What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life? | A Complete Guide

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life? | A Complete Guide

Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:04 pm

What mesh body to buy in Second Life? It’s a big decision, one that I’ve grappled with personally. Having tested the waters with each option, I’ve donned various digital skins, and like any discerning resident, I’ve settled on my favourites. It’s easy to overlook the nuances among them, but not all mesh bodies cater to every style. Take it from someone who learned the hard way. Initially drawn to the Maitreya, lauded as the “Queen of mesh bodies,” I found it lacking for the curvy look that I wanted. Eventually, I found my perfect fit with the Legacy body. So what is the best mesh body in Second Life? More importantly, what mesh body is right for you? If you’re a newcomer trying to find your first body, what one should you opt for? Well, let’s take a look at them.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

Important Factors to Consider

Mesh bodies in Second Life have transformed avatars from basic forms into highly customizable and detailed personas. They outshine the older prim and system avatars with their sleek contours and advanced articulation. The implementation of Bakes on Mesh (BOM) elevates this by allowing high-res textures and layering directly on mesh surfaces, expanding customization options without the added complexity of appliers.

When selecting a mesh body, consider the following:

Price Point: Affordability matters. Choose a body that aligns with your budget.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Essential for ease of texture application and a must-have for versatility in looks.

Clothing Availability: Make sure that there’s a wide selection of apparel for your body type. More clothes mean more styles to play with.

Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface can make all the difference in your enjoyment. Look for intuitive controls.

Shape Manipulation: The ability to adjust and fine-tune your body’s shape is a deal-breaker for many.

Other factors might include the level of detail, the range of movement, and community support. Reviews and forums are a treasure trove of insight so tap into them. Try demos and talk to other residents. Get a feel for what works for you in terms of looks, functionality, and of course satisfaction. Your mesh body is a big investment in your Second Life, so take the time to make an informed choice.

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The Legacy Body | What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

The Legacy mesh body is a premium choice in the Second Life avatar market. It boasts features that cater to a broad spectrum of personal preferences and styles.

Price Point: Legacy is on the higher end, typically priced at 5000L$. However, keep an eye out for the Legacy Event in November, where discounts are often available.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Legacy supports BOM, simplifying the process of applying textures and skins to your avatar without additional layers.

Clothing Availability: Legacy users enjoy a wide range of clothing options, thanks to its popularity among creators.

Ease of Use: The body comes with a user-friendly HUD, allowing easy customization and management of skins, tattoos, and clothing layers.

Shape Manipulation: Legacy provides extensive options for tweaking and personalizing your avatar’s shape to your liking.


High-quality mesh with detailed textures.
Vast clothing selection due to its popularity.
Regular updates and active community support.


Higher price point, which may be a barrier for some.
Some users find the HUD complex at first.

As someone who’s settled on and loves the Legacy body, I can attest to its quality and the satisfaction that it brings. Its ability to portray a diverse range of body types is a significant plus. One example is the difference between my body shape and Sasha’s. Both are Legacy but vastly different. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that my preference for Legacy shouldn’t sway your choice. What works for one may not be the ideal for another. Your mesh body should resonate with your vision for your avatar, fitting your desired aesthetic, functionality, and budget.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

Maitreya Lara X | What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

At the tail end of 2023, Maitreya launched the update to the Lara – the Lara X. Well, they say it’s an update but given that the majority of clothing options won’t fit both the Lara and the Lara X I think we can safely say that it’s an entirely new body. It is, by and large, a huge improvement over the Lara. Better mesh, smoother joints and the shoulders don’t seem to be as square.

Price Point: Maitreya is a mid-range option, balancing cost with functionality. While it’s not the cheapest, it has been the go-to choice for many due to its widespread acceptance and support from content creators.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Maitreya fully embraces BOM. It offers residents the freedom to apply textures without the clunky layers of the past. This feature has kept Maitreya at the forefront of mesh body technology.

Clothing Availability: Given the newness of the body and the fact that many of the original pieces of clothing for the Lara don’t fit, the options at this current time are not great. But this is changing day after day. Maitreya has been the most popular body choice for years and so creators are working hard to constantly release new items and update older items to fit the Lara X.

Ease of Use: Maitreya scores high on user-friendliness. Its HUD and interface have been refined over the years, making customization accessible even for newcomers in the virtual world.

