Greg gave me this story, The Piano, almost 10 months ago to publish. I just sort of let it sit there but now here it is. It took me a while to go back through thousands of images to find the ones from Sasha point of view that matched up with his version of events. Hopefully, they add some good visuals to the picture that he paints with his words. Enjoy! Jess/a.k.a Sasha.

The Piano | A Second Life Story by Greg Bandy

The first time I met Sasha I was speechless. She had erratic mannerisms and seemed a bit oblivious to subtle cues and sarcasm. The other girls made fun of her behind her back calling her a stupid cunt. She had also received a couple of nicknames, Sushi and Tuna both of which seemed mean-spirited to me. Personally, I was more put off by her abrasive personality than anything else. Within a few minutes of meeting me in the bar at Candy’s, she offered to loan me some books so I could become more informed.

I was incredibly irritated because it was obvious to me that she was the less informed between the two of us. “You know Sasha I think I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know.” I glared at her and took another sip of my beer. She looked at me with an earnest expression, “Nothing wrong with learning.” I sneered back, “You know I come here to drink and kill brain cells, not forge new neural pathways.” She made a small hurt face, “Gee mister, you don’t have to be rude.”

I sighed, I didn’t mean to hurt the girl’s feelings, there was just something about her that got under my skin and I wasn’t sure why. “I’m sorry Sasha, you’re right, that was rude, please accept my apology.” She shrugged, “Whatever mister”. I shook my head and smiled. There was something about the open sincerity of this girl that I found alluring. I found myself wanting to flirt with her, but before I could say anything she blurted out, “Okiii I go now” and skipped out of the bar into the lobby. The other waitresses looked after her shaking their heads.

The Piano

The Piano | The Gang Bang Part One

Sasha wasn’t around much after that. I’d found out from one of the other waitresses that she was a part-timer and not around very frequently. Sometime later, I saw that she was scheduled to host an event at Caroline’s Secret Hideaway. I was a bit intrigued and decided to attend anonymously.

When I first entered the apartment, Sasha was going down on a masked man while several other men were standing around watching, I instantly got hard as I watched her pretty mouth working the other man’s large cock. After the two gentlemen who’d arrived before me had their chance to use her, another man calling himself ‘Professor’ waved for me to join him in double stuffing her. I eagerly joined in, kneeling behind Sasha while Professor pushed himself into her mouth. Her pussy was incredibly tight and wet as I entered her, it was almost addicting. Professor and I put her through her paces and soon she was cumming all over my dick pushing me over the edge of my own orgasm. After I finished unloading my seed into her tiny pussy, I stood up making room for the next guy.

Strangely, I found myself wanting to find time with her alone as I watched as several other men have their way with her. Maybe I would be able to catch her at the hotel on one of her shifts. Before the event was even halfway over, she was covered in cum and her hair was slick with sweat,. The best part of the evening was when a red-head woman who had attended as a guest asked for a turn. All the men turned to look at the gorgeous woman, and the two guys currently stuffing Sasha stood up to make room for her.

The Piano | The Gang Bang Part Two

All the men stood around watching as the two beautiful women began kissing one another. The redhead pushed Sasha down on the bed and started licking the cum off of her chest and tits before inserting her fingers inside Sasha’s pussy. Sasha’s moans filled the room, leaving not a single flaccid penis among the throng of men standing around casually wanking while watching the show. Soon Sasha was thrashing around, kicking her legs and screaming while Red worked her fingers in and out of Sasha’s tight entrance while rubbing her clit furiously with her other hand. Sasha’s orgasm ripped through her body, legs and arms shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Before Sasha had fully recovered, Red was already working her legs in between Sasha’s and soon their bare mounds were grinding against each other as they scissored. Red worked her swollen clit waiting for Sasha to recover. A few minutes later, Red’s breathing was becoming labored as Sasha took over working her pussy and clit while Red writhed on the ground moaning in pleasure. The two women ground their pussies against each, their legs slick with sweat slipping over each other easily. A short time later, Red’s orgasm began, her whole body shaking, her screams echoing across the room. After recovering the redhead, went to sit on a couch while another man lined himself up with Sasha’s swollen red pussy. I stuck around for a little bit and found an opportunity to play the gorgeous redhead myself. As I left, I kept thinking about Sasha, maybe I’d been wrong about her.

I saw Sasha again at Candy’s a week later. I subtly suggested I’d like to spend time with her, but she seemed either uninterested or oblivious to my intentions. She mentioned she would be moving soon, I offered to help her move furniture around. She quickly accepted my help and a few days later I was inside her house helping bring boxes inside. After I sat down the last one in the kitchen, she crossed to the large piano in her living room and sat down starting to play. I was instantly astonished as I recognized a section from a Beethoven Sonata. Intrigued, I walked over leaning against the side of the instrument to look down at her as she played.”I didn’t realize you were so talented Sasha, thats a difficult piece.” She shrugged, then looked up at me and smiled, “Can you play?” I sat down next to her, “I’ve been known to tickle some ivory.” She smirked at me, “mmm, maybe you I’ll let you tickle my ivory” she giggled then turned back to the keys continuing to play. I started trying to play a harmony to match hers, and she was polite enough not to comment on the quality of my playing.

