Nothing Stops the Fun in Second Life | Fox’s Sex Addiction

Nothing Stops the Fun in Second Life | Fox’s Sex Addiction

Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 08:49 pm

Before we jump into this, here’s a little disclaimer – this isn’t my go-to style of posts. In fact, posts of this kind tend to leave me uneasy because of what can come across as their bitter undertone. That being said, this time, there’s an important point that needs to be addressed. Remember that there are genuine people that exist behind the pixels in Second Life. Our X-Sisters Sex Bar endorses inclusivity, promoting fun in Second Life for everyone, regardless of race, colour, gender, age, mental ability, or disability. But this post also serves as a reminder that the occasional arsehole that comes into our orbit doesn’t stop us. Anyway, read on to see how Fox proves why she is the unstoppable sex maniac that she is.

Nothing Stops the Fun in Second Life | Fox's Sex Addiction

How Not To Have Fun In Second Life | Racism and Disrespect

Let’s talk about the people you may encounter in Second Life. Unforgettable, and not in a good way, was a character named Lindros who visited our bar fairly regularly. Initially, he seemed like your everyday barfly, engaging with the X-Girls and other barflies and he was fairly popular. But as they say, nothing lasts forever, and this was evident in Lindros’s case.

Gradually, his façade crumbled to show his unsavoury side. He transformed into a quasi-pragmatist, throwing around misogynistic remarks, tossing out ableist thoughts, and of course racism. Essentially he embodied the negative outlier that no one wants to meet online.

This transformation didn’t stop there. He started a trend of offensive humour, inaccurately labelling me as Hitler and making derogatory comments about our beloved X-Girls. His behaviour became an uncomfortable display of disrespect in our bar, a place where the primary agenda is promoting and engaging in fun in Second Life.

What was a minor side note was his outspoken distaste towards people indulging in sex, making comments that created a sense of discomfort and awkwardness. I’m still trying to figure out why someone with that distate would choose to hang out in a sex bar. In a world often used as an escape from real-world issues, such behaviour is nothing short of grossly unwelcome. His disrespect towards X-Girls was disgusting.

I am absolutely uncompromising on this. Everyone who belongs to my X-Girl team, anyone visiting our bar irrespective of their race, religion, colour or physical and mental abilities deserves absolute respect.

This underpins the darker side of Second Life, a side that unfortunately every user might come across. How do we tackle them? Head on, of course! And that’s a story for another post.

We don’t need people like this in the world.

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A Plethora of Fun in Second Life | Double Dick Power Cock 5000

Now, time for the real fun in Second Life! For Fox I decided to play Santa and got her a delayed Christmas present. She was, as some of you might remember, notorious for her competitive stints riding the bar’s baseball bat along with Dee. Hours and hours they used to spend challenging each other to push their limits. Seeing how long they could each go being fucked by ‘Inspy’ the bat.

Those bat riding days spiced up the overall mood of the bar, drove conversations, invited laughs and got the barflies hot and hard and ready for fun.

This time, I upped my game and found her an insanely powerful sex machine with double dildos. If she managed to stay on this for hours then I’d be impressed. While I was getting fucked in the VIP suite by a barfly, Fox was getting the machine up and running. Bea and Zathras keeping me updated via GIFs and snaps.

The moment I was finished, I rushed down. Although watching isn’t quite my style, so naturally I hijacked the control from Fox. As I ramped up the speed, Fox was literally in overdrive. While Bea slapped her tits and teased her the Hitachi in my hand did its magic against her clit. Between her screams of absolute ecstasy mixed with a twinge of sweet pain, the machine tilted back.

This was the perfect opportunity, I whipped out the whip cracking it on her tits as she writhed in pleasure through three consecutive climaxes. To say she was spaced out would be an understatement – she passed out.


Fox Is Unstoppable | Intense Fun in Second Life

To say I was astounded at Fox’s post-sex machine mobility is an understatement. We all gravitated back to the bar, downing glasses of champagne as more X-Girls and barflies began to show up. With Friday evening starting to creep in, the day’s fun was stepping aside for a busy night at the bar. Bea joined me dancing on top of the bar while Zathras cradled a still-reeling Fox, attempting to settle her down.

