. While Jess played her organ, I continued pumping my own organ inside Gem’s possessed cunt. “UGHHH, THIS…DISGUSTING COCK IS POKING ME AND CAUSING SO MUCH PAIN…FUCKKKK!”

“TELL ME YOUR NAME DEMON!!!” I gripped the sides of the slut vendor and slammed my hips against the glass driving my organ deeper inside the demon’s vessel. Just below the ceiling in the bar, a cloud had appeared. The storm swirled around pelting everyone with cold rain and stinging against bits of exposed skin.

Gem regained her senses for a moment, “KEEP GOING GREG! I believe we need immense seeds of white lust to cleanse and exorcise this demon!” Turns out, implanting white gobs of seed is kinda my thing.

One last ritual remained, to bless my holy implement. The contents of a flask were doused onto my member. An anointed liquid was smeared over my shaft before slamming back into the possessed woman. “This holy lubrication oil has been blessed by the head of my order, it will cause you unspeakable pain!! BEGONE from this vessel foul creature!!!”

A Second Life Demon is Exorcised

The demon inside Gem wailed and screamed in absolute horror as her whole body began to explode and shudder in extreme pain. “AHHHHH, I’M THE LORD OF THE BEASTS AND YOUR MEASLY COCK DOESN’T WORK AGAINST ME! TRY HARDER!” I began muttering a prayer while continuing to ram my cock into Gem.

“Lord of Light, bless your servant’s seed that it protects this innocent woman and drive this beast from her body!” I grunted heavily and slammed into her a final time launching my blessed seed deep inside her. The power contained in my messy load pushed the demon out of Gem’s soul space. It manifested as a ball of fire and then fled from her to escape the pain.

I fell against the glass of the slut vendor completely spent. Gem soon woke up shouting. “ARGHHHHHH, WHAT IS…WHAT IS THIS DISGUSTING CREAM?! GODDD I’M MELTINGGG!” Everyone cheered as the demon fled her body. By this time a few new faces had appeared.

As I sagged in a stool for a drink, Ebony winked at me, “No rest for the wicked, Greg.” Tim noticed the now chained, and distraught Gem inside the slutvendor. “Who’s the new fucktoy?” I chuckled, “Gem is. She’ll need a constant supply of cum to keep her sealed against the demon possession.” Tim grinned and I drained my drink, completely exhausted.

Concluding Thoughts

So that’s how another average morning at the X-Sister Sex Bar came and went. As far as I know, the Gem Curse is broken. That one guy who set his entry point in the bar and poofs after arriving, does not count. Justin, if you ever read this, the girls are eager to be hired, just throw some Lindens in the jar and let it happen my guy. Come out and check out the bar, if you stick around you will certainly find yourself caught up in the next X-Sister shenanigan.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Awwww poor Gemmie!
    I wonder who cursed her? Sounds like sum evil witch.
    No JESS!
    It wasn’t me. I’m no EVIL witch. Imma happy, bouncy and cutes witch.
    Anf Uh I do have sum Potions of Lust I could offer to help yu with Greg. So your holy tool stay harder longers.


  2. Chandra Kusari

    That was a fun read.
    Great story Greg. I need to get my ass up and write more.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you do! And thank you for the offer of a blue potion, fortunately I’m young and virile and the Holy Tool stays plenty hard.

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