Finally, a head in my virtual hands! My first hire as a Senra avatar turned out amazing, and I walked away with a Lelutka Avalon head. You can refresh yourself by reading this post. Piercings, skins, hairbases all included. Suddenly, I’m not just a basic avatar anymore. This isn’t just a head; it’s a huge step towards looking good in Second Life. A massive leap towards becoming an X-Girl. It is by every definition, an amazing start, but it’s just that – a start. With this new head, I’m stepping up. Is this the turn of luck I’ve been waiting for, or just a fleeting stroke of fortune in the journey to become a high-quality Second Life mesh avatar?

Second Life Mesh Avatar Initial Upgrade

Upgrading the Basics | Meshbody Classic and Aria’s Evolution

I had the Meshbody Classic from the start, a good choice in retrospect and always a top choice if you need a free mesh body. If you’re curious about how I got it, you can read the backstory here. This body is great, especially considering it’s free. It’s not quite Legacy, but it’s from the same creators and functions in such a similar way. For more insights on Second Life’s best bodies, check out this link.

Now, equipped with my new head and the Meshbody Classic, my real transformation could begin. My avatar still lacked essentials – no hair, no vibrant skin. The current skin made me look like a pale shadow, but choices were slim. A Lelutka EvoX head, a good mesh body, some free clothes I picked up at Freebie Galaxy… and Senra hair. I was making myself cringe just looking at it.

I needed to do something, I needed to try and get myself out there a bit more. When Chandra and I first spoke about this challenge we agreed that we would time limit it. We can’t be spending 12 hours a day doing this. It has to come down to very few hours a week. So what was I going to do? Well, resourcefulness is a very useful trait in Second Life, right? My funds were non-existent, but I had another asset – my scripting ability.

I put together a simple online board outside my trailer. When you touch it you get a notecard explaining my challenge and another button gives you a link to my profile. It was a small step, but every bit of self-promotion counts. Would this simple strategy help me stand out in the park as an evolving Second Life Mesh Avatar?

Aria's Mesh Avatar Promotion Strategy

Publicity Push | Promoting a Second Life Mesh Avatar in the Park

I recently had the chance to give my new challenge buddy a tour of my trailer. It only felt right to offer her a place to stay because she’s an integral part of this journey. (Chandra will introduce her perspective in her upcoming post). Which, now that I think about it, it’s in a way history repeating itself. Even in new bodies, I’m still giving Chandra somewhere to live. After setting things up at the trailer, it was time to log off, leaving my new contact board as a silent promoter of my challenge.

What I really wanted to do was amplify my promotion and networking to accelerate my transformation into an X-Girl. Even with just the basics of a Second Life mesh avatar, there was no denying that I looked so much better… I was starting to look hot. This should theoretically make getting hires easier than when I was in that god-awful Senra avatar.

Logging off, I left my avatar’s fate in the hands of my contact board.

The next day, full of anticipation, I logged back in. Eager to see the fruits of my new strategy, I checked… but found nothing had changed.

A Reality Check | The Hidden Challenges of a Mesh Avatar

Honestly, what was I expecting? Ad boards aren’t magic. Mine is just on the side of my trailer, tucked away in a quiet corner of the park. Hidden from the main view, it’s unlikely to catch many eyes. But, I’d hoped for at least one curious click.

Then a stark realization hit me. Yes, I’d easily acquired a head, but this challenge was far from easy.

Feeling a little bit down, I indulged in some window shopping. Browsing but not buying, I added some more items to my wishlists. Truth hair, LeiMotiv clothes, Renegade boots. It was like retail therapy, minus the spending. For someone as goal-driven as me, it was a mix of motivation and subtle self-torture. Success is such a big goal for me in anything, yet here I was, coveting items that Aria, in her current state, couldn’t have.

Back at my trailer, I tried to think about a new strategy and hoping for a breakthrough.

