Two weeks, Six Challenges, 8 X-Girls, Golden Eggs, a lot of sex and amazing prizes. It can only be one thing, it’s time for the X-Sisters Sex Bars Great Easter Egg Hunt.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Easter Egg Hunt | How It Works

To take part in the Great Easter Egg Hunt there is only one requirement, you must be a member of the X-Sisters group. There is a 200L joining fee to join us but trust me and everyone else when they say that it’s worth it.

There are 6 challenges to partake in over the two weeks between March 26th and April 9th.

  • Challenge 1: Complete a hire with an X-Girl to receive one of their personalized Easter eggs. You can get one of these from each staff member (8 total). You must collect 8 eggs from 8 different X-Girls. Each X-Girl will only have 4 to give out so choose wisely.
  • Challenge 2: Obtain 6 glasses of champagne from the X-Girls without getting into a fight. Our X-Girls are very protective of their champagne. Can you convince 6 of them to give you a glass?
  • Challenge 3: Take a snapshot while having sex in each of the three bedrooms above the bar. A different X-Girl must be present in each one.
  • Challenge 4: Take a snapshot while having sex at the Sex Van outside of the bar. The X-Girl must not be present in any of the snapshots from Challenge 3.
  • Challenge 4: Convince a member of the management team (excluding Jess and Lumi) to give you a pair of their used panties.
  • Challenge 5: Obtain an item of clothing that has “X-Sisters” mentioned on it. You can either make your own or purchase a transfer-only version from the store.
  • Challenge 6: Obtain the golden easter egg from a threesome with both X-Sisters at once.
The Great Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Easter Egg Hunt | The Prizes

Of course, there are good prizes.

Firstly, we will provide you with a 2000L gift card which you can use with any X-Girl of your choosing. That means either a full hour with one of us, a 30-minute threesome, or two separate sessions. Spend it wisely but have fun with it.

The second prize is a gift card for Debauchery furniture. One of the best furniture creators in Second Life for sex animations. We use Debauchery all over the bar and its Lovense integration makes things so much more fun.

Thirdly and one that will really heat things up a little, the winner of the Great Easter Egg Hunt will be given a bonus of 100 points for the following week’s Mister X competition.

That is the equivalent of a 10,000L spending head start.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt
An X-Sisters Threesome

Where To Sign Up

From the 24th of this month, you can collect your checklist from the X-Sisters Sex Bar. It’s that easy, just be a group member and collect it. Then you’re ready to go.

Two weeks of fun, sex and competition. It does sound much better than that.

Not a group member yet? Come and join us. Click here for your transportation.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt | Second Life Best Scavenger Hunt


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