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Last month Akkeri joined us as a trainee at Candy’s. Greg was the first guest to help her settle in and that was a fun day. I did leave that story on a cliffhanger and so Greg wanted to write it from his perspective. I of course sensing an opportunity to have the story finished without having to write it myself jumped at the chance. Here is The New Trainee Part Two by Greg. – Jess

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | Disappointing Lumi

Regular readers may remember a post last month about me breaking in a new, aspiring Sex Waitress, Akkeri, at Candy’s Sex Cafe & Hotel. If you read the post, you’ll recall there was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end when I disappeared while eating Lumi’s pussy, this is the other half of the story.

I’m not usually one to leave a job unfinished, especially pleasuring one of my favorite girls at Candy’s, but my PC crashed at a most unfortunate moment. By the time I was able to return, all the girls had already moved back down to the bar. Lumi was quite furious with me, no doubt suffering a terrible case of blue ovaries.

As soon as I rezzed inside the bar, I was met with a barrage of slaps and complaints from Lumi and Jess. “You left my sister horny, Greg!” The X-Sisters stick up for each other so I wasn’t surprised that Jess was piling on. Lumi scowled at me, “You can’t get away with this, Greg!”

I started to plead my case and apologize, “Please let me make it up to you Lumi, we can go back upstairs right now…” She shook her head, “No, I’ve already showered and changed my clothes…your punishment will be severe….” I groaned, knowing that the X-Sisters have a reputation for dispensing extreme punishment to the men who cross them, which turns out to be me quite frequently…

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | Begging For Forgiveness

I continued begging and pleading, but my words fell on deaf ears, Lumi pointed to the ground, “I am upset and angry.” To my extreme annoyance, the new trainee decided to egg her on, “Oh, yes make him kiss your feet and then step on him if you have to!” I shot her a scowl while I considered my next move. Chandra, my only ally in the room, piped up, “You better do it, Greg, the last guy got a chainsaw…” I looked around the room at all the hostile faces, realizing I was doomed.

I sighed, then knelt down on the floor in front of Lumi, placing my hands behind my back submissively, Lumi looked at me expectantly, “I’m listening Greg,” I tried to give her my most charming smile, “Lumi, please accept my sincerest apology for my rude departure at the worst moment possible, I am terribly sorry and I would like to make it right with you.”

Lumi looked to Jess, “What do you think sis?” Jess scrunched her face up, “I don’t know, it’s a repeating pattern with him, he upsets us then tries to get us to forgive him, how many chances should he get?!” Lumi looked down at me dismissively, “Well sis, you can kill him now if that’s what you want.”

Chandra piped up again, “Be more convincing Greg!” I tried to plead my case pointing out the lost tips and beer revenue that would go along with my death. Despite it being her first day, Akkeri spoke up again, “Put some hurt on him, show him who is boss then get the pleasure if you want. or you can get him going then leave his ass tied down and just leave him there until you’re ready to let him go.”

I scowled at Akkeri again and muttered, “A little less help from the new girl would be good..” To my horror, Chandra who had been my only ally in the room turned on me smiling at the new trainee, “Akkeri, you are vicious girl, high five!” As I heard their hands smack together, I dropped my head in utter defeat.

The New Trainee

The New Trainee | Pocket Cross

I looked up again though when a large St Andrews Cross appeared in the middle of the bar, something quite obviously out of place in a hotel. “Where the fuck did that come from?” I asked incredulously. Jess smiled at me sweetly, “Oh that? I always keep one in my pocket for emergencies.”

I started pleading again, knowing this would not end well for me, “Ladies, let’s not be hasty, I acknowledge my poor behavior and I am terribly sorry.” The women forced me against the cross restraining my arms above my head. Akkeri, the overly enthusiastic trainee, turned towards Lumi, “Are you doing this or do you want me to?” Lumi grinned, “Please be my guest Akkeri.” Akkeri smirked at me as she walked over. I knew at that moment my earlier feeling of impending doom was well justified.

Akkeri walked a short circle around me like a predator stalking a wounded animal. She reached her hand out and slapped my balls, eliciting an infuriated response from me “Dammit Akkeri!” Then Lumi extended her arm and slapped me across the face, screaming in my ear, “That’s MS AKKERI!”

I glared at both the women, and then Akkeri began alternately rubbing my cock until I was hard and then slapping my balls savagely, after the third round she grabbed my sack, squeezing it like a vice, “Apologize to Lumi.”

After the mind-numbing pain of Akkeri’s ministrations, I was desperate to be released, words flooded from my mouth, “Lumi, I’m sorry I left you in the middle of the cunnilingus I was performing on you, I’m so terribly sorry, I can only imagine how frustrated you must have been, I didn’t mean to give you blue ovaries, I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”

Lumi scowled at me, indicating she cared nothing for my rambling apology, “Frustrated?! You can only imagine the frustration Akkeri is going to make you feel!” I sighed and waited for the next round of punishment.

Snapshot 637

The New Trainee | The Branding

Jess had been watching Akkeri’s efforts with glee, then offered, “Sis, lets give him an X-Sisters brand!” All the girls smiled at Jess nodding their approval. Soon Jess had a small forge set up next to the cross with a branding iron resting in the hot coals.

It soon turned a dark angry red color from the intense heat. Lumi stepped closer picked up the branding iron and gave me a wicked smile, “You should never cross the X-Sisters, Greg.” The other girls cheered her on and helped her remove my clothes, she stepped closer and swiftly pressed the brand forward against my pelvis leaving it a moment to ensure a good impression. As soon as I felt the heat kiss my skin, I started screaming in agony.

“Still feel sorry for leaving me earlier Greg?”

Once Lumi pulled the brand away, an angry burn reading “Bitch” was left behind. The girls left me alone to hang on the cross while I recovered. A few moments later I was released and forced to kneel in front of Lumi. She looked down at me with a stern glare, “Still feel sorry for leaving me earlier Greg?”

I nodded up at her pathetically unable to say much else, the branded area still radiating an angry throbbing pain. Lumi pulled her pants off, slipping her panties down her legs then stepped close to me turning around and bending over and shoved her cunt into my face. “Finish what you started earlier and maybe I’ll forgive you.”

The New Trainee

The End

Eager to be done with the ordeal and visit a doctor, I leaned forward and began licking my tongue up and down her slit to get her warmed up. Soon she was pressing her pussy against my mouth to increase the contact, I covered her pussy with my mouth massaging her labia with my lips while my tongue worked inside her, massaging the slick walls.

Lumi moaned softly from my assault. Akkeri decided to help by shoving my head harder against Lumi’s mound. Lumi turned around smirking at me, “I’m about to cum Greg, you better lick up all my juice!” I couldn’t say anything with a mouthful of delicious cunt, so I just kept pleasuring the beautiful blonde woman. A moment later, she started flooding my mouth screaming, “Oh fuck…I’m cumming” I desperately tried to lap up all of her cum not letting any drip onto her leg or the floor fearing the consequences if I did.

A moment later, Lumi stepped away replacing her clothes and the other girls let me go. Akkeri gave my balls one final slap before smirking at me and taking a seat at the bar drinking a No.5 beer from the round I’d paid for earlier.

I glared at her secretly hoping she choked on it. I took several minutes to recover before standing up to look for my clothes, mysteriously the cross and forge had been removed leaving the scene looking like any other normal day in the hotel bar. After I was dressed, I looked around the room and asked, “Anything else I can do for you ladies before I take off?”

They all smiled sweetly at me and Jess said “Thanks for coming to Candy’s Greg, hope to see you again soon!” I shook my head in disbelief and headed for the door.

Snapshot 783
“You should never cross the X Sisters

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