Second Life Sex Life | The X-Sisters Sex Bar Chronicles

Second Life Sex Life | The X-Sisters Sex Bar Chronicles

Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 08:49 pm

My Second Life sex life has swept me off my feet these past few days both at the bar and away from it. I can barely squeeze it all into this post, even if I wanted to. Trust me when I say, it has been absolutely amazing! The fun of some serious sexual indulgence in Second Life has left me breathless. But I’m still craving for more. Exhausting? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely! It wasn’t just about the sex. An unforgettable 8-hour session with a client that started in the X-Sisters Sex Bar turned into a shopping spree… with a fun ending. That one you’ll enjoy. This has to be one of my most exciting weekends, jam-packed with sex (14 times, there is no way I can write all of that!). To be honest, the entire week has been fun, I’m excited to see how the next seven days turn out.

Second Life Sex Life | The X-Sisters Sex Bar Chronicles

Spicing Up My Second Life Sex Life, with Wilco and Bunny

Fourteen sex sessions in just two days, even for someone like me, is quite a record. My Second Life sex life is the gift that keeps giving. And it all started in a super fun way. Wilco dropped by the X-Sisters Sex Bar before heading home from his trip abroad. He wanted a quick fun time in Second Life before leaving.

Now, if you know anything about sex work, you would know that all clients have their ‘usuals’. Wilco is no different. His go-to girl tends to be Bunny, and really, who can fault him, right? Therefore, when his cash started raining in her tip jar, there were no raised eyebrows. But when the lindens started to tumble into mine as well, ahem, that certainly got my attention.

Wait, was I hearing right? Was our Wilco hinting at a naughty threeway? Well, guess what, he was!

The three of us headed to Wilco’s house where we quickly peeled off our clothes. As I slinked into the role of masseuse, focusing on his shoulders and chest, Bunny put her gifted mouth to use around his shaft.

Soon enough, we were taking turns in a straddle-climax relay, each of us moaning and writhing as we took turns riding him. In the middle of all this fun, I completely forgot to take pictures of my turn. I got too carried away during my ride… oops!

Naughty New Faces

There’s always something fun in meeting fresh faces, and this one was seriously fun! Before the weekend kicked off, it was on a high note as a new stranger found his way into the X-Sisters Sex Bar on Friday morning. It was only Fox and I there so he made three.

He showered us with generous tips and kept us busy with flirtatious conversation. Once Fox headed off to bed, the room was all his. A couple more hours of conversation and loosen-up tips and he was ready to call it a day.

However, the die was cast and he couldn’t resist coming back over the weekend. With all the teasing talk and the tips flowing from his pockets, I managed to seductively lure him up into the VIP Lapdance room.

I had so much fun teasing him to the very edge. My dance and intentional brushing of my nails over his tense pants got him pretty worked up. Fully straddled on his lap, my hands expertly relieved him of his last threads of resistance. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, ramming me hard. It was wild.

But it didn’t end there. We had a bit more ‘pillow talk’ after our wild sex, and then, he took me on a shopping spree! Oh, did he know how to spoil a girl. Our shopping trip went from the Kinky Event to Muse, and his generosity got me a little bit flustered and wet.

In the middle of Muse, he throw me a huge stack of lindens and I couldn’t resist pulling him against the wall, treating the other shoppers to a public show of our intense sex session. His fucking me against the wall and me trying my hardest not to scream. HOT might be the understatement of the year.

Back to today, as I was writing this blog post, he came back to the bar. This time he was keen to control my Lovense via the Lovense tip jar with his tips. An 11000L ride down the orgasmic lane! Fuck, what more could I have asked for?

Melting Minds and Married Musicians in My Second Life Sex Life

Just thinking about this one has me all hot and bothered – yes, even before I share the details with you. This barfly was a musician, and who doesn’t love a musician, right? But he was not just any musician, he was a married one. There’s this certain intense rush of excitement that comes from pleasing a man better than their wife can. Anyone who’s read this blog for the past two years will know just how much I love a married man.