Shape Manipulation: With Maitreya, adjusting your avatar’s form is straightforward. It provides enough sliders and options to fine-tune your avatar’s shape, but with the introduction of Lara X, the level of detail and smoothness in weights has been enhanced even further.


A well-established mesh body creator with a wide range of compatible clothing and accessories.
Regular updates and a solid reputation for user support.


Some clothing may not fit the new Lara X due to rigging changes​​.
The initial cost might still be a barrier for some users.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

eBody Reborn | What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

The Reborn mesh body by eBody is a newer contender in the Second Life market, swiftly climbing the ranks in popularity due to its modern design and customization options.

Price Point: At 3500L$, Reborn offers a competitive price, balancing affordability with high-end features.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Reborn supports BOM, simplifying the skin and texture application process for a more streamlined user experience.

Clothing Availability: While not as extensive as Maitreya or Legacy, the Reborn body has been quickly adopted by creators, offering a growing wardrobe of compatible designs.

Ease of Use: The Reborn body’s HUD is comparable in user-friendliness to other popular bodies, with added features like an auto-alpha system to conceal body parts under clothing automatically.

Shape Manipulation: The body provides robust options for personalizing your avatar’s shape, but it’s worth noting that it tends to favor curvier forms.


Good third-party support for customization.
Offers a modifiable version for deeper personalization.
Auto-alpha system for convenience.


Limited options for a less curvy figure.
Some proportions may appear thinner, impacting the look on larger shapes.

While I haven’t personally chosen the Reborn body for my avatar, as the fit wasn’t ideal for me, it’s definitely a popular choice on the grid. (I know that Daria has it, so I have included a pic of her instead) I have tried the demo extensively though and its growing popularity suggests it’s well worth considering. Particularly if you’re looking for modern features and a curvier silhouette. As with any mesh body choice, I recommend trying the demo to see how it aligns with your personal style and preferences.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

Inithium Kupra | What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

The Kupra mesh body by Inithium is known for its distinct and curvaceous design, appealing to those in Second Life who prefer a more voluptuous figure.

Price Point: Kupra is priced at 3999L$, positioning itself in the higher mid-range bracket.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Kupra supports BOM, which allows for easier application of textures and customization.

Clothing Availability: The Kupra body has carved out its niche with creators, offering a solid selection of clothing tailored to its unique shape.

Ease of Use: Historically, I found the HUD a bit cumbersome, which can affect the overall user experience.

Shape Manipulation: Kupra allows significant customization, though its unique proportions mean it’s not as versatile for all clothing types.


A distinctive curvy shape that stands out.
A growing selection of dedicated clothing options.


The quality of the mesh and the HUD functionality didn’t meet my long-term needs.
May not be compatible with all types of clothing due to its unique shape.

Long-time readers may recall that I previously used the Kupra body for several months. Despite its initial appeal, my preference shifted over time due to the mesh quality and HUD experience. It’s a reminder that while a mesh body may initially seem to fit your needs, your preferences can evolve as you spend more time in Second Life. As always, personal experience is paramount—what might not work for one person could be perfect for another.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?
A long time ago I was Kupra loyal.

Belleza Gen.X | What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

The Belleza Gen.X body is relatively new in the Second Life avatar scene, building on the legacy of its predecessors with updated features and customization capabilities.

Price Point: The Gen.X Curvy Premium is priced at L$5,500. There are also Lite and Regular versions available for L$3,099 and L$3,499, respectively​​.

Bakes on Mesh (BOM): Gen.X supports BOM, simplifying the application of skins and textures, keeping up with the modern standards of avatar design in Second Life​4​.

Ease of Use: Gen.X bodies boast optional HD animated parts for a more realistic look, auto-hide features for clothing, and two different feet UV options for better skin compatibility.

Clothing Availability: Although Gen.X comes from a well-established brand, it hasn’t seen the widespread adoption some of the other bodies have. That said, it still enjoys solid third-party support. You’re also unlikely to struggle significantly to find clothes, even if the options are somewhat more limited than for bodies like Legacy​​.


Inherits Belleza’s legacy of quality and attention to detail.
Offers BOM, facilitating easy texture applications.
Auto-hide features for clothing, enhancing ease of use.


