Haunted Seduction | A Second Life Halloween Spectacle

Haunted Seduction | A Second Life Halloween Spectacle

Last Updated on: 27th October 2023, 04:55 am

Halloween season has arrived, and the X-Sisters Sex Bar is excited about our Haunted Seduction event. This event is, simply put, an ingenious concept! I have a love for celebrating the holiday season, regardless of which one it is. This is interesting because, in real life I’m not as enthusiastic, but holidays in Second Life have something different about them. A couple of months ago I began setting up our event space and now the moment we’ve been waiting for is here. The event has only just started, and the skulls are accumulating rapidly. And yes, there’s a genuine reason why actual skulls are appearing on the graves.

The Haunted Seduction Challenge | Skulls, Graves, and Victory

We’ve moved from the main bar vicinity into a spooky graveyard next to an eerie forest. Our bar is renowned for hosting some memorable events, with past ones like the boxing orgy event and Star Whores-themed nights receiving great feedback. Yet, this Haunted Seduction might eclipse them all, even though it’s just in its first few hours. Additionally, there’s the skull Challenge.

I love this challenge. For Easter, I set up an easter egg hunt—it was quite a basic concept. Fuck an X-Girl, and she rewards you with an Easter egg. The more eggs you amass, the greater your odds of emerging as the winner. However, for this Halloween, I’ve added a unique twist.

To begin, barflies buy a gravestone for 100L. Once acquired, this tombstone is exclusively theirs for the entire event, complete with their name hovering above. No one else can claim it. Next, hire an X-Girl for any service from our menu, and she’ll bestow upon you a skull, her skull. After obtaining her skull, you place it on top of your grave. The greater the number of skulls you possess by November 1st, the higher your likelihood of clinching the prize.

And the reward is great: a lavish 5000L to splurge at the bar on your favourite X-Girls and an all-expenses-paid trip to the VIP Suite, valued at 3000L, generously covered by yours truly.

Haunted Seduction's Graveyard: Where Spookiness Meets Charm

DJs of Haunted Seduction | The Soundtrack to Your Spooky Night

Halloween without a party? Unthinkable! That’s why we’re throwing a massive bash on the 31st of October. Imagine 6 solid hours of DJ magic with a party vibe that’ll put everywhere else to shame. Haunted Seduction will wrap up with a mix of drinks, music, X-Girls, and some serious sex fun. From 11am to 5pm SLT, we’re all ready to rock the graveyard.

We’ve got Rach, Claudine, and Zath on the decks for an unforgettable night. Regulars will know Zath as our go-to Saturday night DJ, while Rach holds the title of our longest-standing staff member. And Claudine is Chandra’s latest find. The night is set to be amazing, especially since it’s happening right in the graveyard. So, if you’re chasing those last-minute skulls, this is your chance.

Honestly? I’m too excited for it.

Becoming Part of Haunted Seduction | Whose Skulls Are You Claiming?

And so it begins, our Second Life Halloween extravaganza. Welcome to Haunted Seduction at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Ever wondered what could be more enticing than X-Girls in slutty Halloween attire? Well, I’m drawing a blank too. The atmosphere is amazing, and the fun’s only just started. I have a skull on a grave already and seeing it there has been surreal, to say the least.

We’re in for 5 days of excitement, and the regular barflies are already buzzing. If you haven’t joined our group yet, now’s the time. For 200L, you can be a part of the best sex spot in Second Life and then, it’s down to you to make the most of it. Dive into a world of spine-chilling X-Girls, claim their skulls, and immerse yourself in the eerie ambience.

What’s holding you back? Make your way there this instant! Here’s your taxi.

So, whose skull is on your radar? Drop a note in the comments.

The Skull Hunt of Haunted Seduction: Whose Are You Claiming?

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