He shows up at the bar and dropped me a very straight-to-business message – he wanted to bury his head in my ass. Well, why not..

After some back-and-forth discussion about how he had a wife, I could feel myself getting more and more aroused. So, I grabbed his hand and led him to the Cuming Soon room. And yes, I know what you’re asking… he did indeed bury his head in my ass.

What came next was raw, wild, and pure primal sex of the most mind-melting kind. The dirty talk was off the wall, it is the wildest dirty talk I’ve ever been part of. It was electric and left us both breathless and completely spent.

While I tried to recover from the high, the voices from the bar downstairs became a bit clearer. One voice, in particular, said he was waiting for me. I had a queue!

Wilco’s Return and the Aphrodisiac

That tantalizing voice was none other than Wilco. His trip back home had been less than kind and he needed some fun to unwind. According to him he needed the “big guns” – yours truly. Of course, I was more than eager to comply. So I took a quick clean-up and ran back down to the bar where he was waiting.

When I asked him where he wanted to go he told me the VIP suite was his choice. He really did want it to be a big one and I could sense it was going to be a crazy session. I knew that what he really needed in that moment was to cum hard.

I know Wilco has a thing for my breasts, so I started by spitting between them and sliding him right in. He was groaning and twitching before long I watch the sight of him explode all over my breasts. Now that got me worked up and ready. He then told me that he wanted to have me use him as my personal dildo. So, I started to ride and bounce, both of our bodies colliding He hailed me as a goddess, the embodiment of Aphrodite herself too. Oh boy, the rush of those words turned me on even more.

For an intense hour, we pushed the boundaries of what our bodies could. Bouncing, riding, slamming, screaming, moaning, climaxing. It was excitement on steroids, that’s pretty much the only way to describe it. This pushed my climaxes to 13 for the weekend.

All this fun in my Second Life sex life, and the weekend still had more in store for me.

Second Life Makeover Lessons Unleashed

Just when I thought I might finally steal a breather, the X-Sisters Sex Bar worked its magic again. This time, it was with a returning resident who has signed up as a barfly earlier in the day. He had been at the bar that morning looking for voice while I was with another client, when he came back he got landed with me. Poor guy.

He wanted my advice on how to upgrade his avatar’s appearance. I gave him a link to my avatar customization guide and while it provided some help, he really wanted some personal input.

I took him up to the privacy of my office, and he undressed. It was pretty evident he needed an upgrade. A system avatar without mesh and not even a Senra body. There was however one saving grace. He had the ‘Physics Cock,’.

Sitting on my office sofa, he asked if I could give him with some personal lessons. Who was I to say no? So when the lump sum of Lindens bounced into my tip-jar, the ‘teach and tease’ session officially started

I could see and hear his amazement once I undressed. His loved my body and was very keen to moan through his arousal.

Our sex session was an intense half an hour, ending in an explosion of cum for him and screams for me. Drained and satisfied, we melted into the couch.

He did ask for more of these ‘lessons’, and booked some future slots. Jess the teacher storyline anyone?

Weekend Marathon and Relentless Pleasure

14 sessions in one weekend! This post covers only a fraction of those and it’s already 1600 words long. It really was a weekend of non-stop pleasure. But, sssh, remind me to take a day off this week.

Eeeh, who am I kidding? Would you pull yourself away from all that fun?

From the crazy sex, being pampered and lavished with gifts, having my Lovense played with, being taken on shopping trips. Living this life is nothing short of amazing.

But amongst this pleasure overdose, there’s a huge bonus. I might end up not taking a day off but I do sleep. The X-Sisters Sex Bar however never sleeps. It is as close to a 24/7 escort venue that you can get.

So don’t just sit there. Get down to the best sex carnival at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. We’re waiting…

Here’s your taxi!

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