Second Life’s Sin Tracker | Testing Out A New Escorting Method

Second Life’s Sin Tracker | Testing Out A New Escorting Method

Last Updated on: 28th September 2023, 02:32 am

Second Life’s Sin Tracker has been around for a while now, and previously I would not have touched it. The sole reason is that it is designed as a virtual rape roleplay tool, which is something well outside of things that I want to experience. I get angry enough when someone spanks me during a hire, so partaking in virtual rape roleplay is a definite no. Unless of course, they want their eyes ripped out fully. But recently I was made aware of some changes to Sin Tracker. One of those changes being that it can now be used as a tool for Second Life escorting. So, being the ever-dedicated content provider that I am, I decided to test it out for you.

Second Life's Sin Tracker

Second Life’s Sin Tracker | A New Escorting Tool?

The first thing is first, setting up a profile. A quick scan of the current profiles on the app shows that there does seem to be a big lack of escorts, this doesn’t give me much hope. Most profiles show things like “Prey, Innocent, Victim” or “Submissive, Doll, Brat, Slut”. From my scan of three pages of listings, I saw one other escort, not a good start. There is an option to set yourself up as an escort but in terms of marketing, I haven’t seen anything put forward from Sin Tracker to promote the feature. 

Now, if there’s a lack of marketing behind the escorting feature for Second Life sex workers then my first thoughts are that not many men are going to use it for this purpose. This has a lot of potential, that’s one thing I will say. Before I even try it out, the potential is huge. Sex workers rely on several things to get hired. Standing around waiting for hours, ad boards if they have them and word of mouth. An app like this has the ability to cut all of that out. 

That’s the dream of Second Life escorts, to go about their normal day and get messaged for a hire. Instead, they stand around places like Street Whores or Hooker Hotel for hours at a time and sometimes don’t even speak to anyone. It is a slow and tough life at times. 

Second Life's Sin Tracker

Setting up Sin Tracker | Second Life’s CNC HUD

Setting up the profile was relatively simple enough, select your kinks, role and biography and you are ready to go. As long as you have the HUD attached, your profile will show as active. There are options that you set to be allowed such as being drugged or forced teleportation. None of those applied to me so I left them blank. 

I imagine that on Sin Tracker people aren’t going to read a lot, so I left my bio fairly small. A simple tease, let them know to message me and that I’m a Second Life escort. That should in theory be enough to reel them in and get a message or two. At least that’s the thought process but again, the lack of marketing behind the fact that Sin Tracker can now be used for escorting is the concern. 

With my profile now set up, I uploaded a few good pictures and set myself to active. Now it was time to wait. 


Virtual Rape Roleplay, that is the primary purpose of Second Lifes Sin Tracker. So it was no real surprise when the first message came through attempting to lure me somewhere from some CNC action. I rejected it, that is not my thing. While I won’t judge those who do have that fantasy, for me nothing is arousing about it whatsoever. There is also the part of me that thinks that CNC trivialises and glamorises the horror that is actual rape. For that reason, I can’t even consider stepping into that world. 

Those messages became frequent, with three coming through within 10 minutes all from different people. Then there was the other side, someone sent me a message through the app saying that they would love to be tortured by me. However, they only half read the profile and didn’t understand the escorting aspect. So to say that it was off to a disappointing start is an understatement. 

It would be very easy to take the HUD off after a few hours, call it a failure and never think about it again. I did contemplate it. The thought of taking it off and removing it from my inventory at around the four-hour mark was there. However, I was determined to give it a good try for at least a couple of days. Yet, so far the experience had been as I expected. The lack of any sort of push from Sin Tracker to let people know that there is now an escort function means that the percentage of men looking to use it for this is exceptionally low, or so far non-existent.

So I just got high in the bar while I waited.

Snapshot 575

Reading Is Hard

“I want to sneak into your house while you sleep and force your legs open.” This one made me laugh. I was wrong about Sin Tracker users not reading much, apparently, they don’t read at all. After thinking about it, I realized that having ‘slut’ as one of my checked options meant that the idiots who use the app just assume that you’re also prey or whatever other thing they categorise you as. None of them read the ‘not submissive’ part or the emphasis on escorting.

So, I kept the HUD on for almost the full two days. Then, just when the time was running out, a message came through. He asked how I delivered emotional sadism in Second Life. Quite honestly you can’t deal out emotional sadism straight away. It takes time to learn about someone, and what makes them tick. Figure out their weaknesses, what they desire most, what they crave and then use all of that to hurt them. Just ask my toy, and he’ll tell you. 

However, we had a back-and-forth discussion for a while. Eventually, after coming to see me at our head office, he hired me and we headed back to the main bar. 

Second Life's Sin Tracker

The Conclusion | Is Sin Tracker A Good Second Life Escorting Tool?

Second Life’s Sin Tracker was originally designed as a virtual rape roleplay tool and for that reason up until this point I had never touched it. Now, with the option for escorting it was worth checking out but realistically, the amount of idiots that you need to filter through before eventually getting a hire makes it pointless. 

I have tried it, I have had a successful hire which ended up being a 90-minute session but that’s it for me. If you are looking to find ways to grow your client base or if you’re new to the world of Second Life escorting and want to find a place to start, then there are much better options than Sin Tracker. As an escort who often comes across men who think that they can dominate me, I am used to people not reading profiles. However, Sin Tracker is literally an app with a full profile for you to fill out so that you can meet someone who matches what you’re looking for. 

Yet, none of the men on there, minus a very small number, seem to have the brain cells to comprehend the simple task of reading a few words. I even made my profile short!! At least it wasn’t a total waste of time, a 90-minute booking which ended with me refusing to let him cum and leaving him hanging on a cross while I headed down to the bar. That’s a fun time. 

So, as always come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

Second Life's Sin Tracker

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