The Piano

The Piano | The Classics

I bumped against her playfully, “I think there’s a lot more to you than the other girls realize.” Suddenly she turned towards me, sliding a leg over my lap straddling me, then leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. The feeling of her lips touching my skin was electric and I quickly wrapped my arms around her, closed my eyes and kissed her back fiercely. I was honestly surprised by the intensity of my reaction to her, considering I wasn’t sure I even liked her at all when we first met. My instincts told me there was something special beneath the quirky behavior and I was very excited to get to know her better.

She started to pull at my shirt and I helped her remove it, then peeled her top and bra off as well depositing them in a pile on the floor. I crushed her against me, feeling her nipples poke me in the chest. She slid her hands down my body to my pants, unbuckling and unzipping them freeing my cock which she quickly covered with her tiny hand gently stroking me. “Can you fuck me really hard, sir?” I gave her a wry grin, “I thought you’d never ask Sasha. I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll wish you’d been to another 3-hour gangbang instead.” She smirked at me, “I hope you do.” She gave me a hungry smile and pulled my khaki’s off of me before peeling off the rest of her clothes, leaving only her black leather knee-length boots. Then, she knelt on the piano bench wrapping her soft lips around my shaft while locking eyes with me. I was mesmerized as I watched her head bob up and down on me.

My cock touched the back of her throat as she bottomed out on me, her tiny hand massaging my balls. I groaned and leaned back against the piano keys banging several of them making an awful discordant noise, “Oh fuck…Sasha your mouth feels so good…” I moved my hand underneath her and started playing with her pussy, rubbing my palm against her clit while my fingers massaged her labia. She moaned around my cock when she felt my touch, her tongue flicked along the underside of my shaft releasing a wave of tingles. I placed both my hands under her legs, looking her in the eyes, “Are you ready to get fucked Sasha?” I teased as I pulled her onto my lap and started rubbing the tip of my cock along her slit.

The Symphony

Sasha gasped as she felt the tip slide into her parting the wet folds, “…fuck yes sir..fuck me like a good girl.” Her hips began grinding and bucking on my lap, driving my length deep insider her. She looked in my eyes, her hands gripping my shoulders nails digging into my skin to maintain her balance as she rode me hard. I hissed in pleasure, feeling the hot sting as her nails scraped my skin, I grabbed both of her breasts roughly squeezing them hard, using them to pull her down on my cock harder, “god your pussy is so wet for me Sasha…fuck.” She felt her tunnel getting slicker from my rough hands and she started to ride me harder screaming, “fuck sir..I want to cum on your cock!” Her moans echoed across the room, loud slaps following behind as she rose and drove her hips down on me over and over. “Fuck my little pussy…make me your good girl…”

She placed her hand on mine guiding it to her throat, looked into my eyes, “I want you to choke me…and fuck me harder.” I let her place my hand on her throat, the request making my eyes blaze with desire. My hand gripped around her delicate throat and I began to squeeze, slowly applying more pressure. Soon her body was shuddering with pleasure her hips bucking up and down on me wildly. I smirked at her, “Ok Sasha, I’ll fuck you harder.”

I picked her up, pushing her down onto her knees on the piano bench and knelt behind her, slamming into her up to the hilt in one stroke. My arm reached forward, my hand again gripping her tiny neck squeezing hard, making her face turn red. Her body slammed forward and gripped onto the bench to keep from being pushed off, her knuckles turning white from the pressure of her grip. I growled with pleasure as I felt her body start to shake. Her back arched, and she started to moan louder, “oh fuck…I’m cumming all over your cock!”

As I started to feel her pussy clenching around my shaft I started slamming into her even harder, shaking the bench making the legs scoot across the floor. Soon my member started throbbing and pulsing before erupting inside her coating her slick walls with my seed. Sasha pushed her ass against me screaming, “fuck yes sir…fill me up like your good girl!” I grabbed a fistful of her platinum hair jerking her head back as I slammed one last time into her pussy, grinding my hips against her pushing my cock as deep as possible as the last spurts of cum filled her tunnel. I slumped over her as I finished, breathing heavy, “damn Sasha, you really are a good girl.” She turned around and smiled at me as we untangled ourselves.

The Ending

She leaned her head against my chest as we sat on the bench catching our breath. She looked up at me and smiled, “Thank you, I’ve always wanted to get fucked on a piano.” I smiled, turned around to look at the piano then looked back at her, “Of course, it was my pleasure.” She smiled at me, and I looked into her eyes thinking there was so much more to this woman than she revealed to the people around her. “I think you might end up becoming a very special girl to me Sasha,” she smiled and leaned into me giving me a soft kiss as my arms wrapped around her holding her close.

The Piano
The Piano | A Second Life Story by Greg Bandy

Greg Bandy

I originally came to Second Life on a lark many years ago, checked some things out and didn't stick around. In October 2022, I came back curious to see what had changed. To my surprise and delight I found some amazing friends and crazy adventures. Jess encouraged me to start writing and now graciously publishes my work and doesn't kill me too much for my overuse of passive voice.

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