Higher price point, especially for the premium version.
Clothing options are currently more limited compared to other established bodies.
The brand’s presence in marketplaces isn’t as dominant as some competitors, potentially affecting third-party creator support.

My experience with Gen.X is limited to a demo trial, which left me hesitant due to the clothing options. There is a good selection but not as vast as I am used to. However, as with any new product in Second Life, the range of compatible attire is likely to grow over time. It’s a body with potential, especially for those who are fans of the Belleza brand and are willing to get through the early stages of its lifecycle.

What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life?

The Free Body Options

Erika Zero X

The Erika Zero X mesh body by Kalhene is an alluring free option in Second Life, serving as a full-featured introduction to the world of mesh avatars without the investment.

How to Get:

You can acquire the Erika Zero X mesh body by visiting the Kalhene mainstore in Second Life. The process is straightforward—simply join the store group and claim your body. The group is free to join too which is a huge bonus.


Bakes on Mesh (BoM) support opens up a vast array of customization options.
It includes various body shapes, hand poses, and nail shapes.
The body is compatible with many existing mesh clothing items, thanks to its standard sizing.
Kalhene frequently offers free clothing and shoes specifically designed for the Erika body. It is perfect for those starting their Second Life wardrobe.


The price point is unbeatable—it’s free.
High customization capability with the BoM and different shapes and poses.
Good availability of compatible clothing and shoes.


The selection of third-party content might not be as extensive as more established, premium bodies.
Some users may find the range of customization slightly overwhelming if new to mesh bodies.

The Erika Zero X mesh body by Kalhene offers a quality mesh body experience without the price tag. It’s a good choice for newcomers wanting to dip their toes into the big bad world of avatar customization or for veteran residents looking to experiment with a cost-effective alternative.

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The Meshbody Classic

The Meshbody Classic is readily available for Second Life residents at what works out to be 1L so basically free. Join The Shops! group after you click on this link which will direct you to the location where you can pick up your free mesh body. This body, which is the original version and not the new Legacy body, is available for both men and women.


Bakes on Mesh (BoM) Support: The Meshbody Classic now supports BoM, which means an easier way to apply textures without additional HUDs.
Variety in Customization: With a range of built-in skin tones and Bento hands, this body offers a decent range of personalization.
Cost-Effective: It’s a budget-friendly entry into the mesh body scene in Second Life, only costing one Linden dollar, which is virtually free.


Price: It’s hard to beat the affordability of The Meshbody Classic.
BoM Compatibility: The support for Bakes on Mesh streamlines the customization process.
Bento Hands: An upgrade to Bento hands means more natural and varied hand positions.


Skin Tone Matching: I have more trouble matching the skin tones on the Meshbody classic than any other body.
Clothing Compatibility: The clothing options are not as extensive as those for the more popular mesh bodies.

Given my love of Legacy, it should be no surprise that this is my go-to free body when creating a new avatar. For those starting out or looking for a cost-effective mesh body, The Meshbody Classic can be a smart choice. It offers the essential features needed to enjoy a mesh avatar without a hefty investment​​.

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The Round Up

Navigating the wide range of choices of mesh bodies can sometimes feel like a challenge. With all we’ve covered here, from the high-end Legacy and Maitreya to the freebie wonders like Erika Zero X and The Meshbody Classic, the key takeaway is simple: try before you buy. Demos are your best friends in Second Life. Try on as many as you need to. Walk, dance, sit and get a feel for what moves like you and feels like you.

Remember, this guide isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s a living document, and as time goes on it will be updated. New bodies will launch, others might take a bow and exit, and updates will shake things up. I’ll be here, keeping you in the loop.

While we’ve covered some solid ground, there’s more out there. The Peach body and the Prima are two worth a quick shout-out. Peach is grabbing attention for its cutesy, anime-inspired look, while Prima is carving out a space with its hyper-realistic detailing. But what’s “the best” is all about perspective. My top picks are through my eyes, and yours might focus differently.

At the end of the day, your mesh body choice is a personal stamp on your Second Life identity. So, whether you’re gravitating towards the crowd-favourites or you’re curious about the less travelled paths like Peach or Prima, you do you. Keep this in mind: What Mesh Body to Buy in Second Life? The one that feels right for you.

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