Then, out of the blue an IM popped up: “Ola”

Challenges of a New Second Life Mesh Avatar

An Unexpected IM | New Opportunities

Right off the bat, this guy was more frustrating than intriguing. A simple “Hey” from me was met with an immediate request to teleport to my location. Ignoring it led to another request. I needed to know his intentions. Was he looking to hire or just another freeloader? In my challenge, there’s no room for freebies.

I couldn’t hold back my frustration. “Tell me what you want or fuck off,” I messaged him, tired of the games. My patience for unclear intentions is thin, especially now and I am one of the worst for just saying what is on my mind.

Finally, he got to the point – a quick blow job in a back alley. That’s more like it and honestly one of my favourite things to do. There’s something extremely arousing about sex in an alley, no idea what it is but I put it up there with wall sex. I quickly briefed him on the rules of the challenge. No cash, only gifts from my wishlist. He seemed to understand and acted pretty quickly. Soon, a new hairstyle was mine. Thank god!! With a sense of relief and a new task at hand, I made my way to the alley, ready to take his cock into my mouth.

Unexpected Opportunity for Second Life Mesh Avatar

Second Life Mesh Avatar’s Alley Adventure | Blowjob Alley

The situation was almost too absurd to handle. There I was, in this dark alley and I couldn’t stop laughing. The furniture lacked facial animations, which left me unable to open my mouth. If this was Jess, she would use a HUD for the right blow job animation. But as Aria I lack those luxuries. It was hilarious to me, reminiscent of a trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Despite the hilarity, I was committed to giving an exceptional sloppy blow job. This was more than just a quick hire to me, it was another step towards my transformation. The new hair from Truth was in my inventory waiting to be worn, and it would get rid of the last remnants of the Senra avatar.

Fifteen minutes later, it was all over. His grunts and groans echoed in the alley, followed by a hasty exit, the typical ‘cum and run.’ But I wasn’t bothered. My focus was on my new hair.

Back at my trailer, I quickly unpacked it and tried it out. The hair was a weekend sale item at Truth, but he had unknowingly paid full price on the marketplace. A small oversight on his part, but a win for me. As I swapped the Senra hair for my new style, I was another step closer to my goal.

A Significant Upgrade | Aria’s Second Life Mesh Avatar Gets New Hair

The rollercoaster of this challenge is undeniable, but it’s hard to ignore its promising start. With a Lelutka head and Truth hair, combined with some smartly chosen freebies, I’m inching closer to an X-Girl’s allure. Yes, I’ve got the engaging personality down, but there’s still a long list to tick off: a quality skin, good clothing, accessories, INM, and the V Bento.

I’m making some good strides, but given the weekly time constraints Chandra and I set, reaching X-Girl status might take a while. But maybe I could speed things up with a little help. Dropping my wishlist here might just give me that extra boost. *cough*

After delivering what felt like the most enthusiastic blowjob of my life, all for that hair, I’m left wondering: what heights of excitement will the arrival of other key items bring? Despite the moments of feeling like this is a lost cause, this challenge has turned into an amazing adventure. Can’t wait to update you next time on my progress!

Assembling Aria's Second Life Mesh Avatar Look
Second Life Mesh Avatar | Senra to X-Girl Stardom


Aria embarked on an extraordinary journey within the world of Second Life. Created as an alt of this blog's owner and writer, Jess, Aria enthusiastically ventured into the Red Paperclip Challenge of Second Life. Aria set out to evolve from a simple Senra Avatar to a magnificent, meticulously-designed mesh avatar that radiates the allure of an X-Girl caliber. Remarkably, she aimed to accomplish this without spending a single penny, solely relying on the generosity of others who offered gifts in exchange for sex acts. Aria holds the position of manager at the X-Sisters Sex Bar Street Whores location, where she juggles her responsibilities while immersing herself in captivating sexual experiences and encounters. With an unyielding dedication to immersive storytelling, Aria shares her journey through her posts on the blog. Diving into the complexities of her role at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, she brings readers along as she navigates the diverse maze of human connection

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