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“I like movies. The end.” That is how I thought I would put together this post when I was asked by Jess to go and watch the new in-world movie Waarheid. I was initially confused because it didn’t seem like an adventure or a place to go and explore. I just had to go to a theatre, eat a lot of food and watch a movie. It sounded so easy.


Waarheid | Start With The Popcorn

I didn’t know much about this movie. I had seen little pieces of information on Twitter over the past month but nothing that caught my attention in a big way. All I knew was that it was a movie shot entirely in Second Life.

Now the premier was taking place in Second Life.

When I walked into the theatre there were so many people there. I had to make sure that all I could see were my friends only, otherwise I would never make it through a movie.

When I looked around the giant room I saw a couple of those Linden-named people. I thought about offering one of them a blow job to let me sit closer to the front but then I decided that might be a bad idea.

When the Waarheid started I was genuinely a little bit excited. This was something different for me. Watching the opening credits it was fun to see some recognizable names too.

There was popcorn and a lot of other food on offer so I grabbed some butter popcorn and settled down for the next one and a half hours.


Waarheid | So Much Food

The movie is excellent. The camera angles look so great, at least that’s what I would say if I had any idea what I was talking about.

I really don’t know why I got sent to review a movie for a blog that primarily consists of sex when only one scene in the film contained sex and that lasted about 3 seconds.

Erika goes on a mission to find the person responsible for nearly killing her. When she wakes up she is in a virtual simulation. The visuals were exceptional and there were moments when I forgot that this was Second Life.

At points, the movie felt meta but it made a lot of sense.

The important part of this is that I really enjoyed the film.

And the food.

So much food.

Brooke came with me after some persuasion and I really should have listened to her when she told me not to eat too much.


I Don’t Feel So Good

I started off as any moviegoer does with a big serving of popcorn. It was crunchy, it was delicious. I could have eaten more and I would have. When I went to get more, I found hot dogs. I couldn’t help myself, I had to have one of those too.


The hot dog was so tasty. I decided just to take my plate back and enjoy the rest of the movie.

That didn’t go so well, I found chicken drumsticks. So I had to have some of those too.


I was so happy with all of this free food. I excitedly ran back to the buffet table and picked up a burger.

It was delicious and it was just what I was in need of to wash down the drumstick.


Hot wings. I was in heaven right now.

There was someone looking down on me saying “Sasha, have all of this free food, you deserve it”

So I did, I took some wings



Brooke was trying to get my attention, I swallowed what I was chewing and looked at her.

“Calm down on the food. You are going to make yourself sick”

She didn’t know what she was talking about. I was going to be fine.

I grabbed some celeriac and dip. Followed by two milkshakes and a slush.

I should have listened.

I really didn’t feel so good. It was hard but I struggled through it, I managed to watch the end of Waarheid.

Waarheid | It’s A Movie

Waarheid was a fun sci-fi movie. The very fact that something so beautiful can be crafted and filmed inside of Second Life completely took me by surprise.

I enjoyed what I watched, that’s about all I can say because I’m not skilled in what to look for in a movie. Overall, I really enjoyed it, it was fun and it was a unique experience.

I would love to do something like this again.

The full movie has been released on YouTube too. You can watch it for yourself.

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