Soon after, Bryk’s arrival added another round of champagne and a handful of lindens into my tip jar. As I settled with him on the stool, I overheard the whispers that intrigued me. Despite her recent and super intense ride, Fox was still raring to go, the faint scrape of her claws over Zathras’s pants was reaching my ears. This added to the already growing arousal thanks to Bryk’s swelling pants underneath me.

Before we knew it, the night took a turn. One blink and Fox was on her knees taking Zath into her mouth, while Bryk picked me up and helped me descend onto his hardened pole. The bar was on fire, and the sounds and atmosphere were intense. The voices of gawking barflies and X-Girls hit my senses knowing we were being watched. It ended in an almost synchronized round of simultaneous climaxes that left us all sinking into our stools recovering our breaths.

How Fox was ready to go for more I will never know but that is how you have fun in Second Life.

(And thank you to Zathras for the extra pictures)

Setting The Bar High

It doesn’t matter who you are, even if King Charles steps into Second Life and wanders into the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Our rules are clear – everyone who walks through those doors must have a basic level of respect and decency towards all others. Unfortunately, Lindros fell short, showing a bitter human driven by the lack of affection in his life.

He once mentioned that it wasn’t the sex that brought him to our bar, but the people. However, his actions showed otherwise. He didn’t look for company. Instead, he was looking for a hideout where he could vent his cantankerous and repugnant side without facing consequences. I guess he didn’t realize where he ended up. We don’t condone that behaviour, and this post is but an example of that. People like him have no place in our community. But should they cross our path, we will carry on with our fun and do what we do best.

Admittedly, there was a certain satisfaction derived from calling him a cunt and banning him in the local chat.

I’m not fond of writing posts like this since I think they exude a sense of bitterness and negativity, something that Second Life isn’t meant to encourage. This time, however, I thought that it was important to reflect on just how detrimental a person can be in the virtual world.

Never forget that Second Life serves as an escape, a place where people come to unwind and break free from real-world stresses. For some, it’s a lifeline, maybe due to being homebound or bedridden, dealing with illnesses, or having disabilities. Some are wrestling with mental issues, and Second Life becomes their one true channel to connect with humanity.

Anyone attempting to ruin that for others, to upset or belittle them, is truly disgusting. Real people are behind these pixels, each with their own stories and struggles.

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  1. Dirk Roughly

    Dude sounds like a premium class dick head.

  2. Deejayfishhh

    This kind of post isn’t bitter at all! People like that are just repugnant, you know? It’s cool to come across something like this, not attacking them but showing the strength of those on the receiving end. To that guy, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. I’ll shoot you a message to get his username and ban him from my sim. I’ll also get a few others to join in.

  3. oljackboyfromlondon

    What a total prick.

    By the way, is the redhead available? ;P

  4. winterrabbit

    Linden Labs has a rather peculiar stance on their Terms of Service. Reporting individuals typically results in a mere slap on the wrist, accompanied by a directive to stop such behavior. This confuses me considerably. I once experienced someone stalking me across approximately five avatars, inundating me with hateful IMs. They divulged their identity on all these accounts, underscoring a point that escape from their harassment was implausible. Following my report, they seemed absent for a week or so, only to reappear as a gray block in a sim I happened to be exploring. Despite my love for Second Life, there are instances where the Lindens adopt a rather brief approach to individuals exhibiting abhorrent behavior. This short-sightedness may contribute to the dwindling population, a fact seemingly lost on them. Consequently, these individuals, who are part of the problem, continue to evade adequate consequences. To echo the sentiment expressed in the previous comment, I shall also reach out to you for their username to implement a ban.

  5. Bartoz

    Oh, dear, the internet these days is teeming with these senseless individuals. But hats off to you, Jess! It’s refreshing to see a bit of positivity amidst all the nonsense.

  6. Bri-Skye

    Sounds like an ignornant shithead

  7. Katya

    OMG, I’ve been waiting forever for a Jess takedown post, and this is next level! Seriously, good on you.

  8. Kal

    remind me to never piss you off KEKW

  9. phoenixsplash

    Seriously, we’re in 2024, not stuck in some time warp in 1924! It’s downright disgusting that there are still idiots out there thinking they can spew racist crap and get away with it.

  10. Not Ryry

    Not cool you’re exposing like this & so brutality but fuck that guy

  11. Chandra Kusari

    Such behavior simply makes me sick.

    Thankies for kicking his ass. Would have loved to see it.

    And a HUGE THANKIES for all the positive support from the readers.

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