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Last Updated on: 10th December 2022, 02:08 pm

Recently I’ve been really missing my adventures. I thought about setting myself another adventure challenge but after I made the last one too hard I have my doubts. I wanted to do something though so a Christmas adventure sounded fun. After thinking about what I should do, I decided to find Santa Claus. Not an official Linden event Santa Claus, I wanted to find Santa Claus either at the North Pole or somewhere small.

A Christmas Adventure

A Christmas Adventure | Starting The Adventure

The first thing I had to do was look festive. My wardrobe doesn’t have many festive pieces of clothing so I had to take a trip to Candy Kitten.

Candy Kitten never lets me down. I got my outfit and my hat and I was ready to go and find Santa.

Snapshot 1210

The easiest way that I was going to complete this challenge was to look up everywhere containing the word ‘Christmas’. So that’s exactly what I did.

Similar to my original challenge, I would only visit sims with 3000 or less traffic. It might not work but I had to at least try.

The first place on my list – VKJ’s Christmas Town.

It was so pretty with so many lights, but, it was empty. No Santa, not even another person. Why do I make these challenges so hard for myself?

A Christmas Adventure

A Christmas Adventure | Wonderland

It was time for me to continue my search. I wasn’t going to be disappointed by one failure, I had done this before and I almost always made it someway.

My next stop was Medusa’s Winter Wonderland. This sounded like a perfect place to find Santa. It’s a Wonderland… why would he not be here?

Snapshot 1213

I ran around excitedly looking at all the gifts and the gingerbread houses and then I stopped in my tracks.

There was a Santa…

In his chair…

He wasn’t real. He was just a pretend Santa.

I sat on his lap while I thought about my next stop. For a statue, I could have sworn I felt his cock twitch while I sat on his lap.

I shook my head and stood up quickly. It was time to check the next place.

A Christmas Adventure

The North Pole

It was finally time to take a train to the North Pole.

The real Santa wasn’t going to be able to hide from me forever. I was certain that if I was going to find him anywhere, then this is where it would be.

I was excited, I have never been to the North Pole. The one thing that I noticed first, was the temperature. It was so cold, I should have invested in warmer clothing.

A Christmas Adventure

There were elves and trees and reindeer. I was running around trying to take it all in but I was far too excited.

Then I found Santa’s house.

I ran inside, yelling for him but he wasn’t there.

It made me so sad. I really thought that this is where I would find him.

This was not a challenge that I was giving up on. I will find Santa, I just have to plan a bit better.

A Christmas Adventure

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Santa is in Hiding Mode this year.

    I tried finding him too, but no luck yet. We should combine our brains and follow the trail of gingerbread till we find him.

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