Chandra’s Travels | Hell-O-Ween and the Red Paper Clip Challenge

Chandra’s Travels | Hell-O-Ween and the Red Paper Clip Challenge

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:56 am

Dear readers last time you visited Spa Sensuelle together with me. Todays I wanted to talk abouts sumthing different …

BUTT then sum HUGE things came up!!!

Aaaaaand I mean huge!!!

One being Hell-O-Ween and the other … being the Red Paper Clip Challenge Jess wrote abouts here. But let me take it from the top.

The Red Paper Clip Challenge

First thingies first.

Have you all read about Jess new Challenge?

If not please go here before reading further. I will wait.

Ah, you are back goodies. Now what you don’t know… yet is that Jess approached me to do the challenge with her. We each would create an alt, no free sex, no paid-for sex, just sex for pieces from our wishlist, and see who would get through it quicker.

Since we both have different amounts of time we can spend in Pixelland we set ourselves a time limit of four hours a week for the challenge so it will be fair.

The Red Paper Clip Challenge: Meeting Kira

So I created my first alt.

Meet Kira Lee

After getting her Senra body set up I went through one of my famous freebie hunts so she would halfway decent. You can read about my first freebie hunt back here. I set her up with the free Genus Strong head and the Legacy Mesh Body Classic. I also scored some free clothes and was ready to roll.

Kira Portrait 001 result
Kira at her new home at Trashy Whore Trailer Park

Not at all how I wanted her to look but maybees I get there through the challenge.

All I had to do is set up my wishlist and I am ready to fuck.

The Red Paper Clip Challenge: Getting started

Of course, Jess being a sneaky bitch she alreadies got started without telling me.

Hey roomie whut are you doing with that axe?

She has one week ahead of me and already scored a head. So I have to clock in sum extra hours and bring out my A game.

Kira and Chandra 001

Soo dear readers if you want to help me beat Jess… or at least not get utterly trashed check out Kiralee69, get her sumthing nice from her wishlist and get a good fuck in return.

Halloween: Starting a PASSION

I just LOVE Halloween!!!!!

I neva have I been much of a Halloweenie.. till I came to Pixelland. Yes, I know it’s strange for a (not)witch to not be into Halloween. 😀

Peeps are just sooo creative here, transforming their sims into haunted places out of spooky stories, dressing up in A-M-A-Z-I-N-G costumes you would need a serious costume department and special effect budget to pull off in the real world.

I am gushing, right?

It all started last year, when my friend Zathras gave me the LM to the Island where he was living back then. I like to explore new places so off I went aaaaaand I was blown away. Finding myself in a magical creepy wonderland. I spent at least two hours exploring every corner and I’m sure I missed sum good ones. Sadly I only have a few shots I took to share with you.

Laters I explored sum haunted places together with my roomie Jess.

Halloween: The Setup

I started earlies to buy sum supplies to turn my home into sumthing properly haunted. Also, I started thinking and planning out my costume. I got this awesum latex gown for my rezday from Foxy and I got this serious Hellraiser vibes from it. Sooooo why not transform myself into a cenobite just spookaliciously hawt.

After sum deliberation, I got rid of my tats, added a ghostly white skin from Velour, sum dark and dramatic makeup long black nails and I was ready to devour souls or cock.

I showed it to Jess and she loved it, but added that our guests might be scared by it.

Spooky Mansion 008 result 1
Let’s see whut Fate awaits yeee foolish mortal

It’s Hell-O-Ween it’s supposed to be scary. But I didn’t wanna give one of our barflies a heart attack so I used this costume outside of the bar.

I pulled out a costume I bought last year but could not use it fully since parts were made for an EVOX head. Soooo enter the Dark Dryad.

To round things out I also used my Twi’lekk outfit I made for Star Wars Day. I was ready for the spooky season.

Dryad in the Wood 002 result
The Dark Dryad looking for her next victim

Halloween: Exploring

This year I wanted to see more of the Helloween Wonderland that is Second Life. So I started my explorations early. I also attended a few costume parties.

My highlights this year were a carnival with ghosts, ghoulies, and lotsa creepy rides. I shared the roller coaster of terror with a friendly Supergirl.

The other place I found was a haunted mansion I explored on my own. I was scared breathless with all the creepy attractions. Chestbursters, chairs waiting to eat me ghosties cumming out of a crystal ball, and a bloody shower.

Halloween: The Bar

The whole of October we had awesum Halloween deco up, with ghosts and ghoulies and everything you could want, even a spooky soundtrack. Chucky scared me a few times when he suddenly appeared behind me and sang. “I’m gonna kill you.” Better fuck me instead that’s more fun.

Jess started working at a proper spooky setup for our bar weeks ago. One week before Halloween this Skybox would replace the bar and all our guests would be ported there. She built us a gloomy graveyard, my friend Daria would love to live in, with several crypts, a horse from hell, and a lot of places to fuck.

Of course, she also thought up a game for our guests to participate in. Our barflies could rent gravestones and all of us girls had 4 skulls with our names on them. Each time a guest with a grave fucked one of us he earned a skull, to decorate his grave with. The stud who earned the most skulls would win a prize from the bar.

Our barflies made a valiant effort and the skulls of the fucked X Girls piled high on the graves.

The final piece of our Halloween season would be a huge party. Rach, Claudine, and Zath would provide six hours of tunage for us to dance, laugh, fuck and have fun.

Halloween: The Fuckening

I joined laters into the fun. But I managed to get rid of all my skulls over the weekend before Halloween. I gave out the last one at our party itself.

First up was Perl who joined us on Saturday night while Zath was spinning the tunes. Perl was smitten by my smexy alien look and booked me. We went down to a room for some more privacy.

I devoured his cock as soon as his pants were down. I was horny and I wanted to fuck. Perl had other ideas and wanted to taste my alien kitty first before driving himself deep into my soaked cunny, fucking me to my first climax of the night.

After the party, I tended to the bar for a while and Subushi joined me. He was eager to add another skull to his sizable collection and that was not the only sizable piece he had. Stating his intention to fuck my ass only made me hotter. So we did it right on the bar. Pulling down my pants he lubed his cock in my dripping pussy before stretching my ass. He fucked me rough, fast, and hard … and I loved it.

Greg and I had been dancing around each other for a while now. Wanting to hook up, but somehow our times did not match soooo when he dropped some L$ in my tipjar on Monday I dragged him into one of our crypts. Ever the gentleman Greg skillfully tended to my needy lil kitty with fingers, mouth, and tongue.

GAWD I do love it when a guy knows how to give head.

After that, I was sooo horny that we nearly broke the bed in our wild fucksession. I made quite a mess out of the bed cumming several times.

Methinks Greg deserved his skull for making me cum so good.

At our Halloween party, Tye approached me. He wanted my last skull. So he brought me to the VIP lapdance room to warm up. I love dancing and I teased him without mercy. Slowly stripping letting him see but not touch me, making him beg for more. I used him to get myself off, which gave me such a rush.

I’m sooo looking forward to next year’s Halloween! But first, there is winter and Christmas to celebrate. If you want to fuck me dressed in sum costume hit me up at the X Sisters Bar.

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