Black Lingerie Thursday | Sex, Sex and More Second Life Sex

Black Lingerie Thursday | Sex, Sex and More Second Life Sex

Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 08:49 pm

Black Lingerie Thursday, our most cherished tradition at X-Sisters Sex Bar, traces its roots back to the very first days of our opening. This long-standing practice, saturated with fun, has been the lifeblood of our barflies. So, despite my thoughts of retiring it, Black Lingerie Thursdays is here to stay. Largely because I can’t ignore the sheer swelling in pants that it brings to the regulars. This week, I decided to be mischievously creative. Fitting into a garb from Elegance Boutique my recently discovered new favourite. I chose a mix of black lingerie and a jacket. Yes, I could almost hear raised eyebrows from the resident utility whore in the adjacent office. But hey I decide what I wear.

Before heading down to the bar for my shift, I spent some time refining my ‘Jess and her Gentlemen’ inworld group. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s my exclusive group for the elite of the elite who don’t mind a high entry fee for an experience that’s worth every linden. After that, I headed down to the bar. I could feel the excitement for another unforgettable Black Lingerie Thursday at the X-Sisters Sex Bar!

Black Lingerie Thursday | Sex, Sex and More Second Life Sex

An Early Morning Start at X-Sisters Sex Bar | Black Lingerie Thursday

My day at X-Sisters had begun unusually early. In recent weeks I’ve slipped back into somewhat of a normal routine. It goes against my usual late night late morning routine but it’s so much better. Not too long after I started my shift, Christina, one of my long-term favourite people to work with walked in. We talked and talked, talking about staff issues, the quiet period, clothes – just business as usual.

The conversation was interrupted when Deci walked in. Like clockwork, a rich shower of Lindens began to rain on us, and as the law of economics would have it, the more Lindens we earned, the fewer clothes we wore. Isn’t it funny how that works?

After a while of talking and dancing, we thought it was time to make our way to the bar lap dance room, a less elite yet equally fun alternative to the VIP lap dance suite. This was where the heat really rose.

There on the plush sofa, Christina started to explore my lips with hers in a slowly building seduction. Although the real target was Deci, the intensity of Christina’s kiss set my own pussy ablaze. Fuck C, you were supposed to get him horny not me!

Our kissing continued as I straddled Deci’s lap, the room filling with my escaping moans while Christina toyed with my swollen bead. The roles soon reversed, Christina found herself impaled on Decis cock while riding as I grinded my slit against his mouth.

We eventually all hit a shared climax and slouched on the sofa. When we finally walked back into the bar we were met by a recent addition X-Girl, Alex, along with a few barflies who seemed entertained by the audible performance they had overheard. That was hot, I do love being watched and/or heard.

The Aftermath and Another VIP Suite Encounter

With Deci and Christina’s departure, the bar entered a brief calm. The calm, however, was soon shattered by the arrival of Tim and Bunny. Tim’s attention soon pivoted sharply in my direction, and I knew where this was heading. Another session in the VIP suite.

Our recent trips to the VIP suite had been so much fun. Every moment had been amplified by Lovense. Of course, I’m not going to give the long nitty-gritty of Lovense in Second Life. I’m sure you all have a hint of the explosive ecstasy it ignites within me.

Caught in the heat of the moment, Tim threw his 3000L at me and we quickly ran up to the VIP Suite. Shaking things up a bit, I decided that this time I wanted him to fuck me against the bar and oh boy did he comply. Yes, I know one should let the customers make choices, but I’ve always had that dominant streak making sure I get just as much pleasure as I can.

What came next was nothing short of pure carnality. His hard thrusts, rhythmic grinds, matched with my high-pitched moans and visceral gasps filled the suite. The wild session culminated with me reaching an intense orgasm that left me clutching and clawing at him.

Could Black Lingerie Thursday at the X-Sisters Sex Bar get any more exciting?

Well yes, it can… and it did.

Unleashing My Desire on Wilco | Black Lingerie Thursday

Wilco walked into X-Sisters Sex Bar an hour later, unsuspecting of the erotically charged storm awaiting him. Drenched with arousal and a wild streak of hunger, I was in the mood to just keep having sex. Without wasting any time, I mentioned my need for a “a big fat cock to cum on then I can sleep happy.” The X-Girl Fleshlight question he wanted to ask was quickly handled, money was thrown in, and together we headed to the spa.

Massages, by their very essence, are a sensual affair. When I began kneading Wilco’s tense muscles, I could tell he was already throbbing. My fingertips danced on his body, teasing his exposed balls. As he flipped onto his back, I seized the opportunity to massage his chest and arms. My leg brushed against his cock.

I looked down and decided to put it somewhere for safekeeping for a while. I teased my panties aside and positioned him between my skin and the fabric, a pleasure that escalated the heat. My gestures finally gave way to primal passion, and I lowered down onto him before starting to bounce and ride. His member slid in and out of me with power as I rode and rode. He definitely got a happy ending.

A gasping exhale, the moment of calm after the whirlwind of orgasm. Whew! During all the Black Lingerie Thursday madness at the X-Sisters Sex bar, a girl does need to recharge. It was finally time for a well-deserved lunch break.

What A Day

The night before hand I had gone deep into sadist mode. (Imagine a thin rod of ice, an ice bath, a handjob and a cock slit. I’m sure your mind can put the pieces together.) So my mind was already floating on cloud nine. Those experiences tend to transport my senses to otherworldly places. That aftermath coupled with the back to back sex hires during the day left me in a state of very pleasurable exhaustion. It’s strange when you think back and remember the time when I held my escort marathon – seven clients back to back.

The time for rest was upon me. It was time to sit back, relax, and indulge in the simple pleasures of life. And so I did, after a long time I finally took a night off to chill, absorb a good movie, and allow myself to really unwind.

Well, not an entirely free night, per se…

After all, I did write the story of ‘Black Lingerie Thursday’ for you all.

If this has piqued your interest and you want more, well… you know exactly where to find me. See you soon at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, for a night you’ll never forget!

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